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tag - 11:00 AM

Favorite Things Tag

I was tagged by Candi to share my favorites: clothing shop: Nordstrom for actual store, Revolve Clothing for online city: New York swee...

- 9:36 AM

Happy Halloweener!

Sorry for the double post for any Who's Your Dachshund readers but since I'm not dressing up this year I had to show off my doggie...

headband - 9:00 AM

On the Marc

I adore headbands and am glad that Gossip Girl has brought back such a great trend. I was wearing headbands about 4 years ago and at the ti...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Q&A: Black Pumps

kay* asks: i've been wanting to invest in a pair of classic black pumps for the longest time and think i'm going to do so...i was...

fashion - 9:00 AM

lookbook: Little Red Dress

This little red dress is pretty cute on it's own but I wanted to funk it up so added the belt and tights. I liked the new look it gave ...

photography - 12:33 PM

oh BABY!

I have to do a special post to my very good friend and grand lil sis (that's sorority speak for all you non greek people) who just had a...

amigurumi - 9:00 AM

Questions and a Giveaway!

I was going to start preparing posts for the week that I am in Jamaica but have run out of ideas, so I thought that I would open this up to ...

fashion - 9:00 AM

Maid of Honor

I let my sister pick out her Maid of Honor dress and it is absolutely fabulous. I'm a bit jealous, I kinda want to wear it! It's t...

fashion - 4:33 PM

I may be busy...

But I always make time to buy shoes!! I was trying to stop buying shoes until after the wedding but yesterday I bought these Manolos at Nei...

- 9:19 AM

Two Weeks...

It's two weeks before we leave for our wedding in Jamaica and I am in full on crazy wedding mode! Our place and my mind is a disaster z...

fashion - 2:32 PM

Lookbook: Layers

The weather is turning cold here so out come my layers and boots! This has become my go-to outfit on cold days. The annoying thing about th...

QA - 11:30 AM

Shopping for Shoes

I get a lot of questions through email or in the comments of my posts and I usually answer them individually but this one was going to be a ...

House - 9:00 AM

Wanted: Color

Our place has been looking a bit drab lately. Aside from our awesome new dog bed (oh and a way cool wine rack!) we haven't done much to...

- 11:08 AM

Please go check out Who's Your Dachshund today for the guest post from Barb Techel about Frankie, her little Walk N'Roll dog. It...

crafty-ish - 9:03 AM

DIY Style

I had a few requests on how to make my DIY scarf and then the very nice Cindy over at DIY Style let me know that they had a how to video! ...

dior - 9:00 AM

New Shoes!

it's been some time since I've shared my shoe purchases so here we go with two of my recent faves... My new Diors I love every si...



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