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AppleCare Genius

9:00 AM

Remember when I told you that my MacBook had died? Well, luckily it has been fixed. I wanted to introduce you to the very nice guy at AppleCare that took care of the problem.

Meet Apple Genius...
Apple Genius
He's pretty good.

Here he is giving my laptop a very thorough check.
Apple Genius
I highly recommend you ask for him when you have problems with your Mac. ;-)

(thank you for all your inquiries about buying my amigurumi creations. I am not selling them at this time but will post on my blog when I do. )

And yes, I really did crochet little shoes for him! Every time people come over to our place and they see him they can't get over his shoes! I made them up on the go, but too bad I didn't write the pattern down. I am going to have to figure it out again! And for his glasses, all the credit goes to my husband who made the most adorable pair of glasses I have ever seen.

P.S. The pattern for the apple is from the book Amigurumi World. The shoes and the glasses are my own pattern.

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  1. haha...he is the cutest little guy

  2. That little genius is adorable...I think i would cry if my macbook died. but I'm glad you were able to get it fixed.

  3. OMG, he is totally adorable. Lady,I am so impressed with all your skills that I give you the super woman award ! I mean its great to see a gal balance her high power career with her hobbies( photography and amigurumi ) and I think you are an avid reader too. And doing all this while looking super styleish. Way to go!

  4. Now I want a Mac so I can have an Apple Genius. I'm loving him!

  5. this is too freakin' cute! totally made me smile :)

  6. So cute. You should keep making then and then at Christmas time put fishing wire through them and do an entire tree of your crocheted friends!

  7. Cute and smart. Sounds like a perfect man.

  8. Too cute.

    You should make a lipstick to go by your makeup and a shoe to go by your closet. :-)

  9. Thank you everyone!

    God Made Me Funky - you are too kind! I appreciate your nice words. :)

    notyourplainjane - great idea! i might have to make some christmas themed ones too...

    Hot Bot - hahaha, that made me laugh!

    Katy - Oh! Such a good idea! may have to try to make the lipstick next.

  10. you have the greatest blog! i found you through a friend and i just love looking at all your stuff :)

  11. omgOMG I can't handle the cuteness!!! I seriously look at my little turtle every day. ...the little cone is in my office :)

  12. so cute!!! those glasses are adorable. and the shoes! are they mini choo's ...loving it!

  13. This may be my favorite one so far! He is so stinkin cute!!!



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