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Fall Essential - The White Coat

9:17 AM

The weather outside has been a bit gray, so I've started to pull my fall/winter clothes out of storage. Nothing beats fall and winter fashion. I love the jackets and the layering and all the accessories; hats, gloves, scarves. One of my essentials for this fall is a white coat. One thing I do have to point out is that fall in Seattle is more like winter so I bet most of you will not be pulling out your winter coats until much much later than I.

I am loving this white coat on Victoria Beckham. I love how she pulls off the all white outfit with the red accessories. Not many people could pull this off and look that good.

I have one white winter coat and it doesn't get worn very often, but when it does, I get compliments on it even walking down the street. Amongst the sea of black winter coats (and NorthFace fleeces, I DO live in the Pacific Northwest after all) the white coat stands out, but in a good way.

I went looking for another white coat and here are some of my favorite picks of this season.


I just love the big collar of these two jackets. The big buttons of the Mackage coat on the left make it a bit more fun and casual. The Soia and Kyo is more dressy but can still be worn with jeans. I love the trench coat with a slightly skirted bottom. It gives the classic trench an added twist.


I am a huge fan of Trovata. I just adore the detailing of their clothes and the coat on the left is no exception. It's hard to see in the picture but Trovata takes care of every detail down to the lining of the inside to the thread that the buttons are sewn on. Trovata is worth the price because you can tell that every detail is well thought out. This trench can easily go into fall/winter with a bit of extra layering underneath and a dark plaid scarf to the spring to wear over cute floral print dresses. This one is on sale! I'm very tempted to get this one now.

The Soia and Kyo coat on the right is just the perfect winter coat. Since I'm petite, long coats that are thicker wool like this can overwhelm me so I really like my heavier coats to be shorter. Don't get me wrong, in a winter like ours, you definitely need longer coats, but I leave those to my trench or to the ones that aren't as thick. Adding the belt helps so much because it gives you a shape and you're not just a blob in a white coat.

I would love to have Victoria Beckham's white coat as it just looks like sheer perfection, but I can't, so I will settle for any one of these picks.

Victoria Beckham found here

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  1. i love the look of wintery white coats. these are all beautiful, but if i could only afford victoria's!!!

  2. U've been wanting a white winter coat, theres something so chic about them. I love the top one on the left! Of course Victorias's is gorgeous on her. On me it would probably look more like a bathrobe :)

  3. U've? Wow. I meant I've- sorry about that haha

  4. oooh i've always wanted an offwhite coat! i have wool one from several years back from f21.. needless to say the quality is meh.. but i really love soia and kyo coats.. i'd go for that one!


  5. I bought an off-white, 100% organic coat from Theory in late spring. This morning, in the cab on my way to work, I dropped a mascara brush on it. So, that should be a lot of fun to try to remove at the local organic dry cleaner! I do love the coat, but it was too much $$, and so this was bound to happen...

  6. i love the crispness and stand-out factor of a white coat in the winter...but they're darn near impossible to keep clean. lol.

    victoria's coat is classic, but i'm loving all the details on the other four that you picked out!

    - roz

  7. Hey lady, I just finished the five reasons I love my state post! Thanks for the tag :)

  8. I adore white coats too! And that red bag goes just perfect! I love your blog. I bookmarked it!

  9. emily - i wish i could afford half of her wardrobe!

    heidz - hehe, i forgive your typo. ;)

    rachel - thanks for weighing in! I do love the Soia & Kyo. I wish I could buy all their coats.

    issa - One thing to invest in is a nice winter coat. Unless of course you don't live in a constantly cold climate!

  10. the lil bee - oh! that sucks! and dude, totally been there before. crossing my fingers for you that it comes out.

    roz - so so true. That's why mine doesn't get worn often. I think everytime I bring it out, it just gets instantly dirty!

    dolcechic - thanks for playing! heading over to check it out soon.

    Absolutely unique - thanks for stopping by! I will be checking out your blog soon!

  11. Hey Tiffany,

    Check out Victoria's Secret for a wrap coat like Vicky Beckham's..
    Don't forget to do a Look Book for it. =)

  12. according to chanel, white is the new black.

  13. I have the Mackage coat on the top left but in black..it was a x-mas gift from hubz last winter..i love it but last winter they didnt have it in white....love it more in white :D eerrrr

  14. i love this - thanks for tip! will go check it out!

    savvy - um, I would take anything in chanel in white. i mean anything. :)

    milly - what a nice hubz and what great taste he has! black is classic. I actually want that coat in black too!



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