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That Bride hair do

9:00 AM

Jenna, of That Bride recently posted a fabulous how to video of a really cute updo and her video was just so cute and helpful that I was inspired. Now, I'm not typically an updo kind of girl. You will hardly ever see me with my hair up, even on formal occasions. I like to keep my hair long and flowy as much as possible, but I'm always up for mixing things up so why not try it out?

On Saturday morning, I gathered my bobby pins and went at it. I have to say, it's actually very simple to do but looks way better than I had expected.

Here is Jenna's version.

And here is my version.

Sorry it's kind of hard to see but black hair is a bit hard to photograph.

Mine is a little bit tighter because my hair is shorter, but it's still the same concept and I think both ways look really good. It's a tad messy because of my digital perm, my hair wanted to stick out every which way, but it gives it character right? ;)

The flower is a recent DIY. I was at the craft store buying yarn for my latest project and saw that they had all these artificial flowers on clearance so I picked up a bunch and decided to try my hand at making it into a hair decoration. It was fairly easy, I just ripped apart the flower and then glued together separate pieces of the flower petals that I liked. Added some rhinestones and a bobby pin and voila, hair decor made easy! It actually looks a lot like something I saw at Nordstrom but cost about $80. I used a bunch of things that I already had so the only thing I purchased was the flower (that was part of a bunch) and that cost me a whole $4. I still have the rest of the flowers left over but that is another project that I'm working on!

Oh and if you are wondering, here is the what the front looks like.

I'm a bit embarrassed because I was in a hurry and just stuck on my lashes super quick and had J snap a picture. I didn't notice until after I saw the picture that the lashes looked a bit wonky but oh well, I didn't feel like taking another picture.

By the way, Jenna's video even made it to Glamour Beauty blog! Check her out here! She's famous! =)

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  1. Great style! It looks fantastic on you, suits you well!

  2. Your updo is cute! I'm the same way when it comes to my hair. I rarely wear it up. Even on my wedding day, I had to wear it down, despite my mother's rants. I didn't care. It's when I feel the most comfortable and the prettiest is when my hair is down.

  3. you are per usual adorable. wonky lashes or not ;)

  4. you are too cute! I love it...my sister in law basically did the same thing but with live orchids ...they somehow lasted all day looking fresh!

  5. this is such a classic look! i love it on you!

  6. Ok I need a tutorial on lashes...any tips? or good links? I am a bit hopeless

  7. lorrie - will try to post a tutorial soon! best I can say right now is practice and practice some more!

  8. Lovely style !! You look very attractive with this flower.



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