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Tensing Pen Weddings

9:00 AM

Just a quick note about Tensing Pen Weddings:

If you are inquiring about photography for your Tensing Pen wedding, please come visit our website. To see the Tensing Pen wedding we shot, click here and here.

A lot of potential Tensing Pen brides find me through google or online searches and I know how important it is to see pictures from a Tensing Pen wedding as I tried to do the same during my own planning and research. For that reason, I am leaving my wedding pictures and details up here but I will not be taking any more questions. I have been married for over a year and planned my wedding over 2 years ago, things have changed and considering that I don't work at Tensing Pen and never have, my advice is probably not the best.

Again, please do not email me with questions about Tensing Pen Weddings, I will not be answering them you can find all the details about my wedding here.

editors note: I am writing this post as of November 17, 2009 but am backdating this so that hopefully brides will see this when they search for a Tensing Pen wedding.

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