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fashion - 10:22 AM

I fell in love last night...

with a pair of shoes. These ones. They have been dancing in my head all morning. Should I get them ?

fashion - 3:00 PM

Jackets for the fall

Found on Copenhagen StreetStyle . This outfit is so adorable. I love the touch of the pink braided scarf and her peeptoe heels. The best p...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Downtown

I thought I'd go in a different direction with this lookbook and make it more interesting. J and I love taking pictures and and take o...

fashion - 9:00 AM

It's shoe time!

I went on a frenzy and bought some new shoes and had to share! Here's my loot: I went crazy on flats!! I know, so unexpected from t...

award - 8:45 AM


I am so honored to have received two awards this past week... The always fun to read Tam's Thoughts gave me the Arte Y Pico award. T...

fashion - 2:11 PM

Zac Attack

I want every single piece from Zac Posen's Resort collection. From those little dresses to the berets to the Louboutins... seriously ev...

real wedding - 9:00 AM


I don't know what it is but I think each day that is closer to our wedding, I become more and more emotional. I recently found these we...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Lam I Am

Awhile back, we inadvertently got the Sundance channel with our DVR/HD/Digital cable package. I don't know why it eventually went away ...

wedding - 9:00 AM

80 days

80 days until I marry my Love. on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, with the people we love the most around us. What more could a girl ask fo...

digital perm - 9:00 AM

Lookbook: Working Girl

I work in the big bad corporate world and I'm in an industry where you don't see much creativity in the way people dress. We don&#...

Reception - 9:01 PM

Our Simple Modern Reception

It's been awhile since I've written about my wedding (thanks for the reminder Aricka !) and I've been working on finalizing rece...

dresses - 10:04 AM

Dressing up Shirts

I adore dresses, always have, always will. I hardly wear anything else in the summer and even in the winter I just add a sweater to layer a...

Blog - 9:54 AM

Time for another change!

I am Style-ish is now official!! I have decided to buy a domain name and am switching over to iamstyle-ish.com. Blogger should automatical...

fashion - 1:43 PM

Fashion Olympics

Why must the Olympics torture me by making me stay up past my bedtime to watch Gymnastics? I really do not need to see one more interview a...

blogher - 3:06 PM

Adventures of I am Style-ish

I know, you're wondering "What the...?" =) Click here to see the review I did for BlogHer and M&M's! Comic created...



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