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Lookbook: Shiny Disco Shoes

9:00 AM

I never knew how to wear blouses until about last year when I found the perfect white one and then became addicted to finding even more. They are such an easy thing to wear to the office and look presentable but also easy to dress down with jeans and fun jewelry too.

I found this blouse at Marqsmen on super super discount during their New Year's sale. It was ridiculously marked down. I looked at the receipt and it said something like "discount $150" haha, gotta love it.

What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Trovata
Jeans: Levi's Eco
Shoes: Report Signature

The only thing that bugs me is how long the sleeves are. It looks like I'm missing a hand! I usually roll up my sleeves as I have short arms for most clothes anyway but there are these pretty white buttons on the sleeves so didn't want to cover them.

Aren't these shoes so fantastic? Whenever I need to feel sassy I put on my gold sequin shoes. I get tons of strangers stop me and tell me how awesome my shoes are whenever I wear these.


I also bought the same pair with black sequins but the gold ones come out to play way more often.


The hair just wasn't working for me that day so ended up putting it into a side ponytail and calling it good. It's pretty messy but oh well! You can't have a good hair day every day.

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  1. Those shoes are so glam! And your hair looks really cute like that!

  2. I have disco shoes too....just not as fun. :) I love them!

  3. those shoes are super fabulous!!!

  4. I'm liking the hair! The side pony with the curls looks so great!

  5. love the shoes AND the side pony!!!!!!

  6. As your blog title says, you are SO stylish. Major inspo. LOVE!!

  7. omg these are soooo cute! i absolutely love them and would get them in every color :) they look amazing on u!

  8. what a stylish look. love those sequin shoes.

  9. Actually, your hair is the first thing I noticed. It looks fantastic!

  10. Aww such a lovely shoes!!!!! Love it!!!

  11. the shoes are gorgeous!!!
    i would do a dance in them if i were u! haha

  12. I think that you look fantastic! Those shoes are so glam!

  13. Fabulous!

    It absolutely makes my day when strangers compliment anything I am wearing... I love having that One item that always gets the comments!

  14. your shoes are sooooo cute! it goes perfectly w/the eggplant blouse.

  15. oooh cute shoes!! and love your hair pulled to the side

  16. hi there! i need a favor.. i posted some bridesmaids dresses on my site..i know you're a wedding pro:) so i hope i can have your opinion on which one do you fancy the most. Many thanks!:)

  17. absolute perfection.
    i love gold so these are...awesome. i think it's one of my favourite pairs-of yours :)

  18. i really like your outfit! the blouse and shoes are great! i love when pieces have special details like those white buttons on your blouse.



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