Dec 31, 2008

Lookbook: After the snow

It's hard to be stylish and creative in the cold weather, especially when you have several inches of snow to deal with, you can't drive and you have to walk everywhere. Plus the majority of my shoes are not made for snow so I was pretty much screwed when it came to shoe options.

What I'm Wearing:
Coat: Banana Republic
Jeans: Rag and Bone
Boots: Sergio Rossi
Earmuffs: Burberry


I'm also wearing really cute leather gloves that have a bow near the wrist but I forgot to take pictures. They did not do a great job of keeping my hands warm, but at least they were cute!

Pretty soon after this when the entire sidewalk was covered in snow, we walked down and took the Seattle Streetcar over to Nordstrom so I could buy my first pair of Uggs. This was the only solution that I had or else, I could not walk without slipping everywhere!


I now know and understand the power of the Uggs. They did a great job of keeping my feet warm and dry with minimal slipping. They may be uggly but at least they get the job done!

Goodbye 2008!

Looking back at 2008 it was such a wonderful year. It was full of happiness and great memories.

My 2008:
  • J and I got married! And had our dream come true wedding in Negril, Jamaica.
  • I traveled to... London (too many times to count), Paris, Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Sydney, Singapore, Barbados, Miami, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Las Vegas, New York and Negril!
  • I bought my first Digital SLR camera and have been learning how to take fun pictures rather than just the cheesy touristy or typical sorority girl pictures.
  • Bought many pairs of shoes to add to my shoe collection
  • I picked up crocheting again to find out that I have a knack for making cute little crochet animals.
  • Started a Pilates Reformer class and have fallen in love with Pilates. Best workout ever! I'm willing to pay the price for private lessons. It is so worth it.
  • I was Look of the Day on Fabsugar - not just once, but twice! I was Glamour Blog's Best Dressed Reader for a day. Gilt, my favorite shopping site, featured me on their blog, I wrote an article for the Lucky Style Spotter Blog and then our wedding was featured on Southern Weddings Magazine blog!
  • I was asked to join an absolutely fantastic and fun dachshund blog to write about my little babies and I just adore being part of that.
  • I changed my blog from a wedding planning blog, to the style-ish blog that it is today. Oh and bought my very own domain name!
  • I've fallen in love with blogging and my readers and all the amazing blogs that you all write. I started this blog without much intention to do much with it but the blog community is just so amazing that it makes me want to write and put my ideas out there and be part of it all. Thank you so much to everyone that reads this blog. Your emails and comments always make me smile and even just knowing that you are reading has made a huge impact on my year.
There are so many other things that have happened personally and professionally that make me realize how lucky I am to live such a wonderful life. It really has been such a memorable year for me.

So, what am I looking forward to for 2009?
  • Continue growing with my photography and save enough money to buy a full frame camera.
  • Blog redesign - I want a different look and feel but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?
  • Travel to... Mexico (my sister's wedding!), New York, San Francisco, Napa Valley, London, Marbella, Taiwan, Japan. These are trips that have already been planned, I'm sure there are going to be a lot more along the way! Las Vegas or L.A., girls trip anyone? :)
  • Finish reading Anna Karenina. I've had that book on my shelf for years but it has been so daunting to read it. I finally picked it up during the snowstorm that took out our cable and internet and am quite enjoying it now. I just need to find the time to finish it!
  • Crochet more fun stuffies! I have some new ones to debut!
  • On that same note, possibly open an Etsy store to sell them!
  • Help my sister plan her wedding!
  • Continue enjoying being newlyweds and spending every moment that I can with my husband and our doggies.
  • Learn to cook. Take a couples cooking class.
  • And of course, add many more shoes to my shoe collection.
The list could go on and on... I already have a few exciting projects in the works so am really looking forward to 2009. I can only hope that 2009 is as good as 2008!

I am silly and forgot to post these pictures during Christmas but still wanted to share them!

Happy New Year my dear friends!
Cheers to a happy, healthy, fabulous year to you all!

