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DIY Style

9:03 AM

I had a few requests on how to make my DIY scarf and then the very nice Cindy over at DIY Style let me know that they had a how to video! I had to share as it is probably better than any instructions that I can give since I totally whipped mine together on a whim and didn't do any measuring.

The difference is that their version is a bit longer so you can leave long or wrap around twice. I like this idea and may have to try it out next. Mine is just one small circle that scrunches.

Just a note about mine: I bought a 1/2 yard of fabric and cut it so it's a bit smaller than 1/2 yard. It really just depends on the look you are going for but I wanted to keep mine so that it would peek out of the collar of my coats but not bunch up.

Go here to see the video and here for the instructions at DIY Style.

My latest creation! I am really into plaid lately. It's such a great print to add to your outfit.
DIY Scarf
I couldn't leave Savvy out, she had to have one too!
deedee monkee

picture 1 via DIY Style
picture 2 by my hubs
picture 3 by me

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  1. yay for crafty-ness! i love it.. and your photos are always amazing!

  2. Your Hair Is INCREDIBLE in that picture!!!

  3. I have to say, I like yours better :) ...and Savvy's.

  4. You look great in that pic...I have to agree with Lo about the hair!

    I wish I could pull off the scarf thing...definately not in Florida...maybe on our NY trips.

  5. Savvy is so chic and adorable!!


  6. That's such a pretty picture of you Tiffany!! You make me want to get a perm too!

    I may have to make one of these scarves - I'm terrible at using a sewing machine, but these seem easy enough. Thanks for posting the link!! And Savvy looks darling in hers.

  7. I freekin LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! So awesome! *following*

  8. It's super cute how you make stuff for your dogs too! I like that a lot!

  9. i LOVE your diy scarf! i wish i knew how to sew.

  10. Great shot of your little friend. :)



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