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Lookbook: DIY Scarf

9:35 AM

J and I were shopping at Blackbird, a trendy men's store and I spotted a scarf that I had to have. It was basically a jersey knit scarf that was sewn together like a circle. That way, you didn't ever have to worry about tucking your scarf in or tying the knot. Plus I liked the way it looked when it was on as it kind of scrunched up like a cowl neck.

I took it out to wear one day and looked at it and thought "I could totally make this." so went off to find fabric, took out the sewing machine and there you go! Instant cool scarf. I like the extra accent it gives to my outfits and unlike regular scarves it doesn't hang down.

What I'm Wearing:
Scarf: by me
Jacket: Club Monaco
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Miu Miu


And I had enough fabric left over to make one for Macho!
Instant cool dog.
macho scarf

p.s. for all you out there still curious about my digital perm, that is how my hair looks when I don't do anything but blow dry it. More wavy than curly.

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  1. PERFECT fall outfit! You & Macho; Wonder Twins activate!!!! So cute!

  2. very cute. i like your jacket. i have the same wavy hair too. now that i have a bob cut, i have to flat iron every morning.

  3. oh i have to add macho is soooooooo darling.

  4. i can't decide whose scarf i like more...yours or his. both are adorable and i adore the idea of a circular shape.

  5. adorable!!!!! love the matching scarves!!!

  6. I love it. I totally need to learn how to work a sewing machine (I did take a class a few years ago, but they only taught me how to do laundry bags).
    I also love Machos. Bogey needs one

  7. beautiful!!!!...give details on how

  8. I so want to get a digital perm. The places here in the bay area {SF area} have alot of mixed reviews. Right now, I'm really tempted to book a flight to Seattle so that I can get a digital perm at the same place that you got it. Ugh.

    Love the scarf and the doggie scarf that you made. You can sell those at Etsy!!!! So cute!

  9. Thanks guys! If you all want to know how to do it I will post instructions later!

  10. your crafty!
    Love the entire outfit you look really great!

  11. awwww...your dog is sooooo stylish! :)

  12. ooh what an amazing idea!! i love the scarf.. and the one on your dog is freakin adorable!

    i've considered getting a digital perm before! yours looks fantastic.

  13. I like the scarf a lot!

    How long does the digital perm last?

  14. Yes please, make DIY instructions for the scarves!!!

  15. my craft skills are pretty pathetic...but this is one DIY i've got to try!

    - roz

  16. Hey, we have the directions for making the tube scarf on our site at diystyle.net! We loved it so much that we made a video that shows you how too. Yours turned out fab...keep on DIY'ing!

  17. Your whole outfit is fab, esp. the scarf. Excellent work! P.S. That blazer has such a flattering silhouette!


  18. miss burb - if you know how to make a laundry bag you will know how to make this scarf. I really don't have much experience with the sewing machine. I just experiment and see what works. And yes, Bogey needs one! aww I think all our doggies on WYD needs one. I'll see what I can do :)

    pandesaldreamer - I totally recommend getting a digital perm. Give it a shot! :)

    Mrs. S - the digital perm lasts until you cut it out or your hair grows out. It's been a few months for mine and it's still curly.

    diystylecindy - thank you! I will be posting your instructions.

  19. You are so talented, that scarf is beautiful! Your baby looks super cute in his!!!

  20. Men have such nice patterns for their scarves. I love that you got fabric inspirations for a men's scarf. You two look adorable.

    You may find some more inspiration from these male scarves:


  21. I love the scarf... I saw one on Etsy that was a knitted cowl/neck warmer that I'm just dying to have, but I think making one like yours might just be easier! :)

  22. This is perfect for fall and so pretty :) ... Your pup is adorable :)

  23. hey tiffany !
    big big fan..
    so i was wondering if would do one for me!
    tell me the price and what it would cost to ship international and we would have a deal..

  24. Hi Debz! Thanks for asking. I don't really have time to make anymore right now (and I haven't been to the fabric store in ages!) Email me with your email address and I'll let you know when I start making them again!



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