May 29, 2008

ok I lied.

Hello my readers! I'm back because how could I leave all my shoe lovers out there without some fun shoe shots!
Prada + Jimmy Choo = meant to be :)

pictures from Punam Bean from our engagement session

Taking a break...

Just got back from a fabulous trip to Singapore. I apologize for the lack of posts as things have been extremely busy. I will be taking a little bit of a break from blogging and back in a few weeks!

*update* I don't like to leave a post without a picture so here is one of the spots that I had dinner at while in Singapore. I haven't had the time to download my pictures so I've had to borrow one.

Riverside point in Clarke Quay by Yi Liang via flickr

We sat at one of the tables right by the river on one of the most lovely nights. Singapore has the BEST seafood ever. I stuffed myself with all sorts of crab, lobster and prawn delicacies while down there.

Singapore in one word is Awesome. The shopping is AMAZING. There is so much culture everywhere. I've never heard so many languages spoken in one place at one time, everyone that I met speaks english plus at least 2 other languages. The streets are immaculate and everything is so organized and efficient (even the airport!) The temples, Chinatown, Little India... seriously shut me up because I could go on and on. I just love it there. Oh and the people are so so adorable-y sweet and kind. I am so moving there.

Anyway, will be back soon with more updates on the wedding, life and everything in between! Happy wedding planning!

May 16, 2008

Favorite posts of the week

Just thought I'd do a blog round up of my favorite posts this week...

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all picture credits belong to or listed on the respective blogs

May 15, 2008

Our new toy

I'm sure we are not the only couple that has bought things because "we need it for the wedding". One of those things that we've been contemplating is a new Digital SLR camera to take photos while we are in Jamaica and of course our honeymoon. J has an older Sony and he's been dying for a new one but those things are dang pricey so we've been holding off. Our trip to New York ended up being the perfect excuse to buy one.

J had been doing lots of research online to find the best price and found this store called B&H in New York. We decided to go check it out while we were there and holy moly it is huge! Everything you could ever want, technology related, is in that one store. We went on a Wednesday afternoon yet the store was packed!

We pretty much knew that we wanted a Canon. It was just a matter of which one. After speaking to a very knowledgeable camera guy, we decided on this bad boy.

A Cannon EOS 40D.

And since I'm new to this game I didn't realize that you had to buy the lenses separately. Did you know that some of those lenses can cost more than the camera itself? Crazy! Here's the lens package that we ended up getting, which is a very good deal compared to all the other stores we've looked at. But guess what? You need more than just the lens, you need a whole bunch of other accessories to actually make it work! We walked out of there with a huge bag full of stuff that I did not know how to use but J insisted that we needed.

Between the two of us, J is definitely the creative one, I do have a spark of creativity, but I'm more of the math/analytical one. I take care of all the finances and he decorates our house. On our last trip to London and Paris, J shot some amazing photographs which after I saw his shots, got me interested in taking nice photos as well. As I mentioned before, I travel a lot and when I was in Cannes and Nice (France) last year, I started to take pictures for the beauty of the area rather than just a tourist trying to take pictures of everything I saw. Of course nothing I took was amazing or anything like that but I just liked how it changed my outlook on the way I looked at things. Since my traveling is probably not going to stop anytime soon, I'd really like to take some great photos of the places that I'm lucky enough to travel to.

I'm so ready to learn how to use the camera. There are so many dang buttons on there and so many terms I'm totally unfamiliar with; aperture, white balance, shutter speed, WHAAT? I'm the type of person that when I learn something new, I want to learn everything about it, I don't like to skip sections or say "I won't need that." because even if I never use it, I will still be happier knowing about it. Let's just say I read the manual cover to cover when I got a chance to sit down this weekend. When we got back from New York, we drove out to eastern Washington to go visit J's parents and pick up our doggies (they were watching our doggies while we were away). It was such a beautiful day that I had to take some pictures.

Keep in mind that I don't even know how to use the camera yet, so these pictures could be better but look at the colors. People always ask me if I like living in Seattle and if I can stand the rain. I tell them that the rain is worth it because on a sunny day it is the most beautiful city to live in. Just look at that blue sky.
This was taken in Vantage, Washington so not exactly in Seattle, but it really is that beautiful even in the city. If you ever take the drive to eastern WA, make sure to stop by the view point. it's so worth it.

Can anyone give me some good tips or recommend a good website or book to help me learn how to use this? I'm off to Singapore next week and am hoping to have time to take some pictures. Hopefully by the time for our wedding J and I will have mastered this camera!

Sorry for the long post but had to show you what we got to see when we reached my future in-law's house. We missed our puppies so much.

Our baby girl, running through the yard in her ruffly green dress (Grandma likes to dress her up).

