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New Shoes!

9:00 AM

it's been some time since I've shared my shoe purchases so here we go with two of my recent faves...

My new Diors

I love every single little detail of these shoes. From the straps to the dots, to the mixture of the black and white and even the funky curve of the heel. J'adore Dior!

I have professed my love for gray shoes before and never have I found the most perfect pair of light gray patent leather heels.
They were mine the minute I laid eyes on them.

Both are good for work and play. The Diors are a bit hard to walk in but they sure do look pretty and that's all that matters to me!

all images by me

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  1. I call the shoes that hurt but look sooo damn cute my "ten minute shoes". I had one of them on at my hubbys party and literally had them on 10 minutes and had to change but boy did I get a lot of compliments in that 10 minutes.

    I love both of them...the Dior are sooo hot!

  2. Those black/white Diors are awesome ....

  3. very stylish. bally offers better designs recently. it used to be a fav brand of my mom.... comfy shoes.

  4. adooooore both pairs!! can't wait to see you rocking them in future look book pics. ;-) xoxo

  5. Question...where do you shop for shoes?. I'm in the south, so we have a few specialty stores where we can get Stuart Weitzman and the like but do you order online. If you do what your experience been?

  6. OH MY FREAKIN' GAWD! Those shoes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! I really like the Diors, too! So pretty! Oh, and the patent grey heels. Love them!!!!

  7. Already you're my fave. And the shoes are to die for!

  8. the dior's are classic!!! brilliant and beautiful!

  9. I am a little bit sick with envy right now. That first pair. Swoon!

  10. those Diors are to die for! and a pair of dove grey round-toe pumps are now of my list of must-buy items for this fall.

    - roz

  11. Those Diors easily make my heart race! SO CUTE!

  12. oh wow.. those dior shoes.. AMAZING!!!

  13. lovely! i'm not ususally a fan of patent leather but these could make me a fan...

  14. OH!!!!! i love these. wow, gorgeous.

  15. those Dior shoes are gorgeous.

  16. I LOVE the Dior's. All your shoes pics make me want to cry...so lovely! :)

  17. Where did you buy the Bally's? And what is the name of that exact shoe? I NEED THEM.



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