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Girl's Night Out

9:00 AM

I recently got a question from a reader about how I manage my time between hanging out with my husband but also with my girlfriends. As you can see from my blog, everything I write about does involve me and J, but I do see my girlfriends quite often. I think that it's important to have the balance in the relationship because although I do spend the majority of time with him and prefer it that way, it's important to me to see my girls often and have that girl time.

I try to see all of my girlfriends either individually or as a group at least once a month and on top of that we are always texting or emailing each other so I never feel like I go too long without knowing what's happening in their lives. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I don't still love listening to my single friends' dating horror stories or the rare occasion that they do meet a man that is worth their time. It is also fun to have girlfriends who now have babies as my thoughts on babies are still years away but it's nice to have a little bit of that in my life as well.

I recently went out with my friend Crystal to Boka and had a great time. We drank fun girly drinks, ate some fab food and came up with a project that you will (hopefully) be seeing on this blog soon!

And since I don't go anywhere without my camera I made sure to document everything we consumed that night.

Our girly cocktail for the night were White Peach Cosmos.

The appetizers were delicious and flavorful.

Crystal was a good sport about letting me take pictures before she took a bite out of everything.

And you can't have a girls night out without desserts can you?
Dark chocolate creme brulee and powdered donuts!

Me and my dinner companion

We met a few years ago at my very first job out of college and even though we've both moved on to bigger and better things we still see each other often and always have the best time together. Our favorite topic? Makeup! She's the one that helped me pick out my first pair of false lashes.

So yes, I do still see my girls a lot the only difference now than a few years ago is that I get home at 11pm rather than 2am! That makes for a happy husband. :)

all pictures by style-ish

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  1. I agree completely with you--it can be tricky to juggle a relationship and your gal pals. In between our get-togethers, there are definitely a lot of texts and emails! I love your pictures :-)

    Tagged you, by the way!!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I wanted to let you know that I added you to my fav blogs on my blog...hope that is okay:) Have a great day!!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmm those drinks look so yummy. i'm thirsty.

  4. Girl time is so important...Love it!

    The food looks delicious!!

  5. question for you - i know you bring your camera everywhere so i'm wondering...what camera bag do you use? i'm having a hard time finding a styleish bag for my dslr and figure if anyone knows of one - it'd be you!

  6. Everything looks so delicious!

    I've found that it is harder to keep in touch with my friends now that we're out of college, but we do pretty well about scheduling visits and chatting during the day.

  7. it's been a while since we had a girls night out... priorities changed... it's different when they start having kids, and those who don't are too far... i miss my girlfriends =(

  8. That seems like so much fun :) Good for you, that you have such a full life!

  9. Yummm Boka! I have fond memories of that place, since we stayed at Hotel 1000 and ate there lots of times during our honeymoon.

    Do you feel self conscious whipping out your camera during meals? What do your friends think? What do the servers and nearby tables say?

    I'm just curious what the experiences of others have been.

  10. i can't get over how delish those desserts look!

  11. ooooh yay for girls nights!!!

  12. Jenna - you know, I haven't really gotten much of a reaction when I whip my camera out. My friends know that I love to take pictures so they are cool with it (except when they want to bite into their food and I say "STOP! picture!" :))

    the servers always just smile at me and I don't think I've ever noticed nearby tables reacting. If anything I get people that want me to take pictures of them. haha!



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