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Wedding Day: T+J

9:00 AM

We made sure to take some time before and after the ceremony to take pictures around Tensing Pen. The sparkling water and the blue sky made for the perfect backdrop.

Here are a sprinkling of my favorites:


Photos by who? Punam Bean, of course!

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  1. that last photo is so amazing - it belongs in a magazine or something! & thank you for leaving the sweetest comment ever :) it made my day!

    La C.

  2. I agree, the last photo is stunning. And that first picture of you guys on the bridge....breath-taking and scary! I would have been afraid of tripping!

  3. What incredible pictures. Takes my breath away! I gave you an award by the way :)

  4. The first picture on that walkway or bridge over the water; omg it is amazing...love it!!

  5. Oh my!! How lovely. The pictures are simply amazing... You guys look really good and in love and punam did an excellent job capturing all of that!!

  6. the first 2 pictures are amazing!! how on earth did you get that angle?

    this was my first time stumbling across your blog and i'm totally digging it. adding you if you don't mind. =)

  7. The amazing blue sky must have been even sweeter after everything you went through with the weather. Congrats, these pics are stunning!

  8. these water views are breath taking.
    btw, i don't really have any problem keep the scarf/sash around my waist. I would tie a really secure double knot on the back and pin a safty pin in the front but hiding it under the folds to secure the scarf belt/sash in place.

  9. same - i can't sleep with a lot of clothes on no matter how cold it is outside!

  10. same - i can't sleep with a lot of clothes on no matter how cold it is outside!

  11. These pictures are SUCH an inspiration to me! I can't even imagine the level of creativity and care required to get these shots. Amazing!

  12. Tiffany, These are magical! You are beautiful and Punam did such an incredible job!

  13. oh my gosh these are stunning! the colours, the emotions, you guys are gorgeous!

    these should definitely be in a magazine.

  14. these photos are just amazing.

  15. The first picture is AMAZING!!!

  16. omg, your wedding photos are amazing, I am going to post one on my blog, hope its ok!



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