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10:00 AM

I was going to save this for a lookbook day but I had to post this picture. My boy, takes such beautiful pictures of his favorite subject, ME! :) Just love the sun beams in this picture.


He's such a good sport putting up with all my lookbook pictures (believe me, I have WAY more than I've posted) but the ones I love most are these ones that he gets when we are just hanging out.

If you are wondering, I will still do a lookbook on this outfit, with more pictures!

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  1. Wow! That light is just perfection.

  2. it's really beautiful how he captured the sunlight.

  3. i wish my boy could take such good pics... he usually chops my head off! lol lovely dress. nice composition.

  4. such a great shot - is this from the recent wedding you went to? (i have an eye for detail and i loved what i could see of the dress that you wore to that wedding - looks similar, if this is the same one it's gorgeous!)

  5. You look smashing, per your usual. =) I have a question.. how do you keep your peeptoes on your feet? It's so frustrating with every pair of love in a shoebox, I purchase, I can barely get anywhere without practically walking out of them. Then if I buy them a size smaller, it looks silly and too tight, of course. I'm not the only one with this plight.. all my friends have the same gripe.

  6. mr. d has no patience for my pictures. sigh.

    i want those shoes you are wearing. thanks.

  7. WOW! he's an excellent photographer and you are a beauitful model :)

  8. Thank you everyone!

    Kay - yes it is! good eye!

    p.s. I love this - you know, I guess I don't have that trouble. They seem to stay on my feet. The only thing I can think of is to get the foot petals that stick to the back of your shoes. Your feet will not slip out as much.

    Diabolina - I'll send them right over. ;)



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