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Take a Peek: Makeup Kit

9:00 AM

I always think it's fun to peek into my friends makeup kits so I thought I'd share some of mine with you!

If there is one thing about me, I absolutely love makeup. I have since I was I was about 6 years old and discovered my mom's hot pink lipstick! I think a lot of you can understand how easy it is to collect makeup as all the pretty colors and cute packaging is so hard to resist! I used to be obsessed with lip gloss and am now addicted to eyeshadow. Here is part of my shadow collection that I keep in one of my drawers in our bathroom. The rest of my makeup collection is kept in train cases or on shelves in our bathroom.

Above are Stila kits, Smashbox and Bare Minerals single eye shadows

As you can tell, I'm a fan of neutrals. I do have some bright colors but these are the ones I wear most often.

My makeup brushes
The ones on the left are my "face" brushes and the ones on the right are my "eye" brushes.

Aren't the brush holders gorgeous? J brought them home from work because they were extra samples that the firm had gotten (perk of working for an interior design firm!) And when I spotted them, I immediately claimed them for to be my brush holders.

I love all my brushes. It is amazing how many different kind of brushes there are and how each one creates a different look.
It's a mixture of Stila, MAC and Bare Escentuals brushes

And a DIY that J came up with!

I was running out of room and I hate having loose makeup in my drawers so J found a genius idea to take one of our ordinary candle holders to turn into my makeup holder.

We had these Method candles from Target, that we buy pretty often. They smell so good and are nice looking yet don't cost nearly as much as designer candles. We had so many but once it burned down it seemed like such a waste to throw away the container.

J's DIY instructions to create candle holders into instant anything holders:
  • When there is no more candle to burn, there will be about an inch or less of candle wax left in the container
  • Boil about an inch or so of water in a pot
  • Put the candle holder in the boiling water to melt the wax
  • Once melted, pick up the candle holder using oven mitts (make sure to do this, it will be hot!)
  • Pour the melted wax out into the trash
  • Wash the container clean
  • Peel the sticker off
  • Voila! Pretty cup to hold your things! We use them to hold pens and pencils, loose change and other odds and ends as well.
I put my shadow sticks and highlighters in one and look how perfectly it fits!

Having all these containers really help me with my makeup routine as I'm not rummaging around my drawers trying to find that one color or whatever I'm looking for. I do have a thing for organizing and I am happiest when everything has their own place.

Hope you liked the peek! Do you wanna see the rest of it? :)

all pictures by style-ish

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  1. first of all...YES i want to see the rest. i thought the first images were taken at a department store they're so amazing. i need to take notes on your organization!

  2. great ideas...and yes please continue :)

  3. I'm curious as to why some eye shadows are upside down? I love the organization I see going on here. I hope to have a place where I can do the same one day!

  4. i love this! what a great idea with the candle holders--i have so many of these now i know what to do with them!

  5. Of course we do! I love this! I have a hard time knowing how to apply eye shadow is the different brushes...any suggestions?

    Also what I have done is freeze the candle and once it gets cold it pops out easy.

  6. PS with a little help from a butter knife on the edges but I haven't heard of your idea; I will definately have to try it.

  7. Love it! More please!
    Great idea reusing those candle holders!

  8. Thanks for sharing that , it's an awesome idea, cause I sometimes I have too many brushes crammed into one of my round basket. Yes I would love to see more.

  9. OMG I love this is all organized!!!! And GENIUS idea about the candle holders!

  10. rest of it? There's more... omg. you must have a room of make up! I'm so jealous!


  11. You sound like me... victim of the makeup collection curse. I don't even WEAR makeup much anymore (when you work in a lab 16 hours a day with a bunch of scientists who live in jeans and sneakers, makeup doesn't matter... I scare them enough my wearing heels, and half the time I'm too tired in the morning, so the makeup went!). But despite that, I still cannot help but buy buy buy every time a new color or palette catches my eye! My makeup has totally taken over the entire bathroom, and most of it has never been used!

  12. Jenna - the tops of those eye shadows just have black caps so you can't tell what colors they are. I would have to flip each one over every time I was looking for something so now I just store them upside down.

    Rachel - such a better idea to freeze it! that way you don't have to risk burning yourself. Will try that next time. thanks!

    EthidiumBromide - I have fallen into the curse but I don't think of it as a curse. I actually use all of my makeup. I've stopped buying as much now and I throw away things as they age so my collection isn't too bad since it's all organized.

