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Wedding Day: The Damage

9:00 AM

After we had exhausted all the fabulous spots to take pictures, we arrived at Tensing Pen, a little sweaty, a little tired but very very happy.

I think this was Sugar that greeted us upon arrival
photo by Punam Bean

The staff at Tensing Pen did such a wonderful job cleaning up the damage, you don't see any of it in our wedding photos, but J walked around and snapped some pictures of the damage, for memories sake.

The beautiful pool had turned a mucky brown

And then was drained

The roof had been slightly damaged
on the cottage we had been staying in

But the real damage was what was inside
The waves had blown out windows, so there were shards of glass everywhere.

And the beautiful but destroyed hammock hut.

The SeaSong hut where the reception was to take place
was still a little bit watered down.
But compared to what it looked like before,
this was amazing.

After seeing the damage, we realized even more how lucky we were to still have our wedding there, and on such a beautiful day.

Pictures by Style-ish unless otherwise noted.

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  1. i have loved reading these recaps. ;-) your joyful faces in the first shot demonstrate are so telling. nothing can stop your love!! (p.s. the dress is SO gorgeous!)

  2. everything that happened to you guys must be a metaphor..like your love can withstand anything.

  3. You look so very happy in spite of it all-- that's wonderful! :)

  4. The last picture of where the reception was to take place; the view of the water is breathtaking!

  5. u look like a princess.
    ur dress is soooo beautiful!

  6. it's my dream to have a destination wedding too... so glad everything turn out well for you.

  7. Am enjoying browsing your wedding pics even if it is months after you posted them!

    Too bad about all that storm damage...
    You make a lovely bride!!

  8. Beautiful bride... you and your hubby make such an adorable couple!



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