Mar 26, 2008

Marchesa is going Bridal!

Marchesa, one of my favorite evening gown designers is creating a bridal collection!! I am now dying to see what the collection will carry.

Just take a look at some of the gorgeousness that they have created...

Go to Catwalk Queen for the details.

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Mar 25, 2008


I'm a huge fan of orchids. They are impossible to maintain but whenever I get them I love just having them on display. I actually have several fake orchids in my office and at home. They're fake but look quite real. I've had more than a few people stop by my office and ask how I keep my orchids alive. haha.

The Bride's Cafe featured this wedding that had the most beautiful orchid centerpieces.

When my sister got married our guests decided that the gorgeous centerpieces on the table were their favors so they took off with almost all of them. I've never taken any centerpieces at any weddings that I've been to, but if I was a guest at that wedding, I probably would've jacked one! :)

Mar 24, 2008


Awww this is so cute! Grace of GH Kim photography posted her pictures of a couple getting engaged. She follows the engaged girl to be on her entire day in Vegas filled with fun, shopping and adventure before he popped the big question! I'm such a sucker for cute engagement stories. What a sweet guy that set all this up for her!

Go see the rest of the pictures here!

Mar 21, 2008

Hair Embellishments

I am Fashion did a fantastic post today about hair accessories and they just struck me as so wedding appropriate! Wouldn't it be fun to add one of these pieces to your hair for the reception? And, they're all under $50!

These are all available at Accessorize in the UK. When I'm in London I always try to stop by there, it is definitely a fun store to browse if you love accessories. I bought the cutest pair of leather gloves that have bows at the wrist from there. One day I thought I lost them and I almost burst into tears. I'm a weirdo like that :) but seriously, I have small hands and it is nearly impossible to find gloves that fit like these. Luckily I found them so no tears were shed. Phew!

Lovin me some Ombre


n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric. Generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.

I've been noticing a huge trend of ombre in the high fashion world, when I think of Ombre, Prada is the first thing that pops into my mind because of these handbags.
The dress above is a Alberta Ferretti from his Fall 07 RTW collection. Isn't it lovely?

I think a bit of it has trickled into the wedding dress industry. I was lucky enough to attend the Monique Lhuillier trunk show at Marcella's. My bridal specialist was so booked that weekend but luckily snuck me in. These were all runway only dresses and would not be in stores until next season. This was one of the beautiful dresses that I tried on.
The ombre is quite subtle but really beautiful in person. I felt that the dress was better for an indoor event so I didn't get it but it was lovely nonetheless. Monique's assistant was at the trunk show so I had a chance to talk to her about a lot of the styles. This one does come in just white if your not into the ombre but for a bride that wants a hint of color I think this would be a fantastic choice. If I was having a Seattle wedding I would totally have gone for this dress and then put my bridesmaids in these gorgeous Melissa Sweet dresses but with a muted gray belt.

And perhaps the most famous ombre dress of them all... Gwen Stefani's Wedding Gown by John Galliano.

Alberta Ferretti Dress:
Prada bag:
Monique dress:
Melissa Sweet dress:
Gwen Stefani pics: Bridalwave

Mar 20, 2008


Catwalk Queen just posted this goodness of girly, pink, ruffly-ness. I love it! If my sister was as into pink as much as me I would make her wear something along these lines for her maid of honor dress. Love the second and the fourth dress (what's up with those weird nude kneesocks though?). Yumminess!

Mar 18, 2008

I am so coveting...

Did you see the new accessories from J Crew? So pretty! I am such a lover of all accessories. My jewelry box is just bursting with both costume and fine jewelry. I am a sucker for costume jewelry done well and J Crew is pretty much spot on. I love the colors they've used and the designs are so fun. And shoes, well that's been an obsession since I was 6 years old. I usually wear heels because I am height challenged (I'm about 5'2") but since I bought the Tory Burch Reva flat (which I now have 3 of), I've expanded my shoe collection to flats. The new J Crew line has some gorgeous flats. I just love the embellishments.

Even though these are not Wedding-ish I think it would be fun to incorporate a big colorful ring or hair accessory. Color is what Jamaica is all about!

Here are a few of my favorites.
Now go to J Crew and look for yourself!

Mar 17, 2008

Yum I love Plum!

I am in love with plum tones and I have fallen in love with the new Louis Vuitton Epi colors.
We are already using plum tones for our wedding colors but they lean more towards the red side of the spectrum. These purpley colors are so gorgeous!

Botkier has also come out with a line in the same shade and I am in LOVE.
I am definitely adding one of these bags to my collection for the spring! I think this color will transition really well for the fall as well.

And look how pretty it is with my wedding shoes! I really don't need a purse on my wedding day so maybe I'll just use this as my clutch!

pictures from and

Mar 16, 2008

"Love's not a mystery, it's everything"

That's my favorite line from this song... "Drivin Me Wild" We were listening to Common's CD in the car this morning on our way to breakfast so I felt inspired to post it.

How cute is Lily Allen in the green dress and so adorable in the astronaut costume. Plus, Common + white tux = HOT!!

