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Hair Tutorial!

9:00 AM


Okay, so this isn't a true hair tutorial but it's a start! We tried taking pictures in the bathroom but the lighting is horrible and I can't stand it so we took my hair tools outside for a photoshoot. It was actually kind of funny posing with my hair tools with cars driving by.

Anyway, here are the 3 most important tools that help me style my hair.

#1: T3 Pro Dryer
If you think that expensive hair dryers don't make a difference, well, my hair will argue with you. I have used countless cheapie hair dryers that I bought from Target. They worked fine and dried my hair, but they also made my hair frizzy and not easy to style. Ever since I got this dryer, my hair has been a dream to work with. I have super thick hair and it used to take me about half an hour to fully dry my hair. This blow dryer has seriously cut down my drying time to about 15 minutes.

Because of my digital perm I have been using a diffuser to blow dry my hair, which makes a huge difference in helping define my curls. I just use a regular diffuser that I bought from my hair salon. If you don't use a diffuser yet, this is a great article for you on how to use one.

#2: T3 Pro Ever Twirl (1.25 inch)
I was super iffy about spending $90 on a curling iron. I had been using a $30 one for the longest time and it worked fine. Well, until it broke. Since I loved my hair dryer so much I decided to get the matching curling iron. Turns out it was a $90 well spent! I can totally tell how much better it curls my hair and is a lot more gentle with my hair. It's hard to explain but when I clamp my hair down, it pulls a lot less and just glides into my hair. Sounds silly but that's the only way I can describe it!

#3: Lucido-L Hair Curl Lotion
So I have to apologize because this next awesome hair product is Japanese so you all might not be able to get it but if you have access to a Asian store like Uwajimaya, they sell it.

So, the first time I ever thought about getting a digital perm was after a trip to Japan last year where I bought a TON of fashion magazines and seeing all the girls with fabulous curly hair, I had look into HOW they all had such fabulous hair. I then discovered the digital perm, which then also led me to this awesome curling spray. I am not a huge hair spray person because I hate when hair gets crispy, and this curling lotion keeps my hair super soft but also keeps the curls. It is the best hair product ever. If you can get your hands on it, I suggest you do!

My process for my hair, right out of the shower:
  • Put hair cream in wet hair (I also use the Lucido brand for this)
  • Blow dry hair
  • Spray hair with curling lotion
  • Curl hair
  • Brush through with fingers
  • Tease roots if needed
Sometimes when I want a more piecey curl look (like in this look), I use the Mop-C curl defining cream instead of the Lucido hair cream. For extra touch, I use Bed Head Head Rush. It smells yummy and it makes my hair nice and shiny. I don't use it daily though, I usually forget!

It's a long process but it's worth it (at least to me). I don't mind spending extra time in the morning to do my hair. Doing my hair and makeup is one of those things that relax me and that I enjoy doing. I can't imagine my daily routine without it.

Questions? Let me know in the comments or email me. I'll answer them in the next hair tutorial post.

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  1. thank you thank you! i've finally learned how to do a good blow dry, but the curling thing is new to me. this really helped!

  2. i can't wait till my hair is a little longer and i am totally going to try out the digi perm. Your hair is so beautiful im so jealous!!!

    and i must agree with you ...investing in a really good hairdryer does make a difference. I was the same way i'd get a conair at target and it just dried out my hair!

    thank you for this post! its a definite good kick in the tooshi to pay more attention to my hair - and i forgot you look so cute in your photos! your smile is so contiguous!~!

  3. ah, i'm gonna have to look into the t3 dryer. my dryer is on its last leg and i think it's time i invest in a good one. thx for all this info, tiffany, and you look so cute posing with your hair tools. :)

  4. I am always looking for a way to tame my super thick, frizzy hair. I think the dryer might do the trick this summer.

  5. Thanks for the great hair info.
    Like you I can't imagine not doing my hair and make-up everyday. It's my own little bit of me time.

  6. well you have amazing hair so I guess I should listen right? I'm on to read about digital perm now... :)
    xo Cari

  7. hahah those pics are so cute!

    i am guilty of using a Target Conair curling iron and keep putting off buying a better one, especially w/ the amount of hair curling i do per week! however, it HAS lasted me since college (5+ years?) and i can't seem to give it up!

    i'm going to look into the T3 curling iron! i need to go to a store and do a "glide test" on a couple.

  8. Cool post! I agree, investing in quality beauty tools is totally worth it. Do you have any recommendations on a straightening iron? I've been wanting one for awhile, and one that can double as a curler, but I'm not sure what good brands there are.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing. My hair is super thick, and I use the cheapie dryers...I am going to have to change my ways :)

  10. lol cute pics! Thanks for telling me about the T3 dryer. I've been wanting to get it for a while but didn't know if it really would make a difference from my conair one.

  11. am. bookmarking. this. right. NOW.
    Thanks for this Tiffany :-)

  12. what a great tutorial, def saving this!! i'm terrible when it comes to my hair, don't do anything to it, so lazy! :)

  13. your hair always looks fab so this was a very interesting read!

    my hair is totally different than yours (african american hair) but great tools are great tools! i agree they make all the difference! (i too have super thick hair so appreciate the extra work it takes :) i've been looking into getting a good blow dryer - i don't have one at all since i always get my hairstylist to wash and do my hair...i don't use a curling iron but i used to use a cheap hair straightener and then invested in one that my hairstylist uses - a professional straightener - and it has made a WORLD of difference. it was expensive ($120) but SO worth it!

    you are too cute. seriously. you make me want to get a morning hair and beauty routine. still working on that...

  14. thank you thank you thank you! i've added the blowdryer and curling iron to my birthday wish list (it's in june). I think my then my hair will be as long as yours. i can't wait to try and replicate. i LOVE your hair.

  15. Oh, I might have to buy that hairdryer! My hair is so thick, it takes me ages to do a blow dry.

  16. Great post! I have been trying to talk Hub into going to Seattle again soon so I can get a digi perm at your salon..lol! I am too scared to try it at any LA/OC salons...I have no one to refer to and I love your hair!

    I am in need of a new curling iron and may give this one a try, thanks!

  17. hahaha you look SO CUTE in your pictures!! And great post!

  18. Oh, that makes me miss my long hair. Cute pictures.

  19. Thanks for the rec on the hair curl lotion. I actually have a natural wave to my hair even though I'm asian so I'm always fighting it. I guess I should embrace... Your pretty hair makes me think so anyway.

  20. love this post! I'm going to try to find the Lucido-L Hair Curl Lotion in Toronto:)

  21. I completely agree with you on using expensive hairdryers. They make the difference! For me and my crazy curls, my pro-ionic, ceramic, whatever-it-is hairdryer with diffuser is a life saver! and I use a curling irons when I want something more even throughout...also makes a big difference! thanks for the tips!!

    ps--I FINALLY thanked you today for your beautiful award that you gave me so long ago. so sorry that it took me forever! I linked back to your fabulous blog of course.

  22. great pictures, looks like you had fun!

  23. I wish I had as much energy as you! I only do my hair when I have no where to go.... :)

  24. Cute pictures!!!
    How come they didnt have a pink hair dryer and a curler when I bought mine? :(
    They look amazing in PINK!

  25. Haha, the photo's are reallt cute! I'll try it when i've time (:

  26. I really hope that you are going to use that banner at the top of your post on every hair tutorial post. It just makes me laugh, I love it!

  27. You are definitely my style goddess! I'll be looking into the hairdryer...ANYTHING to condense my prep time.

  28. Hey T, this is awesome! Your hair always looks so fab so thanks for sharing these tips... I must try teasing once in a while!




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