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Q&A: Shoe Box Storage

9:00 AM

Cynthia asks: I need some storage advice..I have a separate shelf system for my shoes..I don't know where to store the boxes..I feel like I should keep all my boxes so I can transport the shoes when I move. What do you do with your boxes? How do you store it?

Hi Cynthia! Such a great question, I'm sure a lot of girls have this problem. Although I store all my shoes in my shoe closet, I am the same as you and keep all the boxes. My solution was to put up shelves in the corner of our closet (we are lucky enough to have a large walk in closet) and stack the shoe boxes on the shelves. If you don't have extra space in your closet, how about just putting shelves up in a corner of your bedroom and stacking them on there? Living in a small space, J and I try to utilize as much wall space as possible and are big fans of these floating wall shelves at Ikea.

Another tip for the shoe boxes is that I felt it was a bit silly to just have these empty shoe boxes taking space so I decided to use the boxes as storage. They hold things like buttons and thread, shoe bags, others hold my crafty stuff like ribbons and pens and one box even holds my bikinis! It's a nice space to keep all those things where I just don't know where to keep them and since each box has it's own "category" of items, one peek in the box and I know if it has what I need.
Here's one box full of scarves and belts.
Hope that helps and opens up your options for storing things other than just being a moving box for your shoes!

If anyone else has tips for Cynthia, leave them in the comments. Would love to hear your ideas as well!

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  1. great question Cynthia!

    and Tiffany ..what a great way to reuse your empty shoe boxes!

    i wish i had some great tips on storage however i tend to throw out the shoe boxes because it would bother me how each box wasn't uniform with one another. some were big some where small. It just didn't aesthetically look correct. so my solution is I would stock up on empty plastic bins at discount stores and store my shoes =(

  2. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I'm definitely ordering one of her skirts once she replenishes her store!

    Thanks for your awesome blog! ;)

  3. i buy plastic containers from the 99 cent store and store my shoes in there. i have floor to ceiling shelves in my walk in so they fit neatly in the shelves. and they also stack nicely on the floor. i'm w/kelly...i hate how the shoe boxes are different sizes. i guess i'm ocd like that.

  4. I store most of my heels in their original boxes. I am in the process of putting shelves lining one wall of my walk in closet to help me with my storage problem!! It is annoying having the boxes different sizes and the girls are saying above.

  5. Can't you just store your shoes in the shoe boxes?

  6. thanks for your tips!

    Kelly, Nina and Hanako - I hear ya about the boxes being different sizes. I try to stack the ones that are the same sizes on the same shelf. I don't mind having some bigger sizes cuz they are able to hold more stuff. And since it's hidden in my closet I'm okay with it since most people don't see it.

    blkblonde - well, storing my shoes in the shoe boxes is quite annoying because when I want to wear a pair I'd have to open up every single box just to see what's in there. I'd rather just keep my shoes in my shoe closet so that I can see them all lined up.

  7. I bought that particular hat at Urban Outfitters, but I have also purchased a few at Anthropologie and J.Crew.

    This is a really bad quality pic, but this one came from j.crew and I wear it all the time in the summer.


  8. that's a great idea.. i tend to 'forget' to wear shoes if i actually store them in their boxes.. i gotta seem them

  9. what a lovely collection of boxes, i can just imagine the gorgeous shoes they came with! i'm really bad with storing any pretty/good quality packaging, i have a whole draw of makeup boxes! :)

  10. I keep some of the boxes but not all. I store some in the shelves, some in stackable plastic containers with drawers - specially the satin ones since they tend to accumulate dust (FL) faster.

  11. Love your blog, you really are intelligent, beautiful, and style-ish :P



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