Dec 30, 2008

Lookbook: Before the snow

What I wore before I was a shut-in during the snowstorm :)

Hat: Forever 21
V-neck: Forever 21
Sweater: Mango
Jeans: Levis Eco
Boots: Sergio Rossi
Bag: Gucci


Winter is all about the layers. You step outside and it's freezing but then you get into a building and the heat is up and you are sooo hot. Being able to take off layers is key to this season. I also love me some hats. I keep different hats in my handbag so I can just pull one out when I'm cold. They're so easy to just smush in there, sometimes I'll have up to 3 hats which is pretty ridiculous but I like having options. I also have been loving white in the winter. I used to only just stick to a white coat, but white sweaters have been getting a lot more play this year. The only part that I hate about wearing white sweaters is that no matter what you do, the sleeves always get so dirty. I don't wash clothes very often, so my white sweaters always sit in my hamper and then I end up forgetting that I even own it. I added the white bag which I usually don't do in the winters but with the black accents, I think it makes it a bit more wintery. It's a nice big roomy bag which I like. It's got to fit all my hats!

**for those waiting for my wedding recaps, it probably won't be until next week. It's taking me longer to put them together and we still have no internet at home so I can't upload some pictures. I'm hoping to have them up next week!

Dec 29, 2008

Featured on Southern Weddings Blog!

Just found out from my lovely photographer that we were featured on the Southern Weddings Magazine Blog! Southern Weddings features the most amazing weddings so J and I feel so honored to be one of them. Come see us here.

sws blog_wedding feature

We got the DVD of pictures and we literally have over a thousand pictures to look through. I'm going to try to get the wedding recap posts up this week and then I have another fabulous video from my brother. You will get to see actual footage of the hurricane!

Dec 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

To all my wonderful readers, family and friends,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Hope your day is filled with much happiness.

And maybe some snow.

But not too much, because I am ready for this stuff to melt!


Happy Holidays!!

Dec 24, 2008

the last pair

the last pair of the shoe sale frenzy!

I posted a few months ago about how I fell in love with these shoes but they were so dang pricey that I just couldn't spend the money on them. Well, I oh so luckily stumbled upon them at the Barney's sale! It may be silly but I get so excited when I see something that I've been wanting so badly go on sale! I just could not believe that they still had my size.

and here they are: the Louboutin "Insectika"

and the best part... the pleats

I should go out and say that my shoe collection is now complete and I really don't need any more shoes. But, I won't because who knows what designs the brilliant Louboutin will come up with next and I know that I will NEED to have them. My love for shoes is just never-ending. Now if I could only figure out the space situation in our place as my shoe closet is now overflowing and I've ran out of places to put them!

I'm curious, for those of you with small spaces how do you store your shoes?

Dec 23, 2008

lookbook: anniversary

My outfit for our anniversary dinner!

It was an extremely cold night so I was going to go with pants but I wanted to wear one of my new shoes so I sucked it up and wore a big winter coat and tights to stay warm.

What I'm wearing:
Cardi: Banana Republic
Top: Gift from my sister (not sure what the label is)
Skirt: Aritzia
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Christian Louboutin "Lady Gres"
Necklace: "Love" pendant - wedding present from my mom


It's funny because I do love wearing dresses but I don't wear skirts too often. It is so easy for me to play around with dresses, adding belts, blazers, cardigans, what not, but skirts are a different story. I seem to never know what to wear with them. I love this little grey one that's a little bit of a tulip shape and it's got an exposed zipper on the back. I've only worn this one other time to work so I was happy that I was able to wear it out to dinner. They suede grey Louboutins went well with the skirt and the purple top added just what I needed to the otherwise drab outfit.

We were lucky to get a parking spot close by so I did not have to freeze my buns off! :)

Dec 22, 2008

Still snowing!

It's still a mess here and I'm still stuck without internet at home! I trudged through the snow to get some work done at the coffee shop and I wanted to get a quick post up while I was connected. Thanks for all the comments and emails! We are doing fine, however no driving as it's too dangerous driving in our little sports car so we have been stuck at home. I've been doing lots of reading and crocheting.

