Rain, Rain, Go Away

10:00 AM

It's raining again. But I do live in Seattle, so what do I expect right?

One of my favorite Sartorialist shots are these fashionable people sporting their umbrellas and looking quite gorgeous. Living in Seattle, our "rain couture" isn't quite up to these standards. ;) I just love how stylish all these people look in the terrible weather.

It inspires me to pull out some clothes that I typically wouldn't wear in the rain and to just wear it! All you need is an umbrella right?

For some tips on how to stay stylish and warm in the winter, come visit my guest post over at the Wishpot fashion blog! They have so kindly asked me to be one of their fashion experts so to see what is on my wishlist, check me out here!

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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, the woman in the red shoes has a blog. I know those shoes anywhere!

  2. I too shy away from cute/nice clothes when it rains; but I will think again next time.

  3. Ugh, the snow is even worse!

    I'm stuck wearing ugly (but warm and oh-so-comfy) boots for, like, 3 months straight here in Cleveland.)

    I just want to avoid the salt stains! Oy.

  4. I guess being from California, I tend to wear clothing as if I'm going into a blizzard when it rains! These are really cute outfits, just wish I was brave enough to wear them in the rain! Have a good weekend =)

  5. Ahem. It's warm enough to be raining there? You have no means to complain by! :) Ha.

    I love this style, I love that style can range from your shoes to your clothing to your umbrella!

  6. Wow these girls have balls! Well not literally... but, I would never wear that in the rain! I always suspect it'll rain for 40 days and 40 nights so I dress for floods! Wellies... a must.
    I guess I'm too selfish about my shoes... I would be afraid of water damage. Especially some of the cute shoes they're wearing!

  7. it doesn't rain often here in so. cal but i do like rain.

  8. The first girl (with the blue dress) is my fave :D wow she looks so cool!
    P.S.: New post on The Stiletto Effect

  9. i have a weakness for umbrella's for some reason and it never really rains here. they're just such a cute accessory!


  10. i love the idea of looking all fierce and then carrying an umbrella but i get too cold for that haha

  11. I agree. These girls (and guy) all look awesome. I'm lucky if I even remember to bring my umbrella when it rains. Funny enough though, I am always in a dress when it rains, only because I hate wearing pants and getting the bottoms wet. Way easier to throw on tights and Wellies!

  12. Aww I love Seattle! That's where H proposed. I would love to move to Washington one day.


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