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inspired: love pink

5:00 AM

I hope everyone had fun and fantastic holidays and yay for 2010!

(photo by *Megumi*, found via paradoxicalove)

One of my most frequently asked questions is where I get my inspiration from. I get it from a lot of places like other fashion bloggers, magazines, celebs, but I also get a lot of inspiration from images just like the one above. I look at images like that and I think of how I could translate it in an outfit. I save a lot of pictures so I thought I'd start putting together posts for the images I love and how those translate into an actual outfit.

I love pink but I usually go for the more brighter, fuchsia type pinks so this image inspired me to go look for some soft pretty pinks. I think the best way to wear this color is through your accessories so here are some of my favorites...
Starting from top left clockwise
So what do you wear with these pretty pink accessories? Why a pretty silver dress and gorgeous lace pumps! I wouldn't want anyone end up looking like a walking Hello Kitty (if you do though I hope you rock this watch!) so this outfit will definitely play up the pink but it won't be the focus. For a tad bit more pink, I think this color would be a perfect color for your nails.
Christian Louboutin

Over the weekend I got a comment from Bella (don't even bother clicking on it, it's just a name that's basically anonymous) which I thought needed to be addressed. In my Happy New Year post and in my latest shoe post, I asked that if my images were going to be borrowed, to please credit me. I ask this because I thought up the "concept", which jewelry, which shoes, the styling, lighting, taking the pictures and then editing. All of this was my ideas and my work and when I post them on here, I don't mind if people want to use them, but to credit the photographer is just courteous. It appears that Bella has a problem with this and wants to know if I credit all the photos that I post on here. Well, Bella the answer is YES. If you had scrolled through any of my past posts, you will always find the photo credit on the bottom of each photo. Some photos, I don' t know who the photographer is so I credit the site that I found it, but I ALWAYS do my best in trying to find out the photographer to give them proper credit. This is a very touchy subject with photographers as some photographers don't even care if they are credited as they would like to have their permission asked of first. I do have a disclaimer at the bottom of my blog stating that if you would like to borrow images please ask first, however I thought I would make it easier if people did want to borrow them to just let them know that they can, please just credit me. It is unbelievable to me that I even have to defend myself in wanting credit for my own picture.

No matter if you are a professional photographer or not, EVERYONE deserves to be credited if their photo is borrowed and put on another website. It's not even photos, it's ideas, layouts, DIY's, etc... For me to ask to get credit for my photos is not me saying that my photos are awesome and that I deserve credit for being awesome. I just ask for credit because that is my work that I put a lot of heart and soul into it. I credit other photographers' pictures that I borrow because I respect the work that they have put into it and I want to make sure people know who took it. If anyone has a problem with their photo being on my site, I would respectfully take it down.

And everyone? Can we all just be kind and courteous to each other? I don't know how many times I've seen and had other bloggers tell me that they received these kind of condescending-accusatory-passive aggressive comments left on their blogs and ALL of them are from "anonyomous" types* that leave no email address nor a real blog. If you have a question for the blog owner instead of leaving an anonymous type comment, just email them to get the answer. If Bella had just written me an email asking about crediting photos I would've been happy to discuss with her how I do credit all of my photos and why I would like to have my photos credited. To leave a comment like that just shows your intent of maliciousness rather than really just wanting an answer. I don't like to call out these kinds of people because that's just the reaction they want but the topic that I addressed above is an important one to me and many other people.

Anyway, issue over. Now let's all move on... :) Thanks for listening to my rant.

*I turned off my anonymous comments over a year ago but there are still ways to leave anonymous comments like having an account but not actually having a blog or leaving an e-mail address so just because your "name" isn't anonymous, you still really are.

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  1. That's telling Bella. I Think it's great you addressed the issue. Simply put, it's common courtesy to credit any info/images....And I love the shoe shots with jewelry by the way...(I might have to steal that idea...with my camera phone!)

  2. I agree with you 100%. People deserve credit for the work they do, and it's not unreasonable to want others to at least credit the source of images. It's ridiculous to me that someone would have a problem with this.

  3. Passive-aggressive is right. I've always noticed that you make sure to credit!

  4. Agree agree agree...if you're not a nice person, stay away from the blogs!! We promote positive energy here and it's just the wrong place for it! To all the mean people- go get a freakin' therapist...get your anger out there!

  5. Really Good points here. I hope people listen!

  6. People work hard to produce an end result - photographs, designs, drawings, written work, etc. You're totally right in saying that they deserve to be credited!

    And blog comments are meant to be constructive criticism and not just mean attacks or remarks.

