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My Birthday Present!

9:00 AM

Soooo... since it is almost my birthday I decided it would be okay to reveal what J got me for me.

J has always been an excellent gift giver so I don't tend to pick out my own presents as I'm usually happy with what he picks out. He already had an idea of what he wanted to get me and yes, it was an LV bag but he told me that we should just look while we were in Portland. Turns out, I ended up getting what he wanted to get me anyway. Here it is!!

The Monogram Neverfull

I've got such a thing for big bags and I really wanted something that I could take to work, fit all my documents and my laptop and also be able to travel with. This ended up fitting perfectly and I'm totally happy! You can cinch up the sides and it makes it into a smaller bag which is nice when I'm not carrying that much stuff.

If you are wondering, this is the MM size. I knew for sure that PM would be too small so I didn't even bother trying it out. I debated between the GM and the MM for awhile but decided that the GM was just too big.

J also ended up getting something for himself...

check it out, the new Damier Graphite. Soooo pretty!

J hates carrying too much stuff in his pockets so he's always carried a slim wallet. I'm in love with the dark grey. I wish they made this color for the womens line.

We will be celebrating my official birthday this weekend so expect some wild antics to come! HA! just kidding. just a low key birthday for me. I think I'll have a big blowout for when I hit 30, but this year, will just be a night out with my new husband.

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  1. Your new LV bag is soooooooooooo pretty!!! I love big bags too. I cant' do the teeny tiny purses that some people sport. I feel like a giant if I sport it or something.

  2. Lucky girl! HB's already stated that he will NEVER buy me a bag. Hahaha.

    Loooove the new damier!

    Happy bday!

  3. Wow girl; that is beautiful...his walet is classy too!

    Have a great Birthday!

  4. how many more years until the big 30?? you don't have to divulge if you don't want to :-). it's just me being nosy again.

  5. Stacy - ha! me too! It feels weird to carry small bags and even weirder to not have all my stuff with me. I feel like a part of me is missing.

    LRB - I seem to have many girlfriends whose significant others have made the same statement. J knows that there's nothing in the world I would rather get than shoes, handbags and jewelery so I always get something from one of those categories.

    Rachel - thanks for the birthday wishes!

    tam pham - oooh you are nosy! ;) I'll let you guess. If I like your answer, I'll send you a crochet Pig! hehehe.

  6. that bag is eternally chic...obviously you'll be carrying it for years. well done, J!

  7. oh yay!! what a fantastic birthday gift!! your hubby definitely has good taste!

    btw we're going to link to you!


  8. Happy almost birthday!!!!!!! I can't think of a better present...it's gorgeous!!!!

  9. happy happy almost bday. and congratulations on the new addition to the family. AND i LOVE the graphite damier. wish mr. d would appreciate such a thing of beauty. sigh,

  10. cute!!! I agree with the dark grey...I love the damier pattern always though.

  11. lucky gal. a gal can literally put everything put the kitchen sink in the neverfull.

  12. Happy birthday! Ohhh and that's a wonderful gift - it's so lovely and spacious! J's graphite damier is gorgeous as well, I love that it's so sleek and compact. Take care and enjoy your bday weekend :)

  13. oooh congratulations! I love the neverfull--great for travel as well :-)

  14. I love LV bags! And that one is so so gorgeous! I love big bags, the only problem is that I carry too much stuff and hurts my back!



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