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Wedding Day: The Ceremony

9:00 AM

After family pictures, we started getting ready for the ceremony. I went to the room that they had set aside for us so I could take a breather. I was a bit exhausted from the "day after" shoot and from standing in the hot and humid weather in my huge dress. During this time, there was so much going on that I had no clue about. J and I had chosen songs for the walk down the aisle but I guess there was some technical issues with that so J and his family were running around trying to figure it out and make it work.

The ceremony set up
The beauty of such a small wedding was the simplicity of the set up and how you could really concentrate on the beauty of the whole property and the ceremony without being distracted by anything else.

While the staff was setting up and the music was being fixed. My dad came in to join me and then I relaxed for the first time that day and told my dad that I was ready to get married!

With my song cued and ready to go

My daddy held me tight and we walked down the aisle

And there he was. There we were. In the moment, the moment we had talked about, the moment we had both thought of and dreamed of since the day we met. But this moment was even better, it was a spectacular, sunny, sparkly, blue water, dream come true kind of moment. It was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

There was a kiss

and then a very jubilant "we did it!"

The song that we both love played

No Ones Gonna Love You (Album) - Band Of Horses

while our families clapped.
The joy was felt by all.

Gorgeous images brought to you by Punam Bean

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song by Band of Horses. I can only imagine how beautiful your ceremony was :-).

  2. What an amazing spot!! And I love the 'we did it' cheer. So funny, we did that too and it wasn't even planned. It's just such a hooray moment you can't help it, right? Too cute.

  3. Aww what gorgeous photos, you both look so happy and radiant! Thanks for sharing these, it makes me want to get married now lol. Btw, I tagged you!

  4. Thanks for turning me on to The Way I Am; love that song; I know now why that song was sooo perfect for you to walk down the aisle to!

    The shots are gorgeous...beautiful memories to cherish and talk about every year at your anniversary.

  5. Wow, how beautiful! Your day looked like it was filled with beauty!

  6. oh my goodness, I absolutely ADORE the song you walked down the aisle to! It's definitely going on the ipod :-) Fabulous pictures, they really captured the happy occasion perfectly. Congrats!!

  7. Ohhhh my God! I don't have words to describe such a beautiful wedding :)
    I hope you too "live happy ever after!"

  8. Everything looked beautiful and what a gorgeous setting!

  9. tam pham - thank you my dear! We saw Band of Horses in concert last year and it is so much more amazing to hear it live.

    Kasia - totally unplanned for us too!

    MizzJ - haha, glad I inspired you to want to get married :)

    Rachel - it is a great song isn't it? It was the perfect song for that day.

    vsm - thank you! we were just lucky to have so many elements of our wedding turn out perfectly that day.

    Thumpertoo - it's on my ipod and I love hearing it when it comes on (I usually keep my ipod on shuffle). it reminds me of that moment.

    Stiletto Effect - thank you darling!

    Heidz - thank you so much!

  10. I love ingrid michaelson! Perfect song. :)

    Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding.

  11. beautiful beautiful wedding. brought tears to my eyes. hehe.

  12. you have the perfect wedding. my girlfriend did the same thing in bali. she only had immediate family attend and held a cocktail party after for friends and family. my sister had a 600 guest wedding and i vowed not to repeat the same mistake. btw, janie and jack is my favorite store until my niece grew out of it.

  13. I'm glad that in the end, everything turned out so beautiful!

  14. omg soooooo beautiful :) it looks like a dream!

    thank you for leaving such a sweet comment! i'm ridiculously flattered!!

    La C.

  15. It turned out lovely, congratulations again!

  16. I just added the Band of Horses songs to my shopping cart. Beautiful song, beautiful pictures, it all turned out so lovely.

  17. Oh how incredible sweet! It looks like such a beautiful moment and I am sure will be dear memories for you. Not to mention gorgeous photos!

  18. that's one of my fave songs!!!

    may have to steal it from you.

  19. where did you get married? the location is gorgeous.. and so is your dress by the way =)

  20. Congratulations! You two look very happy! I wish you all the best!



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