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Wedding Day: The "Day After" shoot

9:00 AM

We had booked our photographer for both the wedding day and a day after shoot because I knew that I wanted to get some beautiful shots in Jamaica outside of the resort with just me and J. I had originally wanted to take a few hours the day after the wedding to walk around and find some cool places to take pictures and just have a fun, relaxed photoshoot with my husband. The hurricane of course, killed that idea since the "day after" became the "day of". Poor Punam did not even get to finish her breakfast as I called her so early in the morning (I had done a poor job of planning that day because of the emotional state I was in the prior day and not even knowing how the weather would turn out) asking her to come early so we could start taking pictures.

At this point, we were still unsure of the state of Tensing Pen and if the wedding was actually going to happen.

My sister and my dad worried along with me.
until I got a call from Sonia (the wedding coordinator at Tensing Pen) telling me that we were good to go and they were prepping the place for us. yay!

So J and I, along with Punam, Andrew and my brother (who videotaped the whole thing) piled into a taxi to find places for our shoot.

A funny story with this is that, in Jamaica, taxis are not really marked, it usually looks like just a regular car. And they all run on "Jamaican time" meaning if you order a taxi at 9am, it might not show up until 9:30am. So the taxi that we had ordered still wasn't there and this man that had been talking to the staff at the resort we currently were at asked us where we were going and we told him, he said "okay, come on, I'll take you." We assumed he was a taxi guy since he had been talking to the staff. It was not until later that we learned that this kind man had just been a friend of the staff and his brother had just gotten married so when he saw us, he wanted to offer us a ride just because. I told him that we would be stopping in between to take pictures and he just said sure and went along with it.

Along the way to Tensing Pen there were all these cool buildings, landmarks and even destroyed/abandoned buildings that we stopped by and got some wonderful pictures.

I have to mention that we were walking around in extreme heat, I mean everyone was sweating. I don't ever sweat and even I was sweating. J said it was the first time he had seen me sweat. Punam would be like "wait! I can't see anything because sweat is dripping into my eye!" It was kind of miserable at the time but funny to think about it now.

Also, a lot of the places we were taking pictures were full of obstacles and dirt/rocks/stairs/bushes and I managed to do all of that in my very heavy gown and 4 inch stilettos. J told me later on that very few women could do that and he was quite proud of me. :)

pictures from the fabulous Punam Bean

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  1. These pictures are beautiful.

    Us girls and our stilettos; we can do it all can't we! I don't own a pair of flats except for my adidas shell toes and my ed hardy sneakers LOL

  2. AWESOME pictures... really really really awesome!

  3. Wow! The pictures turned out quite beautiful. Even thoguh it wasn't the perfect day, it turned out well and it is a story that will survive generations!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. All of your pictures are beautiful! I loooove love love the ring he got you. He's a keeper. I really want a colourful ring as my wedding present because every time I see one I love them. haha.. how to tell him that I need just one more ring??

  6. Your photographer was amazing, these photos are so beautiful!

  7. I absolutely love that picture of the two of you standing at the door looking outside. Cuteness!

  8. that close-up shot of your face is absolutely stunning along with the rest of them!

  9. Absolutely stunning...I especially love that close up shot!

  10. so, so, so GORGEOUS! :) i love the last photo; the juxtaposition of something so perfect with a bit of construction. impeccable!

    La C.

  11. I love your wedding pics....they're absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Thanks for sharing your whole wedding adventure. You guys look lovely together!

  13. What exquisite photos, darling! You look divine and happy!


  14. What amazing shots. I give you so much credit for getting through this day-- I would be so incredibly stressed out, and unable to function.



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