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Vacay: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

9:00 AM

Our trip to Cabo was much needed and I think we had too great of a time that coming back to the snow in Seattle was a bit too sad for us. When J and I travel we tend to have very packed schedules with all sorts of things to do as we love exploring the cities we visit. We try to take in everything that we possibly can and at the end of the trip we are quite exhausted. This trip was pretty much the opposite. We spent most of our days just walking around the resort and relaxing by the pool with some kind of yummy frozen beverage in hand. We only went into town for dinners and we did venture out for a day but there really wasn't much to see.

The flight was uneventful which is exactly how you want to start the vacation.

We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and the resort was HUGE. There were golf cart kind of vehicles that you could call to take you everywhere but J and I don't mind walking so we only took the carts 3 times the entire trip. It was quite hilly and they had these daunting stairs but I figured since I was stuffing myself with food and fruity drinks I might as well do some walking to burn off those calories.

We woke up to the gorgeous sun every morning but one day I woke up early enough to catch the sun rise and grabbed my camera and snapped some pics on our balcony.

The sunsets were to die for. Everything on the resort just became this beautiful blue-purple color. It was a dream to photograph.

And of course we had to get pictures of each other at the resort. This is my favorite picture I took of J.

my man with his hat and his camera. two must haves in Cabo!

I had to pretend to be a model since my husband seemed to be so good at it...

Gotta love the tripod and the timer!

And then when we had enough of taking pictures of the pretty backgrounds, we just got silly.

My husband has this thing of taking really close up shots, you know those ones that show your pores and that every woman hates? Well, he likes to take those.

The nights were just as beautiful as the days. A little bit chilly but not too bad.

We ate a lot but our favorite dishes there were the shrimp dishes. Everything there that had shrimp in it was seriously awesome. If you ever stay at this resort, get the shrimp tacos at the Bistro restaurant, they were SO good! I have food pictures and all that but I think this post is long enough!

In short, I highly recommend this resort. It was pretty much the farthest resort that you could go to in Cabo. We were so far away from the city and up high in like a mountain that we never got bothered once by crazy spring breakers or such. We talked to a couple at the airport who stayed closer to town and said that the beaches were crazy and the music thumping went on all night. There were some families with kids but they had separate pools and we never really saw them. The majority of people were retirees so there was never any overcrowding at the pools or waiting in line to get drinks. (they actually come to you and ask you if you want anything). The service was always great and the room we got was lovely.

So after a week of sun and fun, we had to kiss Cabo goodbye and hope to be able to come back soon!

We have more pictures on style.ish so hop on over there to check them out!

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  1. LOVED checking out your photos. What kind of camera were you using?

    Looks like you were having a great time. Love following your blog!


  2. This place looks INCREDIBLE. Your photos are beautiful and sounds like you had a very lovely time!

  3. it looks like the two of you had an amazing time! you just made me realize how much i need a vacation...

  4. oh my! Fabulous pictures! The resort looks absolutely divine!!

    i love how you are in a totally relaxed environment and you look oh so fabulous!

    Thank you Tiffany for sharing your vaca with us!

  5. Aww I'm so jealous, that resort looks wonderful! Great photos as always, you two make such a cute couple, and gee your hubby has large biceps! lol

  6. So breathtaking! I love the sense of depth in the pictures. I will definately be looking into this resort for my vacaction.

  7. wow, what fabulous images! I can't wait to take a vacation now :-) My husband does the same thing with close up shots...he calls them "extreme" shots --it's annoying but slightly endearing. Glad you had such a relaxing time, my dear!

  8. i've never seen you look prettier. great shots and i'm definitely stealing that idea of you two looking over the balcony! i'm also obsessed with that sailor-esque dress of yours...where, may i ask, is it from? xo

  9. Your photos are amazing and you look absolutely adorable! What a beautiful place...I will have to keep this in mind for a future vacation!

  10. I love your blog! I love shopping and fashion but always seem to have trouble making outfits less blah and more stylish. The inspiration on your blog is great!

    The hubs and I went to Cabo San Lucas a few years ago and we loved it! At the same time, we really like filling our vacations with lots of excursions and sightseeing, so it was not exactly our typical vacation but it's always nice to have a good excuse to relax!

  11. That looks like the perfect vacation!

  12. you and your husband are absolutely adorable. Your pics are so clear and makes me want to go on vaca with my hubby as well!!!

  13. Love the pictures. You look so pretty! Cabo sounds so fun. Glad you had a great time :)

  14. Beautiful! It looks like you had such a wonderful trip! Great pictures, as always!

  15. Muy muy bonita :)
    Looks like you had a crazy good, romantic trip.

  16. Everything looks so peaceful and beautiful...great pics as always! :)

  17. All I have to say is gorgeous!!!!! Such lovely pics!! Looks like you both has such fun :)

  18. Thank you so much everyone!

    Just Darling - I use a Canon 40D and you can read more about it on my FAQ (button on the left side)

  19. i LOVE all the pics but can i say my two faves are the one of you and j being silly (it just feels very...like we caught you guys between shots...like u forgot the camera was there...) and the one of the sunset with the trees and such backlit so they read as pure black.

    breathtaking! still so impressed that you haven't read one photog book!

  20. You look so cute in that last picture and you two make a really gorgeous couple. I love all the pictures - the views are just amazing!

  21. wow. love your pictures. i love your blog!! and you look book pics are amazing + so cute!

  22. Really beautiful! The resort should pay you for publicity because I am definitely going to look into staying there in the future. Thanks for this post (and your blog help a couple of days ago)!

  23. So glad you loved it!! It's by far my favorite resort (yet) in Cabo. Hope you enjoyed some of the restaurants too!

  24. One question: What is your camera ?!

    Your photos are awesome !

    Visit mainchicavenue !

  25. Awesome photos, I love Sunset Beach it's a beautiful resort!




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