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the last pair

9:00 AM

the last pair of the shoe sale frenzy!

I posted a few months ago about how I fell in love with these shoes but they were so dang pricey that I just couldn't spend the money on them. Well, I oh so luckily stumbled upon them at the Barney's sale! It may be silly but I get so excited when I see something that I've been wanting so badly go on sale! I just could not believe that they still had my size.

and here they are: the Louboutin "Insectika"

and the best part... the pleats

I should go out and say that my shoe collection is now complete and I really don't need any more shoes. But, I won't because who knows what designs the brilliant Louboutin will come up with next and I know that I will NEED to have them. My love for shoes is just never-ending. Now if I could only figure out the space situation in our place as my shoe closet is now overflowing and I've ran out of places to put them!

I'm curious, for those of you with small spaces how do you store your shoes?

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  1. Congrats on the beautiful shoes!

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, I appreciate your comment.

    PS I just posted pics of the boots. I'm keeping them :)

  2. those are so cute! i'm the same way when it comes to sales...they make me SO HAPPY! for instance, i just got a FREE (yes FREE!) ali ro dress off of gilt today. it actually made me smile (something should...i'm stuck at work till 3pm! UGH!).
    happy holidays!

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. i had my barneys guy look across the nation for them in my size...alas, there were none :-(.

  4. Love those shoes! I die for it. :))))

    Merry Xmas to U!

    xoxo: Janet

  5. I love the detail on those shoes!!! Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  6. Omg my heart actually fluttered when I saw those red hot soles! Gorgeous shoe lady ;) Hmm... they really need to invent some rotating shoe rack like they have for ties...

  7. Those make my heart skip a beat! Post pictures of the shoe closet - in all of its overflowing glory!

  8. Those are so adorable. I love them!

    I'm never so lucky. When there are sales, I feel like the shoes are never in my size! Ugh.

  9. Those are so adorable. I love them!

    I'm never so lucky. When there are sales, I feel like the shoes are never in my size! Ugh.

  10. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.

    I keep the shoe boxes and just stack em up. It's rather annoying but until I get that room-sized closet, it will have to do :)

    I can't believe all your gifts are stuck at the office! How crazy is that? I hope the weather lets up and you are able to visit your family. If not, I'm sure you two newlyweds can figure out a new Christmas tradition ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  11. Oh my word. I have no solutions to your lack of closet space, but I do have to say that while gorgeous (and beautiful, and amazing, and etc.) those shoes are the arch and height of the heel would kill me in all of five minutes. Maybe less. Way to get awesome shoes on sale! :)

  12. What a score for love in a shoebox! While my dream closet is being built, in addition to using all the space in my closet and the fiance's closet... I've put my bed on high risers..so not only do I have additional storage, (40 boxes of shoes under the bed) I'm so high off the floor, I feel like the Princess and the Pea. =D

  13. I guess it was meant to be for you to have them. They are beautiful.

  14. you are right, we can't never have too many pairs of shoes. i actually have a shoe wall. i rotate shoes by season and they are all stored inside the box for stacking purpose.

  15. Oh la la.. the ultimate red soles..

  16. Okay.. that was before reading the actual post..

    Honestly, I don't have any good answers for the shoe storage problems. I have lots of cheap ass shoes all over the house. I'm seriously thinking about doing something with them tho (after my successful necklace hangers).

    If I had a shoe collection like yours I'd definitely invest in something like a shelf (just like Jane in Sea of shoes).. space might be an issue though right?

  17. Love the shoes.
    My shoe solution was relatively easy: hang heels on the wall from dowel rods. They should be at least 3/4" thick to hold the heel, and if you have the tools, you may want to shave a side flat so the shoes aren't resting on a round surface. Then, just nail them to the wall in your closet and voila - instant and accessible shoe organizer.

  18. omg I just found you through Jen Lee. You are my sistah' in shoe love.

    sadly, my bank account has only afforded me one pair of louboutins but my art...is where I live out my dreams. You may get a kick out of some of my letterpress work.

    scroll down to the shoe stuff

  19. I just found your blog...LOVE THE SHOES!

    I like to store my shoes in clear plastic boxes...stacked...hm...so jealous of your shoes!

  20. These shoes are stunning!!
    Louboutin are my favourite shoes!

  21. Those are GORGEOUS!!!

    I keep the pricey ones on their own shelf. My goal is to add two new Loubous to the family next year :)

  22. You asked where we store the vast amount of over flowing but loved shoes? I have now resorted to storing them in my dining room. Crazy right? I have a clear glass door wardrobe that looks like it should be storing dished not shoes. But my collection has grown to the beautiful size of "we dont like be shoved in a closet together". My boyfriend was not impressed with me.. at all. But all of my girls love the idea, and so thus I started a trend in our circle.



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