  13. Wow, what a great collection. I love how you have it organized, and I'd be very interested in seeing the rest!

  14. MY LORD you have a lot of make up.


    I also reuse my Method candles, too! They are so pretty, how could you not?!

  15. makeup extraordinaire!! i need tips on how to keep my eyelashes curled!

    haha and great idea with the method candles.. i have a few i could transform into holders

  16. I wish i know how make my face up. I am sure if I tried I will look like a circus clown.....LOL

  17. lol...i totally use old candle holders for anything at all! The q-tip holder on my bathroom counter used to be a candle with a lid!!!

    Great minds think alike :)

  18. I love how organized you are! I am constantly moving back and forth weekly from school and home and I'd just love to be able to keep all my stuff in ONE PLACE! And keep it organized like yours.

    I also fail at buying makeup.. it is very low on my wants list, but I wish it were higher. I need to learn more about makeup so it's easier for me to buy it.

  19. Adore your makeup...I have a lot of makeup, love it, but still don't wear it everyday...I would love to see the rest. I love looking at your cute makeup as much as I love seeing your outfits!

  20. love the way you've displayed your brushes....may i borrow your idea? :)

  21. Wow. That is a lot of very pretty makeup!!!

    Great use of the candle containers!

  22. Show the rest! Do you have some top favorite items?

  23. oh dear your makeup collection is sooo impressive! :)

    La C.

  24. amazing! more please!
    also, do you have any suggestions for putting on eye makeup for asians? i like the way you do yours. :)

  25. you are soooo organized with your make-up... i need to rethink my method.

  26. It's all so pretty! I hate to admit it, but all of mine is thrown into a small carrying bag, so I can just take it all when I travel. This makes for some messy BE mineral spillage. I love your system!

  27. what a neat idea! I'm going to have utilize that! I, too, love organizing. So much so... that it's almost an obsession. LOL.

  28. I love makeup... but cannot wear it. I look ridiculous every time I try - it most likely has something to do with the fact that I have NO idea how to apply it all. I guess I missed out on the group lesson while I was spending my youth rebuilding muscle cars with my dad. (Which I dont regret, really.. I just wish I knew about these "girl" things too.)

  29. i'm a fan of smashbox eyeshadows, too. i do the same thing w/empty candle holders. i also use them as little flower vases, too.

  30. wow, that is some fun stuff! makes me wish i knew more about makeup!i'm just getting into it! love your blog!

  31. Stopping by from ...love Maegan and it is always a blast to look into another glamour girl's makeup drawer. I love the organic shaped candle/makeup holder! So fun, I am off to Target tomorrow. Any favorite scents?

  32. I also like makeup, I use mostly Chanel products for face and body (but I also love Dior, YSL, etc) as you can see on my blog!
    I loved your post, you have great makeup! Like you I also prefer neutrals, but sometimes a great red lipstick, can do miracles to an outfit!

  33. Wow so organized, although I barely noticed b/c I was busy mentally shopping your makeup collection hehe! I'd love to get one of those professional metal cases with the sliding drawers... *drools*.

  34. wow! very organized! my problem is i don't like clutter on the counter so i keep my brushes in the drawers as well. but, i'll try using decorative containers like the candle holder and maybe that will do the trick. Thanks!!!! Oh and Kung hei fat choi!

  35. Kay - of course you can borrow my idea :)

    Lindsay - thanks! and am working on tutorial for eye makeup. hope it will be helpful!

    x dee - I am obsessed with organizing as well. I can spend hours organizing!

    Anonymous - the "group lesson" thought makes me laugh! but it took me a bit to learn how to properly apply makeup. It helps to have friends that are more obsessed with makeup than I!

    Kelli - thanks for stopping by! I love any of the lighter scents. Sweet Water (I think that's what it's called) is my fav!

  36. That's such a great idea to use the empty candle containers!

    Will you organize for me? I'm such a mess!

  37. Love all your make-up! And my husband thought I had a lot! More please. :)

  38. i'm also a huge sucker for make-up and looks like we favor similar brands. I love Stila and Mac and B.E. Have you ever tried Tarte and Too Faced? Love the organization and that you have more than one drawer and train case. I'm in need of a 2nd train case now. :)

  39. Hi! Just discovered your blog last night and I LOVE it! I was wondering if you know where I can get some makeup brush holders like the ones you photographed above. I have been searching for something similar to NO AVAIL! Thanks so much! Great post! I'm a makeup glamour girl myself! :-)



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