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We're Married!

9:00 AM

For someone that plans her life down to the smallest details, it was quite unusual that our marriage ceremony was planned in about one week. I knew that we were going to get legally married before the wedding in Jamaica but the date kept on changing because of various reasons. I finally got the logistics down of getting my sister and her boyfriend and J's parents up to Seattle, getting our marriage license and then setting the date with the judge.

Guilty had a question about why we decided to get married now rather than wait until Jamaica and I figure other people would be interested as well. It was actually a mixture of reasons. Legally, it would be easier. Even though Jamaica does not have crazy laws about marriage licenses (getting blood tests, documentation, etc...) I wanted to have our marriage license in Seattle so that I wouldn't have to deal with any sort of confusion later on. The main reason though, is that J and I met and fell in love in Seattle. As much as I complain about the weather here, I adore this city and wanted to mark one of the most important days of our lives here. And the date, well, we happened to choose the same date as J's parents wedding date. They celebrated their 37th anniversary on our day!

OK, enough with that. Onto the pictures!

Off we go to get married!
on our way to the courthouse in J's parents car. We look like we're high school kids going to prom!

J and I didn't really know what to expect, we thought that the ceremony would just be in the courtroom with a bunch of other couples waiting to get married so our expectations were pretty low. I really didn't care about how "nice" it was, I was just anxious to get married.

Let's just say the day went above and beyond our expectations. We arrived with our entourage (the lady at the reception was like "ALL these people with you?") and they put us in the Judicial Chambers which looked more like a boardroom than a courtroom.

I think we look like lawyers here. =)

It also had the most beautiful view of Seattle. The weather was awesome that day so we were able to see the entire city.

As we were waiting for the judge we took family pictures. My family is a picture taking family so they weren't shy with the camera. We have about 1000 pictures but since this is going to be a picture heavy post, I will spare you the family pictures!

When the judge came in and started talking to us, I already knew we were going to like him. He was witty, funny but also very wise and caring. We sat down and he started telling us about the process and then he said he had a few words to say.

This is where the water works began...
ok so this picture was taken before the crying, but I am not sharing my ugly cry pictures!

He started talking about marriage and what it means and what we are doing today. With all the whirlwind of planning my wedding, this ceremony and my crazy work schedule, I never really had a chance to sit and think to myself that I was getting MARRIED. Also because J and I have been together for so long (almost 8 years now) that I never gave it much thought. When the judge started talking, it truly hit me and I was in tears. Happy tears of course, but it was the first time that I felt like "Wow, this is huge, I'm getting married. J is going to be my Husband!" His words were truly amazing and special, he even had my mom in tears. I was so surprised that this man, who knew nothing about us and wasn't required to, took the time to give us words from his heart.

After the talk (which was about 20 mins - it was a long talk!) we got going with the ceremony!
ceremony collage

Then the groom kissed the bride. And we were married!

After the ceremony the judge wanted to give me and J some alone time just to be with each other so he took us to the upper deck of the courthouse and we walked out to the most breathtaking view of Seattle. It was something that you could never just do as the space is not open to the public. By that time the courthouse had closed so we basically had the place to ourselves. We loved standing out there just the two of us looking out into the city and having our moment as newlyweds. I will forever remember that moment for the rest of my life.

Eventually our family came up to join us and it was picture mania again. Then off to dinner to end one of the happiest days of my life!

I'm a married woman!

The day was beyond amazing and like I said, exceeded both our expectations. At the end of the day J said to me that if that was all we did, no Jamaica or anything, he would be happy as it was everything he wanted. And you know what, I agreed with him. I had so many misconceptions about "courthouse weddings" and was jaded by the need for a wedding dress, fancy flowers and fancy food, but this day proved me so wrong. The day that we had, looking into J's eyes and telling him that I was his, forever, in front of our families, was more special than any huge party that I could ever throw. J pointed out to me that no one was "missing" like we didn't look back at the day and say "I wish so and so had been there with us." Everyone that we wanted to share that day with us was there and nothing makes me happier. Jamaica is now just icing on the cake. I'm going to let the stress roll off and just be blissfully happy that we get to experience another day of marrying each other.