In the meantime, Gina at Lucky Style Spotter contacted me to write an article on the Lucky Style Spotter blog so come visit me there!

To all of you stuck in the snow, be safe and stay warm! Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 19, 2008


We are trapped in a snow storm! Seriously trapped, we have no cable or internet at home! We are currently taking refuge at our local coffee shop just so we can get connected to the outside world. Posting and emails will be very sporadic.

We heard helicopters outside our place this morning and was thinking something major went down.

Check it out! Scary!

Will be back soon! Let's just hope the snow decides to melt soon...

Story and picture on the Seattle Times

Dec 18, 2008

9 years

J and I recently celebrated our 9 year anniversary of when we first started dating. I promised him that this would be the last time to celebrate this one since we have two other ones (the day we got married AND the day of our wedding) for him to remember.

We are a big foodie couple. We love trying out the latest restaurants with great reviews in all areas of Seattle so when we have an occasion we always try to find something we haven't been to. We headed to Spring Hill a newish restaurant in West Seattle which has a northwest theme to its menu, using local ingredients from northwest farmers and fishermen.

I think this is the first restaurant that I took my camera to. Our waitress probably thought I was crazy taking pictures of everything!

We are typically a wine couple, we always order a bottle of wine with our meals, but I was enticed by their cocktails that night so that's what I went with and J got a beer.
his: deschutes, black butte porter, ( bend, or. )
mine: smith - pomme d ’ eve, green apple water, apple sorbet, sparkling wine

On some of the menu items they would note where they got the ingredients from which I thought was neat.

The delish appetizers
left: sautéed manila clams ( hammersley inlet, wa. ) - spicy-cured pork belly, lemon mayonnaise, olive oil grilled bread
right: alder smoked oysters - in olive oil, roasted peppers, flatbread

Main Courses
His: red wine braised short ribs ( strawberry mtn., or. ) -
baked dumplings with jarred tomato, caper-lemon relish

Mine: roasted duck breast -
cabbage sausage, quinoa waffle, spaghetti squash, orange-maple mustard

There was a waffle under my duck! it was unexpected but quite yummy! J's was the winning entree though. The short ribs were cooked to perfection and so yummy that he finished the plate and wanted more!

And of course, we couldn't leave without ordering dessert!
They don't have their dessert menu online so I don't know the exact description but his was a bread pudding and mine was an apple tart with cinnamon ice cream.

That apple tart was the best dessert I have gotten ever! A week later and we are still talking that apple tart and that ice cream. It was the definite winner of the two desserts and a great way to end the night.

Blurry picture of us driving over the bridge to go back home

The streets around us had set up pretty lights and we stopped to take some photos.

My last demand of the night... "lookbook picture! lookbook picture!"

And that was how we spent our anniversary :)

Dec 16, 2008

Lookbook: scarf days

just a sweater and jeans kind of day

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: Express
Scarf: Target
Jeans: Levi's Eco (wrote about it here)
Shoes: Louboutin

Just an easy look for the weekend; walk the dogs, go out to lunch, go shopping downtown. And yes, I do walk my dog while wearing my 4 inch Louboutins. Luckily I walk Savvy who is not as much of a puller as Macho. That little guy can pull!

The scarf was a random Target purchase last year. It was one of those walk by's on a rack and I thought it was cute, bought it and then forgot about it until I saw it laying on the floor of our closet this summer!

Here is how I wore it in the summer. Another dog walking day. I guess it's just the perfect scarf to walk the dogs in!
shirt: Banana Republic/ skirt: Aritzia/ Sandals: J. Crew/ Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dec 15, 2008

i gotta prada...

with all these sales going on I sure as heck was not going to miss out on any fabulous shoes. so... what did I walk away with? I know you want to know. :)

Did you notice my new header? Well, they are one of my newest acquisitions.

Pretty pretty Pradas

It's a bit hard to tell in the pictures but they are a black to grey ombre

They are my first pair of Pradas.

and I loooove them.

More to come...

sneak peek! can you tell what they are?

