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- 8:23 PM

Groom Style

I found Dapper Kid through some fashion blogs I was reading and not only is he a male fashion blogger with fantastic taste, he lives in my ...

- 9:18 AM

Come on over!

Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I adore my doggies. They are more our children than our dogs. So when Ben from No Ordinary ...

- 12:41 PM

Beautiful bride

How much do I love this bride's hair and makeup? She is so gorgeous. And of course it was the talented Jasmine Star that captured the ...

award - 12:30 PM

Thank you!

Kisses to my dear Diabolina for my very first blog award! My blog will wear it with pride! Diabolina's style, collection of fab handbags...

fashion - 9:36 AM

It's a tights kinda day here...

I love fall fashion and am so happy to see so many collections being revealed already. My favorite look for fall/winter is a cute dress wit...

digital perm - 12:32 AM

The Perm!

I blogged about getting my digital perm two weeks ago so I wanted to show the results! I'm not a fan of just shots of my face. Am ve...

- 10:20 AM

TearDrop Weddings

I recently found TearDrop Weddings blog and couldn't stop awww-ing over her custom designed invites. I think that her invites are perfe...

- 9:01 PM

Have you heard?

So I know I'm a bit late on this as I haven't had time to do much of anything besides work lately but I'm loving the new site th...

- 8:28 PM

Wrapped up with a bow

I like the bow details that have trickled into fashion the past season or so. I have adored this Jay Godfrey dress as modeled by these two ...

- 9:39 AM

Brocade your wedding

When I went to visit my sister in NY, she had a catalog for Brocade Home and I instantly fell in love. All their stuff is girly with a hin...

- 3:35 PM

Spreading the word...

The brilliant Guilty, of What Guilty and Baddie Did Next , wrote a fantastic post about turning off the word verification so it makes it tha...

- 12:45 PM

Photo Album Love

Loving this photo album that Gene Higa is offering his clients. I love black albums and matte photos. Check out the gorgeousness. The co...

digital perm - 12:03 PM

I'm getting a perm!

No really, I am! This is what most people think of when I say perm. I've had many a friend laugh in my face when I told them I was pla...

books - 12:40 PM

Style-ish Reads!

No wedding related post today. Just not in the mood. Sometimes you just gotta take a day off. =) In one my tags I revealed that I read A ...

Groom style - 9:37 AM

He will be wearing purple

We were at J's favorite men's store this weekend, Ian , and found his perfect wedding shirt! I did officially decide that we were g...



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