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Lookbook: Pink Polka Dots

9:00 AM

I love these suede boots but since the weather has been so terrible here I haven't been to wear them that much this season. It finally stopped raining one day so I was excited to pull them out to wear them for the first time this winter.

What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Jimmy Choo


The boots are four inch heels and they don't look as comfortable as they really are. My mom is always asking, "How can you walk in those?!" I can walk around and go shopping in these all day long and they don't hurt one bit. They were a tad on the pricey side (ok who am I kidding, they were more than I've ever spent on shoes before) but they have been worth every penny. The way they fit to my legs are just perfection and the suede is beautiful in person.

Almost every outfit I wear is made up of high end items with cheap pieces mixed in. The key for me to buying cheap things are fit and style. This top I'm wearing is flowy so the fit doesn't matter. I also know that in a year I will be sick of it and not wear it again so I can give it away and not regret paying a lot of money for it. I know that I have an excessive amount of clothes so I do a quarterly clean of my closet and if it did not get worn that season, I donate it. My friends are happy to take it off my hands as is Goodwill and then I have more space in my closet so everyone is a winner! I don't believe in holding onto clothes for a "just in case". Because when that "in case" comes along, I will most likely not even remember that I have it. Also, when you live in a small space like we do I don't really have a choice as to where to store it! I can say that all the stuff in my closet and shoes included are less than 2 years old. I rarely hang on to anything longer than that.


I straightened my hair so that it just had a hint of a wave to it and then I twisted a section of my hair from the front and clipped it back with a bobby pin. It was an easy and unfussy hairstyle which went with the outfit.

For those who requested a how-to for my hair from this lookbook, we don't have a video camera so I won't be able to a do a how-to video, but I've asked J to take pictures so you will get a photo tutorial. Also, I'm working on putting together a makeup/eyelash tutorial so stay tuned for that!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

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  1. You always piece together perfect outfits...love it!! The boots are HOT!

  2. Those boots are devine. I need you with me on my cheep shopping trips. I'm so not good at picking out cute inexpensive pieces.

  3. ooh!!! i need the makeup/eyelash tutorial!!! i'll be waiting for that one! :)

  4. Those boots are seriously amazing! I'm still working on that whole, if I don't wear it, toss it thing. It's so hard to give stuff up sometimes.

  5. Love it! An adorable outfit!

  6. happy new year!!! and yay for 4 inch boots!! my twelfth st. ones are 4 inches too.. but luckily they have a hidden platform :)

    and i'm total opposite with hanging on to things! but the past few years i've been slowly giving away a bag or two full of clothes away a year..

    so nothing older than 2 years eh?! do let me know when it's time to sell away some of your fabulous shoes! haha

  7. That outfit is really, really pretty!

  8. i love this look!!!
    that top is so pretty!

  9. Wow, I don't know how you manage to part with so much stuff so regularly! I still have items I wear from high school! One of the key criteria I had when looking for a place was a large bathroom counter for all my makeup, and a big closet. My bathroom is super tiny, but oh man does it have a great big counter :)

  10. Mizz J - If stuff sits in my closet too long without being worn than I just feels it's wasteful. I'd rather give stuff away while it's relatively in style so that others can enjoy it as well.

    And I had the same criteria with our place. I actually have a very large walk in closet as well as a very large bathroom with lots of counter space. But I keep my makeup on shelves that J installed to keep the counters clutter free!

  11. you look darling. happy chinese new year or as my korean friend tells me it's lunar new year! anyway, have a good one!


    I know what you mean, i generally don't hold onto anything 2 years older too.

    You look darling and those boots sure look like they were worth the pennys for them :)

    E xo

  13. Loves it!!!!! Very well put together. Very Hot!!

  14. my prayers have been answered! i can't wait to see the tutorial. btw, those boots were made for you...they fit you flawlessly.

  15. I'm sorry. I think you are a nice girl. But honestly, I don't think you are cute nor pretty. I think you've got some nice pieces in your wardrobe. But I don't think you are fashionable nor trendy. The polka dot top is tacky & it makes you look round & pregnant. Also, I think your makeup looks too cakey & your eyelashes look way too fake. Some people can make fake lashes look so natural but your's are just too fake looking.... Anyways, I'm sorry for sounding too direct. I do like some of your shoes & your little stitch animals are really cute. And yes ~ your pictures are really nice too. Your wedding pics. are really nice too. But I think the dress isn't made for your figure. It made your torso really long and thick.

  16. cute top!

    i can only wear my heels for a few hours.. shopping must be done in flats!

  17. thanks all!

    Eelie - thanks for visiting!

    Emily - I hope I can do the tutorial right! Ack! I seem to just play around with my hair until it looks right so we will see how good I am with giving directions! :)

    LRB - for some shoes, I bring flats with me in my purse to change into. Now that I'm getting older, I can't walk in heels as much as I used to!

  18. Hey Anonymous (no name... what a surprise!) - saying 'sorry' and mixing insults with half-hearted compliments does not make your comment any less insulting. No one is forcing you to read this blog so here's an idea: if you don't like it, leave.

  19. Anonymous - what if I am pregnant?

  20. cute outfit. i'm going to have to agree with your mum and wonder how those shoes could be comfy . . .

  21. This is such a great look!

    check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/

  22. Love your outfit.

    Ps where's the gold ;)

  23. first of all, i think that top is gorg and i can't believe it's from f21. the color looks great on you.

    secondly, i was about to say something about anonymous's comment and then i see your reply and i think OMG. so...are you???



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