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Currently Loving: two piece dresses

8:00 AM

I am loving these dresses that look like a shirt/skirt combo, much like the dress I wore for this lookbook. They are perfect for work, all you need to do is add a cardigan or a blazer but I also love these for just wearing any time. I have been getting requests about what kind of outfits to wear to parties coming up for this summer. I put together two little outfits that I thought would be perfect for a little summer get together.

My summer outfits always include high heels and lots of fun jewelry. Stick with simple, unfussy dresses and you can always have fun with your accessories and your makeup.

I am really into mixing pink and gold together, I think it's such a fun combo and you can play around with different tones of pink and gold. I am coveting that bronze Marc Jacobs bag, it's a perfect size and it can easily work for both summer and winter. The big baubles that I chose to go with the outfit are great accents that add to the dress by bringing out the pink of the skirt. A neutral eye with a pink glossy lip for a more natural look is simple and pretty. When you've got so much going on with your accessories, you don't want your makeup to be too distracting.
Party Dress 2
NYX Eyeshadow,Necklace,Floral Bangle,Ring,L'oreal Lip gloss,
ASOS Dress,Miu Miu Platforms,Marc Jacobs Bag

This little bow dress is dressy enough but not to the point of where you might feel *too* dressy. I always get the question, "how dressy should I be?" when going to a party. My answer is that it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, however, you don't want to be the one in a ballgown when everyone else is in jeans. A little dress like this is casual but it's also enough to stand out amongst a crowd (in a good way).

I thought my new L.A.M.B shoes would go well with this dress along with a fun headband and a big neutral colored bag. I always love adding color with my nails so I chose this fun pinky-red to put on my fingers and toes for just a little added flavor to the outfit.
Party Dress 1
ASOS Bow Dress, Burberry Bag, Headband, Bangle
OPI Nail Polish,L.A.M.B Faran Sandal

When dressing for a party, don't overthink it. Put on your cutest dress, add your favorite high heels, and be confident! If you feel good, you will look good. It works everytime.

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  1. i'm with you! i think dresses that look like they're both a top and skirt are so seamless and put together. that pink asos version is adorable!

  2. My co-writer Emily wrote about your blog (from ModestlyChic). The photos are amazing. I love how you mix designer with Target and other cheaper brands. What's funny is that this whole time I thought you lived in New York. Seattle is awesome!

  3. I have my eye on those MIU MIU platforms! I think they are hotttt!!! love the combinations you've posted.

  4. I totally agree....these are both great dresses! You can totally dress them up or down.

  5. I love everything! You have such wonderful style!

  6. Love your styling tips for this frock - fab collages, darling!


  7. those LAMB shoes are gorgeous. LOVE them. And those frocks are gorgeous.

  8. looks like ASOS is where it's at. I'm totally with you on the top and skirt combo dress. I love these looks :-)

  9. such great selections... you've made me want to surf asos. oh for not being skint ;-D that first dress is MINT!



  10. i LOVE the bow skirt! YUM! cute blog! i am linking you! :)

  11. I really really like that Asos dress!!!

  12. I'm loving this trend as well. The pink Asos dress is too cute!

  13. I just discover your blog thanks to CC.
    Your blog is fantastic, and second collage is great!


    PS. I added you on both of my Lists.

  14. love the two piece dresses and the looks you created:)

  15. Such excellent taste in shoes. Loving the Miu Mu's AND the L.A.M.B.s :-)

    Emerald Dandy

  16. Ooh, I love two piece dresses! the ones you picked out are fab! I've also found some great ones at Forever 21 and BCBG. Great styling on these looks!

  17. great picks! and both shoes are fabulous!

  18. I love dresses.... : ) adore the first one, the color is sooooo fresh.

  19. I love both these outfits!! Your style is so close to mine haha, I love embellishing simple looks with accessories and everything you've picked is so fun and trendy!



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