Jul 31, 2008

Groom Style

I found Dapper Kid through some fashion blogs I was reading and not only is he a male fashion blogger with fantastic taste, he lives in my favorite city in the world (London) and I bet he has a kickass accent. He is my new blog crush. :)

I wanted to share this brilliant post he did on one of men's most essential piece of clothing. The Shirt. I've already talked about how most men wear ill fitting suits. The same goes with the shirt. An ill fitting shirt looks just as bad as a baggy t-shirt. There is no point in wearing it if it doesn't fit well.

Here are my favorite parts of his post:
"A good selection of shirts are essential to any man's clothing collection. The shirt can be worn both dressed up and dressed down and adds an instant smartest to any outfit. Adding a simple tie can add class, yet an open collar can exude a laid back and effortless style. The key to looking good in a shirt is simply knowing which type of shirt you require for your specific outfit and some basic rules for wearing a shirt."

I am drooling over this model in this suit. It is so perfect. I am such a sucker for a man in a (well fitted) suit.

Interesting tidbit on the term "button down"...
"For a more casual shirt, simply paired with linen or denim trousers and footwear such as deck shoes or loafers, a 'button down' (usually an 'Oxford') shirt is worn. The button down refers to the collar, which is buttoned down at the tips, although the term is often incorrectly used in American English for a general 'dress shirt'."

his General Tips:
"General tips for a shirt are simple enough. Fit is a key consideration, you want something that is fitted at the shoulders and back. This is usually down to the 'yoke' of the shirt, which is the piece of material at the upper back of the shirt, that dictates the fit and shape of the rest of the shirt. You want the shirt to fit well, however not too feel restrictive when leaning forward. Equally your sleeves ought to cover most of your watch when you put your arms out in front of you. Remember that a slightly tapered shirt will usually be your best option, otherwise the fabric will balloon around your lower torso. The length of a shirt is also a key consideration, as it will determine how the shirt can be worn. Generally if the shirt is longer, you will have to tuck it in. If you want to wear the shirt loose, you will want a shorter length, that does not fall too low."

I love men's fashion as much as I love women's fashion and is fitting that I'm marrying the most fashionable man I know. Although he does not need these tips, I know many a man that does. I may be passing along this post to them. ;)

Come on over!

Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I adore my doggies. They are more our children than our dogs. So when Ben from No Ordinary Rollercoaster contacted me to join a blog about dachshunds, how could I say no?

I present to you "Who's your Dachshund?"!!We are a group of 10 bloggers and 15 dachshunds, so we will have plenty of funny stories and cute pictures. Even if you don't have a dachshund, we will be doing guest posts from owners of other dog breeds so let us know if you are interested!

We've got a Grand Opening Giveaway so come on over and let us know you stopped by! Click on the picture up there to be linked to the blog.

Jul 30, 2008

Beautiful bride

How much do I love this bride's hair and makeup? She is so gorgeous.And of course it was the talented Jasmine Star that captured the wedding day and day after pictures.
Click here and here for more.

Thank you!

Kisses to my dear Diabolina for my very first blog award!

My blog will wear it with pride!

Diabolina's style, collection of fab handbags and shoes, her jewelry and her witty commentary is what makes it one of my favorite blogs! Go check it out here.

Sorry to have to do a repost but in my excitement I forgot to give out awards to my favorite bloggers!
1. i'm not really a diva - the girl has great taste. love everything she posts about especially her interior decorating posts.
2. What Guilty and Baddie Did Next - I'm captivated by her beautiful writing and stories
3. life in a venti cup - love her style. thoughtful posts and great finds.
4. That Bride - She seems to be that girl that is always fun to be around. Entertaining posts and pictures.

Jul 29, 2008

It's a tights kinda day here...

I love fall fashion and am so happy to see so many collections being revealed already. My favorite look for fall/winter is a cute dress with black tights and black heels. That is basically what you'll find me in throughout the season, I just love it.

Here are some pretty looks for the fall. I know that if I were having my Seattle wedding, I'd be putting my bridesmaids in a look like one of the below. It's a bit trendy, but I think it just adds the right touch and everyone looks good in it.
Nordstrom - Via C

This is a fun twist on the party dress. I love the fluffiness of the dress but the edgy-ness of the belt and tights. (I'd lose the boots and the hat though).

And a sweet look, perfect for the office. (above two from Chick Downtown)

I highly recommend DKNY luxe opaque tights. I seriously buy these in bulk. I love that there is no waistband. Nothing is worse when you wear tights but all you can concentrate on is how much pressure they put on your gut. (okay, maybe that's just me.) They are so silky feeling and the color is a deep black with a hint of sheer. The perfect tights.

