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Lookbook: Plum

9:00 AM

I told ya I'm a dress kind of girl. Even in this freezing cold, rainy weather, I still can not resist pulling out a girly dress and heels. Plum is my favorite color for the season. My nails are currently a dark plum and I am loving it!

What I'm wearing:
Blazer: LaROK
Dress: Quiksilver
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Jimmy Choo


Here are a couple of my recent fall purchases. I found this blazer on the sale rack at Nordstrom and it begged me to bring it home. It has these cute ruched sleeves. It only looks like I pulled the sleeves up but that's really just the design. I could not resist that or the piping. It's the perfect little preppy blazer.

I found the dress at Ian, one of my favorite Seattle boutiques. When I picked out the dress I didn't look at the tags, I just thought it was cute. Not until after I tried it on I saw that it was by Quiksilver! I was like "wha?" I thought Quiksilver was a surfing brand or something. I didn't expect a cute ruffly dress from them!

I checked out the Quiksilver website and am now eyeing a few more things.

This blouse, which would be perfect tucked into a slim skirt.

This sweater, paired with skinny jeans and knee high boots.

And this fun little dress

I wonder if this is a new thing for them or if they have always had stylish clothes for women and I just didn't know it? Either way, I love it and am glad to have discovered it! Go here to check out the rest of the collection.

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  1. LOVE your outfit.. and plum definitely looks great on you...

    haha i would've had the same thought about quicksilver.. who knew they had non casual clothes.

  2. i adore the ruffles on your dress...they're offset perfectly by your blazer!

  3. Adorable blazer...and I thought the exact same thing about the dress!

  4. your outfit is adorable!!!
    and i just LOVE that last dress you have posted. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You look sooo cute!!! I love how you dress!

    I do like the look in the last photo with the grey dress and tights; you could rock that one too!

  6. Love it girl! I also love Ian - I've found some good sales on Diesel jeans there.

    You should also check out BB Dakota - similar to Quicksilver in that I thought they sold sportier looking clothes, but now they have all that girly stuff that you and I both love.

  7. Oh wow, I remember buying Quicksilver at 13 and it was surfing clothing. That dress is so cute-- heck, the entire outfit is!

  8. i love plum! it looks great on you. and love the ruffles too!

    i'm with ya! gonna rock the dress in the cold weather too! aaah, what we do to look good. hehe.

  9. I'm a TOTAL dress girl even when I'm walking in the snow you'll rarely see me in pants. I LOVE the dress!!!!

  10. How great is that dress!???!? And by Quicksilver? See, never and I mean NEVER underestimate a brand. No matter what. You look terrific!

    There are such great sales at gilt right now ...I missed most of them but I put myself on the waiting list for the grey botkier boots ...to die for!!!

  11. This outfit is adorable! Check out swell.com too for more Quicksilver and surfer like brands. They have really great dresses, especially for the summer. It's my little secret spot!

  12. You look gorgeous, as always.

    Hey, why don't you come to south africa and revamp my wardrobe? ;)

  13. Just added plum nail polish to tomorrow's shopping list :)

  14. Gorgeous outfit! Plum is such a great color on us Asian gals ;) I think Quiksilver has a more "sophisticated" line coming out more recently, which is great for those of us who are over the whole surfer chick thing.



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