    Hope more people read this! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Happy New Year, Tiffany! I love to hear about where others get their inspiration from. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are always so reflective of your style and when you look at them you can just tell they're yours. People who want the credit for that must be envious of your creative eye. :) Keep up the great work.

  9. you absolutely have the right to be credited! image theft is absolutely crazy and a little scary...you are a professional photographer for goodness sakes!

    i love your pinky looks and i think i'm going to get those juicy earrings for a friend!

  10. I love that image! I went antiquing this weekend and saw a vase filled with antique ornaments in that same color scheme and just kept going back to it. Now that I've seen how you pulled it in as inspiration I'm kicking myself for not getting it!

  11. Love the shoes, as usual! I have to ask, are designer shoes comfortable? Obviously, I don't expect to be able to hike a mountain in them but are they comfortable enough for light walking and strolls? I've only heard about Cole Haans with the Nike Air technology being comfortable - I've heard mixed things about other designer shoes. Thoughts?

  12. emilyandjeff - once you go designer, you'll never go back. :) yes they are comfortable! if they weren't I wouldn't wear them every day, all day long! I go shopping in my designer shoes, I wear them to work all day and walk around downtown in them. I can't go back to "cheaper" shoes because my feet can literally feel the cheaper leather or even plastic that cheaper shoe designers use. Designer shoes are expensive for a reason and it's because they are made with nicer materials that are nicer to your feet. Of course some designers are more comfy than the others. If I were to rate them I would say generally Miu Miu = most comfortable, Jimmy Choo at a close second and Louboutin is probably the most uncomfortable (but hell his shoes are so cute that it excuses it for me!)

    I used to like the Cole Haans but not a big fan now. They aren't THAT comfortable, they are just okay.

    Hope that helps!

  13. Even as an amateur photographer, I'd prefer someone ask to use my photos or link to my site.

    That top image is SUPER pretty. I love your inspiration set, too.

  14. Well you ARE awesome and your photography is awesome and I think it's lame that you have to defend yourself at all, but of course you did it in such a classy way because that's how you roll...awesome.

    LOVE the pink and how you got inspiration from the first photo!

  15. You know what?! Fuck that! YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME. so yes you do deserve all the credit that is due to you.(and just to let you know im totally doing the head back and forth movement as i say that) mmmhmmm

    like you said it doesn't matter if you are a professional photographer or you took a photo with your iphone - you were the person with the vision and you were able to capture it so you it belongs to you.

    bottom line NO ONE likes when their things are taken with out their permission.

  16. oh yeah..thats a pretty sweet necklace in your Happy New Year photo....

  17. I love the ideas you came up with the first picture. So pretty.

    I think it's only right to give credit to who ever took the picture. What if the person clicking it wants to see more similar ect

  18. ahh pink and lace. the perfect feminine touches :)
    great post! happy new year to all!


  19. Wow, that's horrible that someone even had to take issue with that...!!

    I always link images back to where I found them, and simply link the picture itself.

    I've started to watermark my own pictures... Sad, because I think it partially detracts from the image, but I'd rather do that than have someone just steal it. (Though it can always be edited out, too, which sucks if anyone goes through all the trouble to steal it!! :/)

    PS -- I'm somewhat jealous of girls who can pull off pink, it just clashes with my hair too much. :/

  20. pink is my favorite color and i definitely agree about pairing it with more neutral black, grey, silver, etc! and i can't believe anyone has "issues" with crediting picture sources! you'd think it was common etiquette!

  21. I can't believe you have to defend yourself but very glad you put up this post! I just started a blog this new year and was actually looking a other bloggers on how they credit back the photos. Therefore, I'm really happy you brought up the subject!

    I'd be SUPER appreciative if you could email me how you do your credits? So far I just use the link and paste in the blog post (I'm so green I know). But I'd love to learn to do it the proper way so the "Creatives" don't get discounted.

    Also agree: Miu Mius are the most comfy and you cannot go back to "cheaper" shoes after a day in designer ones!

  22. oops... i forgot my email:

    vjen888 [at] aol [dot] com


  23. LOVE what u wrote. it's just rude and i wish people would understand that there is an actual person behind the blogs and being mean is hurtful, distasteful, and just plain ugly.

  24. Tiffany you are so graceful, well put.

  25. Hear-hear -- just a bit of credit where credit is due. Totally fair and it's a shame things need to be explained! I'm not sure what the standard for displaying credits are, but I usually provide a description and direct link to the item shown, as most of the non-original photographs displayed are from shops. So far, everyone who's had their work and products shown have been really appreciative and very friendly -- why can't it always be this community-oriented?



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