Our big guy just hanging out watching his little sister play in the garden.
And their cousin Jelly Bean in a matching dress.There's nothing better to come home to than a house full of dachshunds!

You can click on the pictures to see them in full size.

pictures by style-ish

I want this dress!

I want this dress for my bachelorette, anyone know who the designer is?

photo credit

May 14, 2008

The 8th floor of Saks

In New York I had to stop by my favorite place in the entire city... the 8th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. Also known to me as "Heaven". If you've not been there before, it is an entire floor dedicated to designer shoes. Every style, every brand that I have ever coveted is all on that one floor. Gotta love that there is even an express elevator that goes straight there.

Last time I was there was in December during Christmas and it was super hectic. This time I got to stay and peruse the entire floor for as long as I wanted and try on as many shoes that I wanted. The good thing about being a size 5 is that I can always try on the floor samples so I never have to wait for a sales person to help. I do have to add though, that it is not a problem to get a sales person to help you there, they were so nice and asked me every five minutes if they could pull any shoes for me.

The bad thing about being a size 5 is that my size goes very quickly because most stores do not order that many 5's in each style. Louboutin's are next to impossible to find in a 5, but Saks did not let me down... I fell in love with 2 very beautiful shoes but I could only choose one. Here is what I walked away with.

Do you love? Because I do! They are a perfect 4 inch height and show just the right amount of toe cleavage. I'm planning on wearing these to my bachelorette party next month. Now time to find a dress to match!

Picture credits:
saks: yellowsunday via flickr
louboutins: style-ish

May 13, 2008

The outfit

As you know from my previous posts I was doing some crazy shopping and ordering online for my engagement photo dress. J and I ended up going to Barney's the day before we left and I found the perfect little pink dress so that's what I ended up with. You can't really see the details on the engagement pictures so here's a picture of what it looks like.

The brand is Velvet, I've always adored their shirts for the super soft cotton and the dress was just as comfortable. I found this dress in several colors and it got me thinking that they would make really cute destination wedding bridesmaid dresses. Even though it's cotton, the material is a almost like a jersey and is great quality so it really wouldn't be too casual. Plus it's so lightweight so no one would get too hot. I like the pink color I wore but these ones below would also be great for a fall wedding like mine. Plus the price is fab and they could definitely be worn over and over.

In Punam's blog she mentions my shoes which I do have to say are one of my favorite pairs and they go with everything I own. They are the Jimmy Choo Advent, mine are the snakeskin leather but all black. I purchased mine at the Jimmy Choo boutique on Bond St. in London and they were limited edition to the UK so I can't find a picture of mine online. (That's the only reason why I purchased them in London when the dollar is so weak!) However, they are the most gorgeous shoes and if you are looking for a simple black heel, these are definitely my go-to's. The all leather ones are cheaper by $100 something so if you don't care for the snakeskin, it's better! I don't usually like snakeskin but I loved the texture it gave the shoe. I'm sure Punam captured my shoes in some of the shots so when she sends them to me, I'll be sure to post them! (Oh and my man, the shoe guy, wore Prada loafers)
Funny story, I always seem to get compliments from men at coffee shops on my shoes. I've worn these shoes twice to our neighborhood coffee shop before work and both times got stopped by very well dressed men to let me know that I had really nice shoes. When I used to work downtown, several times men would tap me on the shoulder and compliment me on my shoes while standing in line at coffee shops. Apparently men with good taste in shoes hang out in Seattle coffee shops.

picture credits:

May 12, 2008

I'm back and I've got pictures!!

J and I had the best time in New York this past week. One of the highlights of our trip was meeting our photographer and having our engagement photo shoot. We had originally wanted to take our pics at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens until Punam found out that there was a hefty fee to shoot there, so we ended up on going to Soho which actually worked out better for us since we are more "city" people than "garden" people. I loved the buildings and the grafitti as our backdrop and had all the confidence in the world that Punam would create beautiful pictures.

Punam and her husband both came out to shoot us and they are so cute together. Andrew had to hold my big handbag the entire time which was very nice of him. We really had a great time with them and we are so happy that they will be coming with us to Jamaica.

They were actually on their way to shoot a destination wedding in Jamaica the next day so I didn't expect to have our pictures yet as I know traveling is tiring but J IM'd me this morning to let me know our pictures were up on her blog! I'm so happy with them, they truly capture our personality. J is always making me laugh and I always think that I look quite unattractive when I laugh really loud but she managed to make me look okay. ;)

Take a look at a few pictures...

Go to her blog to see more!

Punam and Andrew - thank you so much for hanging out with us and taking such great shots, we had such fabulous time!

picture credits Punam Bean Photography

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