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Currently Loving: Prints and Photographs

8:00 AM

I am not the best decorator. My husband has a much better eye for that. However, we both share the love of artwork and photographs on walls and we are constantly rotating them out in our place. It's always nice to change up the scenerey every once in awhile. I have been stalking quite a few prints and photographs and wanted to share my picks.

These two are more just for my enjoyment. I'm thinking about getting these to keep in my office. Even though I don't want to spend too much time decorating my workspace, it's essential to have a few personal touches. And it's always nice when people comment on how nicely decorated my office is. It's a wonder what a few orchids and framed prints will do to liven up a boring office!
Fifi Lapin: let it rain on us, emmakisstina: Miss Dior Cherie

We actually have the "Live What You Love" print on our wall. I bought 3 colors; gray, black and green and framed them with black frames. They currently hang in our bedroom and I love waking up and seeing those four words. I have always been a little girl with big dreams and truly believe that to enjoy life you must follow your dreams so I love this print. Nothing is better than to have a few encouraging words on your wall, especially when you have those bad days or weeks where you feel like "what am I doing, where am I going?"
hijirik studio: Live What You Love, Valentina Design: Follow your Dreams

One of my favorite blogging girls is Candi of Candace Rose. She takes these gorgeous photos of flowers in her garden and I just think they are the perfect touch to add to your home. These prints would brighten up my day any day!
Dolce Chic:Grandpa's Rose,Pink Eden Rose

I have mentioned Monica of Ciao Chessa! before but she is SO talented and I'm obsessed with her images. The emotions that each of her photos brings out is amazing.
Ciao Chessa:untitled,Rain

*sigh* so many to love but I can't buy them all! I don't know which ones to pick.

Do you guys have prints/photos that you love? Please share, I love finding new artwork.

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  1. Awwww you're the best girlie. Thank you so much for posting my photos. Here I was coming to comment on your fabulous finds. You really made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxox

  2. i love Chessa's photos they definitely provoke so many feelings!

    i am back in CA right now but i too hope that the next time you are in NY i am there also. I would be honored to have lunch & go shopping with you!

    did you get any good loubies...on gilt?!

  3. i love that dior print - great post!!

  4. these are all fabulous and just different enough so that you don't have too much of the same thing.

  5. Great variety of picks! There's surely something to suit everyone. I personally prefer the artistic nature of the last photos, they're very visually interesting and more sophisticated.

  6. These are such great choices...the last few prints that I have purchased have been via etsy. Thank you for introducing me to some new artists!

  7. love the prints you picked, so gorgeous!

  8. I JUST got a photograph from Chessa ...and it's amazing ...also love fifi ...and I have been DROOLING over that LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE since last week ...I like it mostly because it's not printed from a computer ...it's a real letter press ...I think I have to have it!

  9. Thanks for bringing my attention to the Miss Dior Cherie ad. It's got me going on a whole bunch of other tangents on my blog now.

  10. That rain print reminds me of this gorgeous print by blanchucha on etsy.. I love the colors! :D

    I also have a really cute owl print from yumiyumi on etsy as well.

    My other etsy print find is the ever so popular (but now hated) "Keep Calm" poster in light yellow! So many people hate it now but.. I don't care cuz I love it so much. Haha

    Also you should check out Kozyndan (I believe they're a husband and wife team in LA) They're work is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your print pics! :D

  11. I say go all out with the decorating, Tiffany!!:-)

  12. i love shopping for letterpress prints on Etsy! i have a couple framed in our dining and living rooms. i'm also now obsessed w/ letterpress wedding invitation, but they're SO pricey, especially for a wedding that will probably require 150-200 invites! damn these asian weddings!

    re. your previous post - i LOVE perforated invites. it's such a neater alternative to multiple cards and envelopes. i found a place that does perforated letterpress so i'm so excited and hope i can convince my fiance that we need to spend $800 on invites!

  13. Definitely agree that it is important to add a bit of personality to your workspace. My recent inspiration board addition has made my work area way more fun. I do love these prints you've chosen, especially the "Miss Cherie". It's extremely girly and cute! Oh, and fresh flowers are also quite lovely!

  14. I can't get enough of the "Live What You Love" print--it never ceases to inspire me :-)

  15. you are so sweet to show my work here. thank you! If you need any help choosing I'm here for you:) The two that you've featured are two of my favorites. and, I LOVE Candi. Her work makes me happy and she is such a doll.



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