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Fashionable Weddings

9:30 AM

My two recent favorite fashionable weddings.

These beautiful, stylish bridesmaids dresses. I want, I want!

The most kickass wedding shoes. Ever.

#1 from John and Joseph Photography
#2 from Trista Lerit Photography

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  1. Ok.. I think I want to get crazy wedding shoes now too!

  2. oh wow those shoes are the most fabulous ones ever!! love all the wedding photos.. kudos to the photographers!


  3. love the dresses ...so 60's ...and so comfy for everyone ...and you don't have to worry about holding in your stomach.

  4. OMG I love those shoes!!!! they are sooooo HOT!

  5. Nice to meet you Tiffany. :)

    I always thought wedding shoes shouldn't have any colour except, white and cream etc.. that you posted is pretty awesome.

    I sometimes dream of getting married again (to the same guy of course) so that I get to try these gorgeous dresses. My dream is to do a renewal of my vow wearing a vintage dress.

  6. I love the way those shoes look with that gorgeous wedding dress!

  7. how pretty. i want a vera wang when it is my time. i got to wear vera wang bridesmaid dress for my sis' wedding. now i want the real thing for myself. : )

  8. charcoal grey! How pretty! I love sophisticated bridesmaid dresses! Even love them in black. Shock and horror for a southern girl! But charcoal seems like it would be a fantastic nod to fashion without the objections of family members that might be a little more old fashioned in their tastes (I think every family has their share ;)

  9. LRB - I am a huge advocate of crazy wedding shoes! although I didn't take my own advice since mine are just silver. but I love them on everyone else!

    issa - i know huh? i saw them and thought she was just the coolest bride.

    maegan - isn't that the truth. i hate worrying about holding in my stomach. especially when you are going to be in a lot of pictures.

  10. rachel - i know, right?!

    songy - oh i adore your style, i would love to see the vintage dress that you would pick out. i'm sure it would be beautiful.

    unique - i know, i think i just love the frillyness of the dress against the colorfullness of the shoes.

    savvy mode - I bet you will be so pretty in your Vera Wang! I hope I get to follow along when you start planning your wedding!

    lo - i think black bridesmaids dresses are so pretty. and yes, I know what you mean. I got some reactions about not registering for proper things like china. haha.



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