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Guest Lookbook: Cupcakes and Cashmere

9:00 AM

I fell in love with Emily's blog the first time I visited it and every time she posts her outfits I always think "oh! I need that!" or "I love how she put that together!" so I had to ask her to do a guest lookbook and was so happy when she said yes! Emily, you are always such a doll, thank you!

I’m Emily, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I was beyond thrilled when Tiffany invited me to write a guest post on I am Style-ish while she’s away. Since we’re all familiar with Tiffany’s love of fantastic shoes, I decided to plan an outfit around my new Derek Lam mary janes that I got for 60% off at the Barneys Warehouse sale. I immediately fell for the subtle studs, delicate tie and deep forest green and after slipping them on, I was sold.

What I’m wearing:
Coat: Zara
Dress: Martin + Osa
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Derek Lam
Pic #1

I’m not huge on coordinating when it comes to my outfits but my coat’s bright color helped bring out the deep green in my shoes.
Pic #2

It’s tough to find high heels that are comfortable, but I’ve found that the trick is to make sure there’s a platform in front. These have just enough lift and I feel amazingly supported, thanks to the tie on top.

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  1. My favourite fashion blogger guest blogging for my second favourite fashion blogger! Love it.

  2. emily is absolutely adorable! i love her blog! great shoes!

  3. those shoes are amazing! and i love the coat. the color is beautiful!

  4. oh you look so gorgeous lady! =] green is your color <3

  5. oooh adore emily!! those shoes are fantastic!

  6. Love it! I am wearing shoes that look very similar to those today except mine are Enzo Angiolini's. And mine are comfy too! I love it when comfort and style go hand in hand!

  7. love the shoes and the green coat. gorgeous!

  8. You look fabulous, I am in love with this outfit...esp your shoes!! This was a fun idea Tiffany...loving the guest bloggers!

  9. i'm usually not a fan of mary janes but these are actually really cute...there's something really just plain fab about them! great outfit.

  10. Love the entire look! Especially that green jacket. So cute!

  11. Those shoes are fantastic! I love your coat =)Zara is a brilliant shop haha

  12. fantastic shoes! and the green coat really does bring out the shade in the shoes.

  13. v.v. cute look! You gave me a new idea for my bright green blazer...and that belt really makes a difference!



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