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Lookbook: Birthday Girl

9:00 AM

I had one of the most low key birthday weeks ever and it was fantastic. J took me out to two birthday dinners. I must be special or something. ;) One of them was at Harvest Vine, hands down one of the best restaurants in Seattle. The Yelp reviews basically tell you everything you need to know. I wanted to get a little dressed up for the dinner but had nothing to wear so went digging into the closet and came out with this little dress.

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Nina Ricci
Bag: Louis Vuitton


This is basically the dress version of the top that I wore in this outfit. I bought them both on the same day. I loved the dress but it was one size too big. I figured it was only $30 something so I had to get it and just make it work somehow. The belt helped give it the shape it needed or else it just hangs on my frame which makes me look about 2 sizes bigger and isn't too cute.

Since I was wearing all black I needed to jazz it up with some accessories so got out my black and yellow gold bangles and then a Blair-ish headband to complete the outfit. I usually never pose with my handbags but I did this time since it was my birthday present.

We were seated downstairs in the wine cellar and were treated to the most delectable Basque style tapas. Everything we ate was a delight, our Tempranillo was perfection and for desert I had the homemade wild berry gelato with homemade macaroons. I am drooling just thinking about it.

On my real birthday he got me cupcakes and Ro you were right, they were Trophy cupcakes!

And another birthday down, my first as a wifey. That was reason enough for me to celebrate.

The lookbook pictures are looking pretty bad. I had to edit the crap out of that one to get some color into it. Seattle weather has just turned to gray, gray and more gray. I think October will be my last lookbook pictures for awhile. We will see though, if I can manage to sneak in some morning daylight pictures I will try but I'm pretty much going to count on waking up to a dark sky.

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  1. Love the dress! What a perfect length with your height!

  2. That all sounds lovely! Well done J!

  3. P.S. I love that you mix things from Forever 21 in with your fabulous Louis and such. It gives those of us trying to be fashionable on a teeny tiny budget hope!

  4. you look awesome and the cupcakes look Delicious!

  5. i cannot believe your dress is from forever21!! it's amazing!! you look absolutely gorgeous!! and yay for a fantastic birthday week.. i've heard of trophy cupcakes they look delish!

  6. mmm.. cupcakes!

    love the nina riccis! i tried those on too and my knees were knockin'! hahaha.

  7. Please don't stop the look book! I love it.

    I would never have thought to belt a dress like that...I need your lookbook advice!

  8. You look cute! And if the weather is bad take some inside!
    And I can't believe you had nothing to wear ;0)

    So are you a libra?
    My hubby is a libra; his bday is Sunday having a birthday party for his 40th on Saturday; I love libras so nice and always trying to make everyone happy!

  9. I love low key birthdays ...seriously. Unless it's a big one, I'd rather just relax. You look adorable, as usual :) Love the dress!

  10. that dress is such a steal! i totally thought it was going to be hundreds of dollars the way it fits you...nice going!

  11. Lo - thanks! it is so hard to find dresses at the perfect length for me. I usually have to get them tailored.

    Mrs. S - I am loving that F21 has some great designs. It's helping me save more money for my shoes and bags!

    amyjean - thank you! and thank you for always leaving such nice comments :)

    issa - that's what I thought too! I love the stuff that is not obviously F21.

  12. lrb - to tell you the truth they are very hard to walk in even for me! Besides being a size too big, they arch is super high!

    sara jane - thank you for stopping by! love new readers/commenters :) Send me your questions, always happy to help!

    Rachel - yes, i'm a libra! The problem with living in a loft is you rely on natural light as there is no place for them to put any kind of lighting. our place is not the best to take pictures indoor. I've tried, everything comes out black.

  13. carrie - thanks for stopping by!

    maegan - i think low key birthdays are the best, especially now that I'm older. I don't need all the hoopla.

    emily - thanks! I think the silk material really helps make this dress look more expensive than it really is.

  14. what a lovely way to spend a special day

  15. OMG I love that dress!! And the Blair headband!! I want to go to Seattle now, what with your cool weather and cupcakes and restaurants. It's SO hot in LA. Want to trade places? :P

  16. i love everything about this look! from the mix of high/low, to the pop of color in the headband, to the way you "saved" the dress by belting it. the whole outfit is styled to perfection!

    - roz

  17. Love the outfit! The belt does add shape and I love the shoes.

    Cupcakes look yummy.

  18. Aw, happy belated birthay! Love your outfit, you look beautiful, and oh my goodness, those cupcakes are making me hungry! :D

    Thanks for your comment, by the way, I'm so glad you like my blog! :)


  19. you look sooooo cute as usual. happy b-day. drooling over those cupcakes.

  20. kay - yes, definitely a lovely day

    ro - I wouldn't mind getting some sun in! Let's trade! Let me know if you are ever in Seattle. I will take you out!

    roz - aww thanks! I appreciate your comment, it's the little details that I try to incorporate but I don't think a lot of people notice.

  21. pissed off bride - thank you! the cupcakes were yummy! I am always wanting cupcakes.

    susanna cole - thanks for coming over!

    savvy mode - thank you!

  22. Happy belated birthday! I wish I could hire you to shop for an engagement pic outfit for me. Lol.

  23. It's not birthday weeks, it's birthday MONTH! :)

    I love that louis purse!

  24. omg i LOVE your pictures!!! you're gorgeous! :]

    linked you! ;)

  25. How gorgeous are you!??
    Happy birthday.. although it's late.

  26. you look gorgeous! is your bag the gm ?



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