I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

all pictures are by my dad or J's dad (they did a good job with our cameras!) the last one is by J. I don't know why anyone would want to use these but if you do, please make sure to credit my blog. thanks!

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  1. congrats again, my dear!!!!!! you two look so cute and happy! don't forget to tell us about the dress you wore! oh, i want pics of the rings too. sorry. i'm so demanding :-).

  2. Sounds perfect and you look gorgeous :)


  3. Congratulations!

    It looks beautiful!

  4. *sniff* I always get misty-eyed at weddings! Actually, I don't. I'm pretty much dead inside.

    But you look sooo happy and in love! Maybe one day, perhaps even on my wedding day, my cold-hearted shell will finally melt.


    Congrats dahling! Smoochies!

  5. looks like it was perfect! :) happy for you and your special day!

  6. Congrats my dear!! That last pic is just about the most adorable thing ever!!

  7. beautiful!! thank you for sharing this glimpse at such a special day. xoxo

  8. How awesome. You'll be WAY less nervous for the big even in Jamaica now that you're already married ...fun times!

  9. So happy for you Tiffany! That Seattle overlook sounds amazing. I love that the judge gave you a few moments to soak everything in, just the two of you!

  10. that sounds wonderful! I was going to ask about the venue for your ceremony because the view was so spectacular! I could hardly believe that was a courthouse.

    I am also glad to see that you two dressed up. I love your dress! Did you buy it just for the ceremony?

    So I was going to ask if you guys are going to consider that day your anniversary day but since it really was a ceremony, I'll just assume so. I'm glad your day turned out so special

  11. Wow, look at that smile, congratulations. I am so happy for you.

  12. Lovely! I never knew that a courthouse wedding could be so beautiful! Congrats!

  13. congrats! what a beautiful day!i think its great that you had a wonderful day and realize that jamaica truly is the icing on the cake. i think it will allow you to enjoy the day much much more now and not worry about the small stuff.

    congrats again - you both look so happy :o)

  14. congratulations, love! you both look so happy and you look beyond beautiful. as for your question regarding my clutch that i wore to the vmas, it's vintage! xxx

  15. Cute! Congrats!
    PS - could you BE more beautiful? I don't think so!
    xo, Broke-Ass Bride

  16. Congratulations! I LOVE your dress by the way.

  17. Congratulations, beautiful photos!

  18. Hurray!! You 2 are such a gorgeous couple! Congrats!!

  19. Awww *tear!*
    CYou both look so radiant and happy, its adorable. I am totally impressed with your courthouse experience. And I love that it was such an amazing experience for you. It's so true - everything else is just icing on the cake! Congrats again and I wish you both the a lifetime of heartfelt moments like this one.

    Oh and please tell us about your dress, its fabulous! :)

    xoxo, Vanessa

  20. You look so beautiful...congrats again! It's so clear how happy you both are:)

  21. oh congrat.... bf and i have talked about the big day but i still can't decide what i want to do yet.
    both of you look sooo great, very cute couple.... : )

  22. Yay! You look gorgeous and soo happy! I love it! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more!

  23. Aw, thank you for explaining and congratulations again. I cannot wait to get married after reading this!

  24. Congratulations!!!You guys look so happy. I love the "lawyers" picture

  25. My hubby and I got married in Jamaica...we didn't get married here..OMG are we really married? Crap..did we need to do this part in the states?

  26. Yay! Congratulations!! You guys look so amazing - and I can't wait until November!


  27. Yay! Congratulations!! You guys look so amazing - and I can't wait until November!


  28. Congrats! You both look stunning... I can't wait to see how your wedding will turn out!

    PS. The camera shots were awesome, I initially thought you had a photographer! Good Job Dads!!!

  29. oh wow....I can see and feel the love...the sunlight was perfect too :) I'm glad u could've come to my home - Jamaica for the celebration side of things!!!! :) Hope you'll come back to JA soonnnn!! Congratulations on your one year! May God bless you with many many more~~~



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