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Lookbook: rag & bone and ruffles

8:30 AM

I am such a girly girl. Anything with ruffles and pink, I have to have it. This little blouse had my name written all over it!

What I'm Wearing:
Blouse: Amanda Uprichard
Cardigan: rag & bone
Jeans: rag & bone
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Aren't the ruffles just so pretty?

I love the little jewels and the bows on these shoes.

Yup, I'd have to say a pretty girly girl outfit, even if I am wearing jeans!

I hadn't heard of Amanda Uprichard, it was just one of those tops that I saw while shopping at Nordstrom's Savvy section. (BTW, did you know I named my dog Savvy because of that department? That's how much I love it.) But I looked up her line and it is such cute stuff! Totally loving these pieces.

Pink Mascara

Revolve Clothing

Totally adorable right? I think that cream ruffled blouse is my next purchase...

p.s. For those of you who haven't entered my giveaway... go now! :)

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  1. Love this look and I love Amanda Uprichard. All her stuff is so cute!

  2. So simple, yet feminine and chic. As always, your choice of shoes is divine.

  3. Very cute, especially your shoes. That cream ruffle blouse is gorgeous!

  4. your outfit is so cute!!! Your hair is so beautiful! and the shoes! so feminine and dainty!

  5. this top is so you, for sure! the color looks great on you, too.

  6. I've never heard of her either but she now has another new fan. Her stuff is fabulous! And pink w/ ruffles is right up my alley too. :)

  7. I think this is one of my favorites. I just love that top! And I really like the last dress, going to check it out right now ...

  8. Love the whole look- especially your shoes:) I notice that you jeans are the perfect length..do you get them altered? I'm short (almost 5'3) and I find that no matter where I purchase my jeans they are too long to wear like you are in the pic!

  9. Lotus - I am shorter than you :) 5'2". Yes I get all my jeans and pants altered to fit. It's an expense that is totally worth it! and I've gone to my tailor for over 3 years now so she just knows me and how I like all my pants to fit. She does a terrific job!

  10. very pretty pink. i love ruffle too. there was some really cute color ruffle short sleeve blouse at bebe a little while ago. gal pal picked up every color.

  11. Love the ruffles and the color is great too.

  12. First of all..just want to say that I love your website. If I ever get married I am definitely hiring you guys to do my invites:)
    You're outfit is great! I have seen some similar styles on this new series I've been watching on Glamour.TV called Tressed To Impress and have been looking for a ruffled shirt similar to that one:)

    Thank you for the tip.

  13. wow, thanks for introducing me to her cute stuff! I love everything about your outfit...I totally love ruffles too:)

    I am really loving your hair here too:)

  14. I LOVE your outfit. LOVE...this is once again, not surprising. I definitely think that also have to purchase that cream colored top. ooh! btw, next week is Saks friends and family! let me know if you want me to email you the flyer. I was there this afternoon and they have tons of Botkier and Kooba bags on sale with an extra 30% off...and the shoes...oh. the. shoes. you might faint.

  15. oh, ps, is that gorgeous ring from Tiffany? I saw one similar in the last catalogue. I was drooling.

  16. I love the cute detailing! It really pulls the whole look together!

  17. I'm so obsessed with ruffles right now, it's like not even funny.

  18. Chessa - good eye! it is from Tiffany. my wedding present from my husband!

  19. I adore all these ruffles! You wear pink so well, darling!

    Am off to enter the contest now :)


  20. Thanks Tiffany - I think I'm going to search for a good tailor, or ask my mom...she's good at this kind of stuff:) I think you are right, it is worth it! Hope you have a great long weekend!! :)

  21. holy moly, this outfit looks great on you! Pink is definitely your color.

  22. those ruffles are sweet. the pink shade is pretty too.

  23. love the color and the ruffles! looks fantastic on you dear



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