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oh so pretty...

9:00 AM

I am loving these pictures of Mila Kunis in Ocean Drive magazine. Whoever the stylist was for this shoot has awesome style. But I guess it helps that Mila herself is just beautiful.

It also features the top three things that I'm looking to include in my fall/winter wardrobe.

1. Really rich jewel tone colors like this dark purple.
I love her hair and makeup on this one. I've tried to make my hair do that. I clearly need a stylist who can do it for me because I can't do it myself without look like an idiot.

2. Ruffles
If I had this dress I might put it on at home by myself and just prance around in it. I just adore ruffles this season.

3. Lace
oh so pretty... and those shoes. love.

Pictures from here via snapshot fashion

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  1. I adore Mila Kunis! I wanna look just like her at my wedding. But I mean, then I'd need a new face and body. So I guess I'll settle for her hair?

  2. hi tiffany! thanks for visiting my site and thank u for your compliments...i really like your style, as well! and congrats on the recent marriage!

    as for my hair...i don't do much to it. after i shamppoo & cond, i towel dry, comb w/a wide tooth comb, and then rake in some Mop C Curl cream (i think that's the exact name). and then i either air dry or i dry w/a diffuser (for like 5 min. - just to kinda rush the drying process along). when it's about 95% dry, i flip my hair upside down and scrunch w/a little more of the Mop cream. and that's it! :)

  3. She is so gorgeous and talented! Thanks for posting these exquisite photos :)


  4. Love them all; not to mention the shoes in the last pic...HOT!

  5. ah i think she's absolutely gorgeous! some girls have all the luck!! and i adore all three dresses.. but especially the ruffle one!

    and i think a blogger gift trade would be a fabulous idea!! send me an email @ issayan@gmail.com, if you have color preference and waist size, etc :)

  6. I agree.....great photos! I love all three trends this season.

  7. first two for me. ruffle and purple.

  8. great photos. JUST blogging about ruffles right now. thinking about your hot pink f21 top that i regret not getting when i saw it online. and now I see there's a dress version!

  9. she looks fab. and the ruffle dress is totally stunning!

  10. I just fell in love with her watching Sarah Marshall movie... .seriously, if there was one person I could look like, it would be her. These photos are phenom!

  11. Yep the last dress in vintage cream colour? I'm getting going to get married in that again! gorgeous.



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