Even though the sun did not make an appearance today, I'm happy that we are finally getting some sun (on most days). I'm going to relish in that while it lasts but as soon as the clouds roll in, my tights are coming back out!

Jul 27, 2008

The Perm!

I blogged about getting my digital perm two weeks ago so I wanted to show the results!

I'm not a fan of just shots of my face. Am very self conscious of my extra round face, so you get the fully body shot. haha.

Here I am the day before the perm. Not the best picture as it was after a long day of work but you get the idea of the straightness of my hair. I didn't blow dry it that well that day but it usually is much straighter.
This is the day after and how the stylist styled it.

Here I am on Saturday, 4 days after the perm!
I'm so happy with the results. It's pretty much how I wanted it, but better because it is a lot easier to style than I thought. And when I wake up in the morning I instantly have glamorous, sexy hair. ;)

The process took about four hours and the machine wasn't as scary looking as the picture in my post. Basically, they put the solution in my hair, rolled it in the special curlers, attached it to the machine which got up to 85 degrees Celsius and then sat there and sat there, until the machine cooled down and then the stylist took them out and styled my hair. I couldn't wash my hair or pull it back in a ponytail for 48 hours so I was very excited when I was able to wash it and style it to my liking.

I bought this MOP (Modern Organics Products) C-system curl defining cream from the salon and love it. I put a little in before I blowdry (low setting with a diffuser bought from the salon) and then after when I style my hair. I can either make my hair have tighter curls or bigger curls like in the picture above, depending on how I blowdry and style.

So overall, I highly recommend a digital perm for any straight haired girls dying for big bouncy waves. Also, just a mention to Ten Pachi salon that did my hair. They were WONDERFUL. I had two girls working on my hair to cut down on the time and they totally listened to what I wanted and kept on checking on me to see if I needed more water or if I was comfortable.

Now, all I have to do is to test this out with the makeup look I'm going for and a veil and see how it works out.

Jul 24, 2008

TearDrop Weddings

I recently found TearDrop Weddings blog and couldn't stop awww-ing over her custom designed invites. I think that her invites are perfect for a destination wedding as they are more of a fun informal vibe which is what most of us destination brides are going for. The little characters she draws resemble the couple and she even does celebs! Check out her Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. Too cute!
She created this one based on a brides inspiration board. I'm a beach bride that's trying to stay away from anything "beach" themed but I love the invite as it's cute and whimsical but not obnoxiously beachy.
How pretty is this "hand written" invite that's sealed with a kiss? This was created with a bride's Mario Antoinette inspired theme.
And here is my favorite design of hers.
Stationary based on this dress by Veronica DiSanto
I LOVE it! I'm keeping this in mind after my wedding as I'd love an illustration of my dress to frame.

Really way too much cute stuff on her blog and website. Go see! =)

Jul 23, 2008

Have you heard?

So I know I'm a bit late on this as I haven't had time to do much of anything besides work lately but I'm loving the new site that Elizabeth Anne Designs has launched, simply put it is their "Library"!

I think all of us bridal bloggers know and love EAD so this resource is just absolutely awesome!
I love the bridal review and the extensive list of vendors for every category. If you haven't yet, go make sure to check it out! (click the picture above to be taken to the site)

Wrapped up with a bow

I like the bow details that have trickled into fashion the past season or so. I have adored this Jay Godfrey dress as modeled by these two PYT's.

Big bows are hard to pull off so I would love to see an actual bride wear this dress by Lara Helene Bridal Atelier. For the right bride, it would be amazing and with that detail, little else is needed.
If the dress is a bit too much, you could always slip on these hot little Louboutins...

Bergdorf Goodman

Or carry this clutch instead!Bergdorf Goodman

Jul 21, 2008

Brocade your wedding

When I went to visit my sister in NY, she had a catalog for Brocade Home and I instantly fell in love. All their stuff is girly with a hint of modern. Even J likes it! I got an email from them about their sale so of course had to check it out.

I just ordered this duvet for our bed. Lovely isn't it?

As I was browsing I came across many items that I thought would make great wedding decor but even better, you could incorporate it into your home after the wedding.

Chandelier for the reception and then it would make an adorable addition to any bedroom.
Pretty champagne glasses for the toast, and everyone needs pretty champagne glasses at home!

If you are having a wine at your wedding, why not uncork a few and pop these pretty wine stoppers on top? They would also look quite fab sitting atop your wines at home.

So much fun stuff. I might be adding more to my cart as we speak!

Jul 17, 2008

Spreading the word...

