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NYC Recap

9:00 AM

My trip to NYC was fun but exhausting. We were go-go-go the whole time and I barely got any sleep. It's no wonder when I got home I caught the terrible flu that had been going around.

Our days were full of...

Yummy food

Lunch at Jojo on the Upper East Side, a beautiful restaurant built inside a home with lovely chandeliers all over the place.

Seriously yummy food. Especially that crab cake. It was to die for.
IMG_1204Crab CakeTartareIMG_1214IMG_1216IMG_1218
(that's my sister's sparkly iPhone in the background!)

Wedding Dress Shopping

As I mentioned before, we hit up quite a few places. We did two a day which was seriously all we could take. Pronovias was a lovely store where they actually allowed pictures!

A sampling of the beautiful dresses my sister tried on...
They were all of the ruffly variety which is totally not what she ended up with!


And when we were full up of wedding dresses, we did what we do best... shop, shop and shop some more!

More Yummy Food

Dinner was always at another spectacular place, it's a miracle I didn't gain any weight on this trip! If you've never been to Peter Luger Steakhouse, you should go (if you like steak) it's quite the experience!
I will spare you the pictures of all the meat we ate...


And then back home to spend time chit chatting with my mom, my sister and her fiance until it was time for bed. And of course, to play with my sister's adorable pup, Louis!

And then we woke up and did it all over again each day until my mom and I had to get on the airplane back to Seattle.

But the good news is that we accomplished our mission of finding my sister her wedding dress. Where else but at our last stop, Kleinfeld!

They were filming "Say yes to the dress" that day but we didn't get on TV. (it was CRAZY that day, so many brides).

All in all, a fantastic trip and good girl time with my mom and my sister. I heart NY!

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  1. I looks/sounds like you guys had an amazing trip! It will be fun to see pics of your sister's dress!

  2. that's amazing that your sister was able to find a dress so quickly--sounds like a successful trip! I love your pictures, especially of the ruffles and food (two of my favorite things. ever.)

  3. This is a fabulous post! I heart NY :)
    Your photos are amazing!

  4. What a fun trip! I can't wait to hear more details about the dress....grin.

  5. I heart NY too; sounds like a great time; so glad your sister found her dress!

    Did you buy anything to treat yourself?

  6. that dress your sister has on is stunning. i love the details and the ruffles airn't overpowering. love to see what she did end up with :)

    the food ... omg, your images totally made me want to jump into the kitchen and whip up some crabcakes! YUM!

  7. awesome photos. i am loving the wedding dress and shoe details. makes me want to go to ny!

  8. can we get a closer look at your sis's ring?? it looks amazing, from what i can see.

  9. My, Oh my! what a lovely trip you girls had.
    And that dress is just beautiful!!! Its like I wanna touch it and the pic of your sister makes me want to try it on too... Its so pretty!!!

  10. Your photos are fabulous as always. Like the top half of the ruffle dress your sister tried on. Dress shopping with your mum and you sis, sounds like A LOT of fun. And I agree with Nina, that does look like a rather spectacular bobby dazzler she's wearing!

  11. So glad you enjoyed your time here in NY! Did you manage to fit in some Broadway shows into your busy schedule?

    Btw, I also bought my dress from Kleinfeld's. But I can't say I enjoyed my experience there. I feel that the service my consultant gave me was rather poor. I suspect it's because I look really young (like a decade younger) and she didn't take me seriously as a customer. However, it was one of the only salons in the East Coast that carried the dress I wanted so I caved and gave them my business. My seamstress, on the other hand, was a doll and did a fabulous job with the alterations!

    PS. If you ship the dress to NJ, you save on NYC taxes! Which could mean saving hundreds of dollars. I shipped it to my parent's house, picked it up, and brought it in for the alterations. Totally worth the hundreds saved.

  12. lovely pictures and the food looked really yummy. Was that sea bass beside the salmon? yum-o!

  13. Glad you are feeling better too!

    Looks like this was such a fun trip- I cant wait for the day I get to go try on wedding dresses, I'm very much looking forward to it...I just need the ring, minor detail I know. And speaking of rings your sisters ring looks stunning!!!

  14. gorgeous pics! looks like you had SO much fun!!

  15. What a great post, and beautiful photos. I want Louis! Can't wait to see the dress :)

  16. Great pics! Such an awesome recap. I got chills.

  17. Oh, that seems like such a great trip. I can't wait to go to NYC someday!

  18. I got my gown at kleinfeld too---it was such a fantastic experience! Everyone was so nice, and they were filming one of the days I was there too. Going back for fittings is almost as fun as shopping for the dress (note that I said ALMOST ;)

    Sounds like you guys had an AMAZING time--makes me homesick for NYC!

  19. omg your wedding pictures are amazing! i got directed here from nina's blog :)

  20. Great pics! I especially love the one of your sister's pup. What a cutie!



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