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Style-ish Designs: From us to you

9:00 AM

You don't really think that Thank You cards are that hard to write until you actually sit down and write them. Grammar and spelling seem to leave my mind when I've got a pen in my hand and you certainly can't give someone a thank you card with crossed out and misspelled words can you? I've written and rewritten so many cards, I am so happy that they are finally out.

My very talented husband designed the entire card suite and we had them printed by a printer that he frequently uses for his graphic design jobs. They turned out gorgeous and even more so in person.

The entire suite
Thank you card suite

I absolutely love the silhouette he created of us and used throughout the cards. The design is modern, classy and so us. J's designs never fail to impress me. I have never not loved something that he's designed. A few years back before we got so busy with our regular jobs we had a small design business where he designed wedding invitations and other wedding stationary. It was our first foray in the "wedding world" and made me even more excited to get married.

The front and the back
Card FrontCOVER

The Inside

We included a small note to our family and friends printed in the card and then we had a separate notecard (that's the white card you see in front on the above picture) to hand write our individual thank you's.

The note inside says:
After angry skies calmed
and gray skies cleared...
We were married,
standing beneath the bluest skies,
above sparkling water,
and surrounded by those we love.

Thank you for our families for
being there and to all
the warm wishes we've received
from those who weren't.

I created a photobook of the pictures that Kevin took for us and this is the cover that J designed for it using the same silhoutte.
Photobook cover

The back of the photobook. That was the date we took the pictures.
Photobook back

I wish I could show you all the actual book. It looks gorgeous with the cover and all the beautiful pictures that Kevin took inside. It is one of my favorite photobooks that I've created.

This is the photo where the silhoutte is from
408483050_shih (62 of 70)
photo by KVW photo

I am so lucky to have such talented people in my life.

And to all of you, since I can't send a card to each and every one of you, I wanted to give you this!


all photos by style.ish unless otherwise noted

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  1. These are absolutely amazing! I love how unique and personalized they are. I'm planning a surprise 30th party for my sister-in-law so look forward to hearing from me about invitations once we get details worked out!

  2. so cute and very personal!!!

  3. man, oh man, you and your hubby make a very, very talented team. These are incredible!

  4. how cute. i will definitely keep you guys in mind.... : )

  5. These are beyond fabulous! I can't wait to hear how your photography business goes--I am in the process of launching one too, so it will be great to get inspiration from you!

  6. I absolutely adore the uniqueness of these thank you notes! Have you blogged about your invitations yet? Did I miss that post? I'd love to see those. I wish I knew about your little venture sooner! My invites would have been a perfect project for you two. Good luck with everything!

  7. Those cards are lovely! I know that you two will have a successful business! I will keep you in mind! :)

  8. I am hooked to your blog! These are wonderful! I will definitely keep you in mind and recommend you to my friends as well. =)

  9. Wow. Those thank you notes, pictures, design, everything is amazing!
    I absolutely love the "TJ" logo. So creative.

    Congratulations, and good luck with all your future endeavors!!!!

  10. omg tiffany! you and jay are so talented. everything looks so friggin good! i'm so jealous of both of your skills!

    i love the TJ logo too!

    where did you go to get your book printed? was that done by one of your talented friends too? sooo lucky!

    congrats on your business! happy 2009!

  11. I really love this post.
    Everything is so breathtakingly amazing.
    Good luck with everything!

  12. those are SO fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I LOOOOOVEEE the cards. They're so great!

  14. How very exciting! :)

    Congrats and best of luck as you embark on this adventure...

  15. yes! show pictures of the book!! please?!

  16. Love the cards- they are so pretty!

    And a photography/design business- you are such an inspiration with how talented you are with so many different projects! Good luck to you two with this endeavor!

  17. Thank you all so much for your comments. It is so nice to hear that you guys like them. And so wonderful to be able to share this new venture with you all.

    JGeb - we look forward to working with you!

    Elizabeth - I'm excited for you as well and hope that we can share tips with each other!

    The Modern Type - we did not end up doing formal invites since it was immediate family only. However I did blog about our Save the Dates and the first set of Thank you cards we did.

    reese - the book was printed by Shutterfly. I will try to take pictures this weekend!

  18. this looks fabulous! congrats on everything and your foray into the design/photog book - cant wait too hear of all of your success! i wish i had something for you all to design!

  19. wow, J did an amazing job w/the cards. i really love your logo, too. you guys are such a creative team.

    and your handwriting is soooo similar to mine it's weird. haha

  20. I adore the thxnk you cards! You guys are very original :)

  21. F*ing awesome! If i send you a present, do I get a thank you card?

  22. I love these cards...so perfect!
    J is awesome.

    All the best on your new endeavors!

  23. Those are wonderful, best of luck on your new business!

  24. Where were you when I was pulling out my hair over my invitations?!?!? I had gotten to the point of just scribbling something on paper bag written in crayon. lol I know you and J would have made them super fabulous!!

    Best of luck Darling, with the business, I know it will be a success!

  25. such wonderful looking designs. that pic of you two by the water is gorgeous!

  26. absolutely gorgeous!! i love the designns. makes me want to get married haha!

  27. Ack! Tiffany! THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on starting your own photog/design business! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  28. oh i do love y'alls photos and designs!! fantastic job!

  29. LOVE them! You both are super talented. I wish you be out here in OC :-)

  30. Tiffany- Love the creativity!!!! My finance and I fell in love with this design/template a couple months back. We are now engaged and DEFINITELY want something similar created, would Jared be interested in designing ours? or perhaps may I know who the print company was? Appreciate your time and effort!



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