Mar 14, 2008


J and I went walking around our neighborhood last Saturday. This is not an uncommon thing since we always take our doggies around the neighborhood for a walk but this time we went without the doggies so we could check out the new Velocity Art & Design store that recently opened up a few blocks from us. We had been to their Belltown store but since they moved into South Lake Union we haven't made it in until Saturday.

I saw this lamp there that intrigued me. I've been looking at Japanese lanterns to decorate our little reception area but I thought that this one would be fabulous in the right venue.

Isn't it so cool? It's all made of paper, the cut outs are incredible. It comes in different colors, white, black, silver, purple. They are all so pretty to look at. (click on the pictures to see them in big size)

I found out that it's made by Tord Boontje so I had to go on to the website and find out more. And look at the other goodies I found...

Those are all lights! How cool would it be to have a few of those hanging in your reception venue, especially if you used the same color of flowers.

You gotta check out the website, he has some amazing pieces, I don't even feel like they can be called furniture. It's more like art.
As I was finishing writing this post, I was scrolling through you love me and it's heavenly and found that she had done a post on Tord Boontje too! Great minds think alike! Check out her post!

Pictures from Tord Boontje

Mar 12, 2008

Pocket Squares

Instead of a boutonniere, J will be wearing a pocket square. J doesn't need to wear suits to work but he does dress nicely and will usually put a blazer over his sweaters. He has a few pocket squares that he wears and I love the look of them. We haven't found any that we love yet so I think we might end up just going to a fabric store and picking up some fabric and have his mom stitch up the edges. I want to get them for all the men in our families. I think it would also be fantastic if we could find somebody that could embroider our monogram onto the pocket square. I'm not sure if that's possible though. I know that we could do initials, but not sure about a custom monogram.

One of my favorite fashion websites (along with a million other people in this world) is The Sartorialist. If you don't know about The Sartorialist well, click the link and you will be addicted. You will be flipping through pages and pages of the most fabulous, stylish people in this world. Scott Shuman is the genius photographer behind all this. I've been following his blog for at least two years now.

One of the recent pictures posted is this very fashionable looking man with his matching, but not matchy matchy, pocket square. I adore the accent that it gives to an otherwise plain blazer. I think though, that this is not a look that most men could pull off. (You can click on all the pictures below to see the larger version).

The Sartorliast obviously knows where it's at, he's got several men with pocket squares done well. This man below is a perfect example. First off, I LOVE grey pinstripe suits. It just says classy and modern to me. The black pocket square is simple but says so much about how this man carries himself.
Oh and another pet peeve of mine is men that don't wear suits that fit. I don't see many men in suits around here, but when I do see them, most of the time they are too big for the man. If a suit doesn't fit, it just looks silly. You see how well the shoulders fit and where the sleeves end of the man above? That's how it's supposed to look. I have the pleasure of working with colleagues and vendors over in London and every business meeting that I have had over there, the men always look impeccable. A well fitting suit goes a long way. If you are ever in London, go to the Mayfair area and you will see what I'm talking about. It's like you are walking through the pages of GQ and Vogue. I love that area. The men and women are always dressed so beautifully but not pretentiously.

And last but not least, check out the hint of the red pocket square. Most would not think to add that hint of red but it works so well.
I have a feeling that we are one of very few couples doing pocket squares in Jamaica but like I said before, we don't like to do what's typical, we like to do what's "us". Anyone else out there doing an alternative to a boutonniere?

I have to add two more pictures by Scott. The beautiful Carine Roitfield (Paris Vogue Editor-in-chief). Love her, so gorgeous!

All pictures by Scott Shuman via The Sartorialist or

Mar 10, 2008

Whimsy Press

I got a comment from Carlene at you love me & it's heavenly and I headed over to her blog and found goodness after goodness! I love her taste!

She posted about the wrapping paper from Whimsy Press and I could barely contain myself. I love it all! I immediately sent a link to my fiance on IM (how could I live without my MSN messenger) and told him that I wanted everything on their website. I love asian style paper. Whenever I see paper with Japanese print like the one below, I stop, stare and stroke it lovingly. So pretty...
Whimsy Press actually has a more modern version of Asian print paper. Check it out, isn't it so cute? It's actually reversible so those are the two designs you get on one sheet.

The chopsticks and sushi combo is adorable! I think if you were doing a sushi party, these would be great to wrap the presents/favors in.

And how pretty is this red paper with cherry blossom print.
First picture from Paper Source Rest of the pictures are from Whimsy Press

Jamaica Wedding

I love looking at destination wedding pictures, especially if they're in Jamaica. I found Michelle White's Photography blog today and had to post these beautiful pictures of this couple that got married in Jamaica. I don't think that they got married at Tensing Pen, not sure where they did, but Michelle stayed there and got some awesome pics of the resort. Seeing these pictures just makes me so excited for my wedding!

Love the vibrant colors...

Our Venue. Yay!
And this gorgeous shot of the hut on the cliff. Doesn't it make you want to be there right now?

All pictures from Michelle White's Photography blog

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