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I'm IT again!

9:00 AM

Got tagged by The Relentless Bride so here goes...

List 5 reasons you love your state:
I live in Washington, however I'm just gonna stay within Seattle since I just adore this city.

1. All the delish restaurants scattered all over city. We love to explore and find those unknown restaurants that only true "foodies" know about. When we find them, I feel like we belong in a secret club.

And of course the Seattle staples...
One of our favorite Saturday morning hangouts, Top Pot Doughnuts
Cinammon Blueberry

2. The amazing architecture, like the Seattle Public Library.
Seattle Library
Where you can find red rooms, yellow escalators and crazy beautiful textures.

3. The various parks all over the city. Each one just as beautiful.
Olympic Sculpture Park
Olympic Sculpture Park


And how dog friendly they all are.
Savvy at Volunteer Park
Volunteer Park Conservatory

4. If you want to see a body of water, you don't have to drive far. In any direction.
Golden Gardens

5. Last but not least is the reason most people come to Seattle... Pike Place Market. I work only a few steps away but I never tire of it. I adore going there for lunch and for walks after work. The tourists can get to me but you can't really blame them. There is a lot to oooh and aaah over.
Pike Place Flowers

The amazing restaurants, the fresh fruit, the variety of foods at every corner, the trinket shopping, the maze of the market that you can easily get lost in, the fish throwing, the bakeries, Post Alley! Too much to list but every single part of it makes Seattle what it is.

So what are you waiting for you? You want to visit Seattle now don't you?

*If I could add #6 it would be the flagship Nordstrom store. If I ever move away from Seattle I will miss it so dearly!

Now, I'm supposed to post these rules:
(1) Link back to the meme creator: Caz
(2) Link to the person who tagged you: The Relentless Bride
(3) Link back to the originator of the positive SA movement (as this is how this all started): Cheap Thrills
(4) List five reasons you love your state!
(5) Tag at least five people

So I tag:
Our Little Apartment
Dolce Chic
we wear things

all pictures by me or J

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  1. you give seattle a whole new feeling for me. i'm going to start planning my trip :)

  2. i've been wanting to take a trip back to seattle for a while now...and these GORGEOUS photos are making the city all the more compelling.

    hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    - roz

  3. I definately want to visit now...great another place to add to my itinerary...LOL

  4. first of all, your photos are AMAZING!

    Secondly, look at this!

    is it not the same sign?!?!

  5. ooooh fantastic photos!! i'll have to make it up to Seattle sometime.. thanks for the tag!

  6. how pretty. your little doxie is sooooo cute. i used to have 3.

  7. Thanks everyone! if you ever need any recommendations of where to go/stay/eat in Seattle, I'm your girl! feel free to email me!

    maegan - totally the same sign!

    savvy - you used to have 3? wow! 2 is good for me! :)



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