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Q&A: Digital Perm

9:00 AM

Maegan asks: how's your digi perm holdin' up? When might you have to get it redone? Or, will it just last forever?

It's only been 4 months, but it's still holding up great! My hair has relaxed into a bit more of a wave so I touch it up with a curling iron to get the big curls but the best part is that it actually stays all day long. Back when I had straight hair, I would curl my hair and it would fall out in about an hour. Now, I can do anything to it, curl it, straighten it and it looks the same from day to night.

The perm is supposed to last until your hair grows out. My hair grows insanely fast so the curls are now starting at below my ears. When I first got it permed I had asked them to start the curls right around my cheekbones. I will probably get it re-permed in about two months. It might not be neccessary but I think it will be good just to get it touched up again.

I wanted to try out curlers so I bought the Remington Quick Curl Hair Rollers from Target and so far I really like them! The packaging is so small and perfect for travel and it really does heat up in 90 seconds. Okay, I didn't time it but it was fast. I will be bringing them with me to Jamaica.

I know the point of the digital perm is so you don't have to curl your hair and on the days I don't, it looks fine, it's still curly. I'm just so used to doing my hair that I don't mind going the extra step for perfect big curls.

If you want to see another digital perm girl go visit Angel over at Love and Splendor. Hers turned out beautifully!

I got a lot of questions from readers contemplating the digital perm. Did anyone else end up getting one? I would love to see how other's perms turned out!

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  1. you hair looks FAB!!! I wish mine grew as fast as yours!

  2. I love it! Is this possible only on Asian-type hair (sorry if that is a rude question!)? I used to dye my hair and it grows out fast like yours. It's so nice though when I want to grow it out :)

  3. i tried to perm my hair straight years ago and it's lasted about 2 weeks until my root grew out and my hair waved again.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous!! Like a celeb :)


  5. I got my perm after reading your blog. My sister is a hairdresser and she took a class and bought the machine. I have free digi perms for life :)

  6. thanks for the mention! i still love my digi perm and agree that it is sooo wonderful to have easy hair every morning! i'm usually too busy to do anything to it, so i just put in some curl cream, twist into sections and air dry. mine is more of a loose beachy wave, but with a curling iron i get those all-day results you noted. i love it!

  7. o ya my hair goes completely flat after less than an hour of curling.. but i don't know if i can commit to curly hair everyday.. but your hair is sooo lovely... and i do like curly hair.. maybe if i can find a good place who can do it here

  8. it still looks great!!! I just love it. Can't wait to hear about your wedding and trip!!!

  9. T- how often do you have to perm, (digital perm)? Do you recomend?

    Any feedback would be great!

  10. Hi Frances! I haven't re-permed it yet but I think it's just up to how fast your hair grows and your own personal preference. My hair is still curly but it's toned down a lot. I now just use the curling iron to curl my hair now. I can't decide if I want to go back and re-perm because it does damage your hair and I don't want to do too much damage to it.

    my hairstylist said that it stays until your hair grows out which i find to be pretty true as I've had two hair cuts already so my hair is still curly at the bottom.

  11. your hair looks great................can anyone tell where ti get these perms done from hong kong.........

  12. Nice photos. For those that want to learn more about digital perms checkouthttp://digitalperms.blogspot.com.

  13. Tiffany,

    I finally pulled the trigger and got it done. Thanks for all the info. Here is my full review of the digital perm here

    Couture and Crayons Digital Perm Review


  14. Hi i'm thinking about going to tenpachi to get digital perm. could you tell me which stylist did your hair?

  15. Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me what products you used when you styled your perm, if you were just air-drying or diffusing? I am getting one soon and I am very lazy with my hair. Thank you!



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