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- 12:17 PM

Glamour Brides

Am loving this Sonia Rykiel ad. They look like such glamorous brides. And totally loving the colorful handbags. It's like a handbag bouq...

music - 8:54 AM

You have my heart and we'll never be worlds apart...

J and I love to go to a record store in Capitol Hill (an area in Seattle) and listen to music. I'm a huge fan of "smaller" (as...

dresses - 11:49 AM

What to wear, what to wear

I've been on a shopping rampage lately because in 2 weeks we are going to be taking engagement pictures with our fabulous photographer, ...

shoe collection - 10:54 PM

Us in terms of shoes

J & I sorta got set up by a mutual friend. She was a sorority sister and was dating J's best friend. I had a long term high school...

- 9:34 PM

Bridesmaids gifts

What do you buy the best Maid of Honor and bridesmaids? Bond no 9. Swarovski Bon Bons! ($700) or The I love New York Double Decker! ($1600...

wedding - 2:13 PM

I need a new diamond...

J and I have been engaged for over a year now and my ring has already been upgraded . I told him that's the hazard of giving me a long ...

- 11:40 AM

Plum Party is awesome

I just discovered Plum Party and I love it! It's full of really cute party supplies and party themes that are not on the cheesy, plast...

- 9:08 AM

Still not sold...

I'm still selling my second dress... any takers out there? :) I'm selling it way below what I paid only because I'm hoping it ...

- 9:49 AM

$100 Off! That's a good excuse to buy a dress...

I just got a coupon in the mail from BCBG for $100 off a purchase of $300 or more and I wanted to share it with my readers! You need the ac...

- 1:46 PM

The amazing Jessica Claire posted yet another set of awesome photos . There are so many fun shots that I love. Like these... And quite p...

- 5:07 PM


I've been tagged by the lovely Lyndsy at Yellow Brick Blog so here goes my first tag: RULES: 1) you link back to the person who tagged...

- 12:34 PM


I love wedding cupcakes. I'm pretty doubtful that my resort will bake me wedding cupcakes (I've asked, but to no response) but I sti...

- 12:13 PM


Fashionista posted this interesting little tidbit... I've seen so many girls buy these shoes for their wedding. Were they influenced ...

- 4:55 PM

Selling my 2nd dress

I am selling a brand new and unworn mermaid style dress. I bought two dresses because I wanted one for the wedding and then another one for...

- 11:58 AM

The Most Adorable Penguins

I was looking at Love and Splendor blog today and saw this gorgeous wedding that they designed. I love the fuschia accents. Here's a ...

- 11:43 AM

Stamp Stamp

I came across this on Martha Stewart and was so impressed that I had to post it. All the stationary is hand stamped! This would be so pre...

Shoes - 9:16 AM

New Obsession

Salon Shoes at Nordstrom is my biggest temptation. I can barely walk out of there without buying a pair of shoes and a huge dent in my bank...



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