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Lookbook: Belted

8:00 AM

Nothing too special, just what I wore to work. Being in my position and department, we need to be the best representation of our company for our employees so even though we have no dress code, I very rarely dress casual for work. Although I do wear jeans to work on occasion, I dress it up so it's not too casual. Not to say that when I'm not at work I dress super casual because I don't. Me and casual just don't do well. (when I wear sneakers I end up tripping and hurting myself way more than when I'm in 4 inch heels!)

What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Trovata
Shirt: Splendid
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Belt: Nordstrom

I love this Trovata jacket, it is so comfy and cute. The inside is lined like a sweatshirt so it's really warm. I don't tend to wear it a lot because it's a bit bulky so can make me look chunkier so that's why I belted it today to give me some shape. I love the little puff sleeves and the pleating. I only found out about Trovata from my husband who owns a lot of their clothes. They make gorgeous men's clothing and never knew they made a womens line until I came across it while shopping at a boutique in Seattle.
I tend to spend a lot of money on pants that I wear to work. I've tried to buy some at Forever 21 and like stores but I hate how they never sit right and the material is always wrong. I'd rather drop $200 on a nice pair of trousers than $20 for a pair that don't fit properly. However, the one exception to this rule is these pair of trousers I got at Zara. They are a perfect straight leg trouser and although I have a ton of other black trousers (that cost way more) I highly favor these ones. It's just one of those rare finds and if it works, then it just works!

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  1. You look stunning, darling! Try Banana Republic for dress pants, too!


  2. that jacket has such beautiful detailing; perfect for spicing up a work outfit!

  3. i love the layering and the color.

  4. I love Ur jacket, so stylish...

    xoxo? Janet

  5. those trousers look amazing on you! I'm the same way with work clothes...but now I'm going to pay more attention to Zara :-)

  6. Love the details of the jacket. So envious of everyone who can get to a Zara, not a single one within a 100 miles of me!

  7. I love that Trovata jacket! Um also I wish I had your problem with walking in heels vs. flats.

  8. so great...I love the colors! You look fabulous as usual! ...love the new Style .ish image of you and your hubby! so cute!!!

  9. CC - I do get a lot of my work pants at BR. The petite size fits me pretty well!

    JGeb - actually I am jealous too. We have no Zara anywhere near us! I always stop by a Zara when I travel. I actually got those pants when I was in Cannes, France!

  10. Tiffany! you always manage to look so cute! i love that jacket! I was at Tiffany's yesterday and they have " charmed by tiffany" and i thought of you!

  11. I'm the same with jeans. With my body type, the cheaper brands just seem to be made for curvier body type making me look like I have flaps/wings of extra fabric on my hips! gorgeous as usual! love the gray and red color combo.

  12. I love that jacket! Great way to spice up black pants!

  13. my go to dress pants?
    club monaco pantalon tex. perfect cut - try them you will not be dissapointed. and each season they do a slightly different variation - gray, pinstripes, dressy fabrics, wool...love it.

  14. Aww I think it's cute. I really like the color of your shirt.

  15. I love trouser pants! They're so comfy and roomy, and are perfect for work!

  16. kelly - you are too sweet. i love the charmed by tiffany line!

    freeteyme- i am the same way, I hate that extra flaps/wings on hips. that happens to me on some dresses too!

    kay - oh i do love club monaco dress pants!

    Thanks for all your comments everyone!

  17. love the jacket. All the details make it look so stunning.

  18. Love the jacket, and you look so well put together! :)

  19. Loved ur blog, take a look at mine and we can be fashion friends, hun?


  20. i love that jacket! and i really like how you belted it.

  21. You always look so fabulous! I work from home, so it takes some intense motivation to be put together. However, if you need recommendations for the best yoga pants, I am so your girl. ;)

    But in all seriousness, I do love that pop of red!

  22. That jacket looks so cute on you! And I don't see how anything can make you look remotely chunky, but I love the belt detailing! Great outfit as usual!

  23. I love the detailing on that jacket!

    Trisch xo

  24. Divine look! I love your jacket!


  25. really cute....I love that jacket!

  26. I wear casual clothes a lot, unless I'm going anywhere special, so I really like to see your outfits because you are always very elegant and chic!

  27. Fabulous, fabulous effect!



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