Dec 12, 2008

Beauty Essential: Clarisonic

I have never had great skin. I am always jealous of the girls that just have naturally beautiful skin and they don't do much more than wash and moisturize. I, however, have an army of skincare that I use to try and keep the zits away and the random bumps I get all over my face.

I've seen the Clarisonic for awhile now but the price tag has always kept me from trying it out. When I stumbled upon the Clarisonic His and Her gift set, it was such a good deal for two, that I decided I'd splurge for J and I. Plus the set came with a pink one and a grey one, how could I resist?

If you don't know what Clarisonic is, I'm sure you've heard of the Sonicare toothbrush right? J and I love our Sonicares, we've had them for a few years and my dentist even noticed how much cleaner my teeth are since using it. Well, Clarisonic is made by the people who created Sonicare and that's what basically sold me on it. If they can get my teeth extra clean, this has got to help my skin right? It's supposed to remove 6 times more makeup than manual washing which is something that I always worry about (makeup still on my face when I sleep).

It's been about 3 weeks since I started using it and I noticed a difference within the first week. It is awesome! My skin feels cleaner and smoother and I've gotten way less bumps on my face than usual. I have never been happier with my skin.

If you are in the same boat as I (you know approaching 30 and still have bad skin!) I totally recommend this. Mine came with a sensitive brush head which I think is the perfect amount of abrasiveness. It costs $195 for one and $350 for the his and her set but if you think about how much money I'm saving on not having to buy my pricey skincare and not going in for facials, it is actually a great deal.

I am just happy to be able to have good/okay skin for once. It is one of those things that can really get to you because it's always just been a continual battle of "should I buy this, will it work?" and having most products fail.

I bought my set at Nordstrom and from what I was told apparently got the last set as they sold out so quickly. You can however, still buy from the Clarisonic website or Sephora.

*Clarisonic did not pay me to write this, I just wanted to share my love for it. But hey if Clarisonic is reading this and you want to send stuff my way, feel free! ;)

Dec 10, 2008

a TAG for you and a TAG for me!

Snapshot fashion led me over to the TAG Heuer contest over at Lucky Style Spotter and I had to enter. Check out the awesome prizes if you win!

Enter to win a TAG Heuer watch on! Which of these looks best describes you – sporty stylist, uptown classic, downtown chic or funky fashionista? Show us and you could win one of four watches from TAG Heuer. There will be four winners (watches are worth $1,150 - $4,500)!

Also, to entice you to enter I am holding a giveaway for a $50 giftcard from Lucky AND something from myself (possibly a crocheted stuffie, wink wink) if at least 10 of you enter! In order to be eligible you have to send me the link to your entry and that's it! The contest will end once I have 10 entries so enter today!!

Oh and while you are over there vote for me and I will love you forever and ever :)

Don't forget to leave a comment with your entry or email to me at tiffany(at) iamstyle-ish(.)com

Dec 9, 2008

Lookbook: Plum

I told ya I'm a dress kind of girl. Even in this freezing cold, rainy weather, I still can not resist pulling out a girly dress and heels. Plum is my favorite color for the season. My nails are currently a dark plum and I am loving it!

What I'm wearing:
Blazer: LaROK
Dress: Quiksilver
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Jimmy Choo


Here are a couple of my recent fall purchases. I found this blazer on the sale rack at Nordstrom and it begged me to bring it home. It has these cute ruched sleeves. It only looks like I pulled the sleeves up but that's really just the design. I could not resist that or the piping. It's the perfect little preppy blazer.

I found the dress at Ian, one of my favorite Seattle boutiques. When I picked out the dress I didn't look at the tags, I just thought it was cute. Not until after I tried it on I saw that it was by Quiksilver! I was like "wha?" I thought Quiksilver was a surfing brand or something. I didn't expect a cute ruffly dress from them!

I checked out the Quiksilver website and am now eyeing a few more things.

This blouse, which would be perfect tucked into a slim skirt.

This sweater, paired with skinny jeans and knee high boots.

And this fun little dress

I wonder if this is a new thing for them or if they have always had stylish clothes for women and I just didn't know it? Either way, I love it and am glad to have discovered it! Go here to check out the rest of the collection.

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