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Color my shoes

9:00 AM

I had just posted about adding bright colors to my wardrobe and I'm now needing the same for my shoes. If you've taken a peek at my shoe collection, you will see that I have quite the collection of black shoes. I'm always saying "I need some bright shoes" whenever I look at my closet, but when it comes to buying them, I automatically just buy black. I've bought brightly colored shoes before only for them to just sit in my closet unworn. I have decided that I am going to invest in a pair and do a better job of incorporating them in my wardrobe.

I'm not adventurous enough to try ALL colors so I have limited it to pink or red. Here are some of the ones I found.

Pinks and Reds

The pink platform Louboutins on the top are the front runners at this point but I think I will continue looking. While I was on Polyvore, I put together a couple of outfits that I would wear with my brightly colored shoes. Now I really want to get a pair to put together some real outfits.

Little Red Shoes
Little Red Shoes by love_savvy

And one of my favorite celeb looks

I heart Lindsay Price ever since Lipstick Jungle. She is too darn cute.
The Phillip Lim dress is adorable and the red shoes are the perfect touch.
Just my kind of outfit.

So the hunt continues...
Will report back when I find them!

Lindsay Price photo via Fabsugar

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  1. pink is def. a fun way to punch up a neutral palette. i like the loubs on he top left.

    and i loved lindsay price on lipstick jungle. her wardrobe was so amazing. i'm sad they cancelled that show.

  2. The reds are my fave!!! Love all the outfits you put together :)

  3. I LOVE the very first shoes on that list. You would look great in them... I am a crazy shoe person myself. I always want a shoe to make my outfit pop. I have been working on the opposite. Make my clothes pop instead or also.

  4. those pink peep-toes are SOOO cute. i love that you're thinking of adding color to your footwear. i'm definitely the same way and usually just stick to neutrals. you've officially inspired me.

  5. You should def go for those pink Loubs...they're amazing. I love the outfits you put together, too. And isn't Lindsay Price just so gorgeous? Love her.

  6. They canceled Lipstick Jungle? What? Where have I been?

  7. Hi :)
    I love all your choices, but I really LOVE the first pair in the second row!

  8. Ha! I'm totally opposite...I always find myself needing more black shoes. I personally love the pink sling backs. :)

  9. love the idea! I have been wearing way too much black and grey lately and have been trying to think of how to change that. What better way than to indulge my shoe obession!

  10. Oh my I love the hot pink on the top left...you have to get those!!!

  11. can I tell you that Lindsay is even MORE GORGEOUS in person!!! Like unbelievably stunning!!!!! And the nicest person ever. Her family is to covet as well.

  12. I just recently got in Lipstick Jungle-- it is great. Love all of the shoes, as always. Can't wait to see your outfits on you :)

  13. jinx! I need pink heels too!! loving the ones you picked out. love that combo on lindsay too. unfortunately a friend grew up with her and says she a beotchy. f.

  14. I've hearted Lindsay Price since she was in the Toys R Us commercial when I was around 4 years old!

    (Altho after reading D's comment, maybe not so much now!)

  15. i like the first pair of pink cl peep toe too. i am currently looking for a pair of red. it's like a bee in my bonnet now.

  16. I love your blog and I really like the red ones, they are gorgeous.

  17. first off, i love your blog and am envious of your fabulous shoe collection.

    i love the christian louboutins that you've picked out. but i LOVE a red pump, especially since i wear a lot of neutral colors for work. it makes my work outfits more interesting. since red is a thing i've always tried with neutrals, maybe i'll try pink next time. thanks for the outfits...

  18. those are hot--perfect for valentine's day or to punch up any little black dress! the Louboutin Paquita's are one of my favorites. Yay for pinks and reds!

  19. Bright colored shoes will change your life! My brights totally make my day and make an outfit. Good luck!

    Those pink Louboutin's are phenomenal.

  20. I have the opposite problem! I need more basics such as black.

    The Red is my fave!

  21. I tend to buy black shoes all the time as well. But I love to rock my red stilettos with a cute black suit...feel 1,000 times more sexy and confident. Although those pink peep toes are very hot!

  22. Great resolution! I too always opt for my black peep-toes, but colored shoes are so great! I love love that 2nd polyvore outfit you made, those bright red pumps are so classic and wicked!

  23. im in love with this blog post sooo much!!

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