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Maid of Honor

9:00 AM

I let my sister pick out her Maid of Honor dress and it is absolutely fabulous. I'm a bit jealous, I kinda want to wear it! It's the Diane von Furstenberg that Leanne created on the Project Runway challenge!


Such a pretty purple. It goes so well with the varying shades of purple and pink that we are incorporating. I just adore the ruffles in the back as well. She is going to look spectacular! My mom is also wearing purple, adore that everyone is going to be color coordinated.

Here are some other delish purple numbers from DVF.

Sigh. I adore Diane Von Furstenberg. Everything in her collection is always so pretty.

Random story, I met Diane when she came for an appearance at Nordstrom a few years ago. I was standing there with one of my girlfriends feeling a bit shy, when she walked up to us and said "Hello, I'm Diane." and shook our hands. I was beyond ecstatic. She was so gorgeous and so lovely in person. And yes, I am a nerd and got her autograph. It is one of my prized possessions!

The Project Runway dress is available here.
The rest of the images from style.com

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  1. What an extraordinary color!!!!! Hope You Have A Blast! Don't worry about anything on that day, just enjoy the ride. Anything that isn't "just so" will be a great memory later!

  2. awww i love hearing stories of celebs that are nice in person :)

  3. I absolute love purple. Your sister dress is fab!!! Love all the ruffles. Leanne did some wonderful designs on PR. Congrats on your pending nuptials!!

  4. NO. WAY. That is so cool!! That dress is so freakin' gorgeous.

    I absolutely love the colors you chose - your wedding is going to be amazing!

  5. this dress is GORGEOUS.

    okay, stylish you, husband, dog, AND SISTER! and i'm guessing your MOM TOO! a whole stylish family. gosh your killin' me. seriously.

  6. You know, purple is MY color! I absolutely adore purple and everything that goes with it. Fantastic decision!

  7. I loved her collection...and how fitting that Leanne had the winning ensemble! Such a gorgeous dress.

  8. that's so exciting!!! The dress looked blue on the show but is so much better in purple. Honestly, besides some of Korto's creations, this was the best or the best!! I CANNOT wait to see it on and in your wedding photos!

  9. oops ...best OF the best! It's so flattering too.

  10. Your sister is going to look great in that purple dress.

  11. hi! any suggestions for a bridesmaid dress, of fuschia tone maybe for a May wedding? superthanks!

  12. you are so cute. i love dvf as well. it's such a beautiful dress. i have my heart on vera wang for everyone if i get marry but i think i will pay for those dresses for everyone.

  13. Words cannot describe how beautiful your sisters dress is! I love it....as well as these others! I'd gladly take them all, especially the last one!

  14. I love purple. I will steal your sister's dress. And to think people say bridesmaids dresses are tales of horror!

  15. fabulous dress and cute pics
    i also love purple
    its my fav



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