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dresses - 3:52 PM

Marchesa is going Bridal!

Marchesa , one of my favorite evening gown designers is creating a bridal collection!! I am now dying to see what the collection will carry....

- 10:49 AM


I'm a huge fan of orchids. They are impossible to maintain but whenever I get them I love just having them on display. I actually have...

- 10:54 AM


Awww this is so cute! Grace of GH Kim photography posted her pictures of a couple getting engaged. She follows the engaged girl to be on h...

Accessories - 12:03 PM

Hair Embellishments

I am Fashion did a fantastic post today about hair accessories and they just struck me as so wedding appropriate! Wouldn't it be fun t...

Wedding Dress - 8:53 AM

Lovin me some Ombre

Ombre n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color eff...

dresses - 11:34 AM


Catwalk Queen just posted this goodness of girly, pink, ruffly-ness. I love it! If my sister was as into pink as much as me I would make ...

Accessories - 9:24 AM

I am so coveting...

Did you see the new accessories from J Crew? So pretty! I am such a lover of all accessories. My jewelry box is just bursting with both c...

Accessories - 3:31 PM

Yum I love Plum!

I am in love with plum tones and I have fallen in love with the new Louis Vuitton Epi colors. We are already using plum tones for our weddin...

music - 1:54 PM

"Love's not a mystery, it's everything"

That's my favorite line from this song... "Drivin Me Wild" We were listening to Common's CD in the car this morning on ou...

lights - 4:11 PM


J and I went walking around our neighborhood last Saturday. This is not an uncommon thing since we always take our doggies around the neigh...

fashion - 11:08 PM

Pocket Squares

Instead of a boutonniere, J will be wearing a pocket square. J doesn't need to wear suits to work but he does dress nicely and will usu...

- 3:28 PM

Whimsy Press

I got a comment from Carlene at you love me & it's heavenly and I headed over to her blog and found goodness after goodness! I lo...

- 10:48 AM

Jamaica Wedding

I love looking at destination wedding pictures, especially if they're in Jamaica. I found Michelle White's Photography blog today...



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