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Thank you, thank you very much!

9:00 AM

I wanted to thank our families for being with us for our marriage ceremony especially since we had people fly and drive long distances and also some of our friends that had gotten us gifts. I turned to my trusty Shutterfly to order some easy photo thank you cards.

I am a Shutterfly fiend. I think they were the first to introduce me to photobooks and now 6 photobooks later, I automatically go to them when I need to order anything photo related. They have an amazingly fast turnaround time and the products are always great quality.


I was also in the process of creating another photobook so I asked J to create a cover for us. Both of us tend to dislike the typical templates given for any of these photo sites so J, being the graphic designer, created something that suited us better.


I liked it so much that I decided to use it for the Thank You cards as well. If you hadn't seen our Save the Date's, he used the same kind of theme with the angled beams and our TJ logo which he created as well.


I then had him print out the envelopes and in case our recipients weren't sick of looking at our faces on the card, there we are on the envelopes as well. :) The flap of the envelope is embossed with our TJ logo. That embosser is the best purchase ever for our wedding related items. I emboss like crazy, it's so fun putting our logo onto everything paper related. I actually embossed the inside of the card as well. It just gives it an added touch and I like the texture it gives to an otherwise plain card.


I feel like it's a bit vain to have our faces all over these cards but then again, some of the people that we are sending these out too weren't there with us so it will be nice for them to see some pictures for the day. We will most likely be sending out cards like this as well for Jamaica, the only thing is, these are a 4x8 size so were a bit smaller than expected. For the wedding, I would like them to be a bit bigger anybody have a good recommendation of where to go?

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  1. I love all the pics of both of you on there... and i think you are right, it helps those who weren't there still get a glimpse of it! :)

  2. first off...love love love Shutterfly; they are awesome and have several photo books.

    I am definately making one for my hubby's 40th birthday party this Saturday!

    And the logo...sooo great! He is very talented with the design stuff!

  3. great job on the thank you cards!!! shutterfly's definitely on my radar for some of our wedding-related items.

    - roz

  4. Good morning,
    I tagged you.... : ) have a savvy day.

  5. the doggie photo book looks great...I didn't know you could make that sort of stuff on Shutterfly. I'm not the most computer savvy person but I'm willing to learn. I'm getting ideas for Christmas now. Love your blog. It's one of my daily reads

  6. amyjean - thank you!

    rachel - aren't they so fun to make? Your hubs 40th birthday will be fantastic! Can't wait to read about it on your blog :)

    roz - yes, check them out! Will you be blogging about your wedding stuff? would love to see!

    Savvy mode - thanks! heading over to see the tag!

    lo - aww thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Shutterfly is super easy to use, you don't have to be computer savvy or anything, just find pictures and then drop them in there!

  7. aww what a lovely idea!! i checked out your save the dates too.. and they are super adorable!



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