The brilliant Guilty, of What Guilty and Baddie Did Next, wrote a fantastic post about turning off the word verification so it makes it that much easier for us to leave comments for each other. I so agree and have turned mine off. Now go ahead and comment away without the trouble of the dang scrambled letters that sometimes are such a pain in the arse that you don't bother leaving that comment that you thought about leaving.

Go read Guilty's hilariously written rant first and then maybe you'll turn yours off too! =)

Jul 16, 2008

Photo Album Love

Loving this photo album that Gene Higa is offering his clients. I love black albums and matte photos. Check out the gorgeousness. The covers are made of silk and you can customize the ribbon color!

Jul 15, 2008

I'm getting a perm!

No really, I am!

This is what most people think of when I say perm. I've had many a friend laugh in my face when I told them I was planning getting a perm for the wedding.

What I'm actually getting is a Digital Perm. Digital perms were started in Korea and are very popular among Korean and Japanese girls. According to Wikipedia "A digital perm is a perm which uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name." The biggest difference between a regular perm and a digital perm is the texture and shape of the wave. Digital perms create lovely big curls/waves as if you've used a curling iron or curlers.

If you recall, this is the look I'm going for on my wedding day.

Here are pictures of what a digital perm produces.

Pretty darn close right? The reason why I'm not just going to rely on a curling iron is because my hair is so thick that it just doesn't hold curl well. My hairstylist was the one who suggested the perm.

This is the crazy contraption that I will be sitting under for 4+ hours!

I will be going to Ten Pachi salon, they are the only salon that I could find in Seattle that offers digital perms. I think because it's such a new thing for the US and because it's much more expensive (I was quoted $90-$500!) than regular perms, not many salons offer this yet.

Right now I have super straight hair as I got the Japanese straightening perm done awhile back. I'm excited to get my new curly hair. My appointment is next week so I'll do a follow up post when it's done!

image 1,3,4,5 from google images (click on pictures to be linked to their respective sites)
image 2
The Superficial
image 6 Ten Pachi

Jul 14, 2008

Style-ish Reads!

No wedding related post today. Just not in the mood. Sometimes you just gotta take a day off. =)

In one my tags I revealed that I read A LOT. The last couple of books that I've read, I've highly enjoyed and thought that I would share:

Underneath this wedding planning, stylish, fashion obsessed girl is someone who has high ambitions and is very dedicated to her career. I took a chance a little over two years ago, to leave a company that I loved but that risk has paid off ten times over as I would never be in the position I am now if I hadn't taken that risk (and made a couple of good decisions along the way). I'm always inspired by women who take risks and don't let little things get in their way of getting what they want. I just finished "Basic Black" by Cathie Black, President of Hearst Magazines, and loved how the book was written and the advice that she gives. She's very straight forward, to the point and gives great stories and examples of what she's been through but also puts it into a context that is easy to fit into your career.

I am not a biased book reader, I read everything and anything. I am not swayed by "best sellers" or what not. I'll just buy it if it seems interesting to me. It's a hit or a miss as sometimes I end up hating the book but it is so worth when you get that one book that is just so good that you can't put down. "Sheer Abandon" by Penny Vincenzi is that book for me right now. I am about 40 pages away from finishing this book but I'm still willing to recommend it even before I get to the end. The writing is brilliant, and the plot is fantastic. What I love about it is that it's multiple stories all intertwined into the one big story but every character is so well thought through.

In terms of "chick lit", I loved "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin. In fact, I bought three of her books and read them back to back in a month. I have yet to read her newest book but will be picking that one up soon. "Something Borrowed" is not your typical chick lit. The storyline is unexpected and the writing is done very well.

And one that I have yet to read but will be picking up soon is Lauren Weisberger's "Chasing Harry Winston". Lauren Weisberger is the author of "Devil Wears Prada" which I read well before the movie came out and liked it very much. I wasn't a fan of her second book "Everyone Worth Knowing" but I'm willing to give this one a shot. It looks like a fun, easy read and we all need those in the summer right?

If you are interested, I created a widget on the right side of the blog which links right to the books on Amazon.

I'm always up for book recommendations. Any of your latest reads that I should know about?

all images from amazon.com

Jul 11, 2008

He will be wearing purple

We were at J's favorite men's store this weekend, Ian, and found his perfect wedding shirt! I did officially decide that we were going to incorporate purple into our wedding so I was really happy that we found this.

The shirt is by Lova and the only place that I could find it online was at eluxury.com This picture makes it look kinda crazy but it is just a regular plaid pattern.

And look at the french cuffs! I love french cuffs. Now I need to find him some nice cufflinks to wear.Ian Shop blog

So this with a gray three piece suit and his Prada shoes, I think is a winning combination!

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