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style.ish invitations!

8:00 AM


I am so excited to reveal the latest project that J and I have been working on... style.ish invitations!

We have created templates for couples to choose from that best match their style. We can customize with their pictures, colors and information. More and more couples are doing engagement pictures theses days and what better way than to show off your amazing pictures to your guests than with your invites? It is truly a personal touch!

One of the best parts is the RSVP that comes attached and all your guests have to do is to tear it off and pop it in the mail back to you.


Check out the rest of the designs here! We are coming up with designs for postcard and greeting card style invites so keep on checking back for more!

And a big big thank you to Mrs. Sea Breeze, aka, Kasia for the awesome post she wrote about us on Weddingbee about the photobook covers we created for her.
PrintKasia & Rob Back CoverKasia & Rob Book

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  1. I love these! LOVE. I saw your other site over the weekend so I got little sneak peek at the invites. they are fantastic. I love them.

  2. How fabulous, darling! Congrats to you both on some really impressive work!


  3. these are so fun! great photography with cool fonts.

  4. love love love the photo of you and J! you guys are adorable!

    and the invitations! OMG - ingenious!
    my best friends sister is getting married in august i am definitely going to send her your way!

  5. how cool...you guys are so creative!! you both look great, btw:)

  6. stumble upon your blog, and i love it! That's cool that you're from Seattle too!

  7. these are gorgeous! i can't wait to have another event! =)

  8. This is a wonderful idea and the cards are just lovely...

  9. Oh those are such nice invitations! Seems like a great event =)

  10. that RSVP idea is brilliant--I wish I had done something like that for our wedding! You guys are so creative :-)

  11. these invites are SO FABULOUS!!!

  12. very cute cards!! i'm wondering..where did you get the black flower ring that you're wearing?? i love it too!

  13. cool invites! you and your hubby are very talented:) I also love your flower ring in the photo! :)

  14. This is so fabulous =] You two are a dream team indeed!

    I love your black ring =]

    And thank you for the sweet birthday wishes!!

    La C.

  15. These are awesome!! Do you have a price listing for both the cards and photobook/cover?

  16. oh how cute! will definitely keep you guys in my book.

  17. Thanks for all your wonderful comments everyone! It is so great to get such nice feedback from all of you on our work!

    Oh and my black flower ring is from Banana Republic but I got it last year.

    Annie - the Z-folds are $6/card including envelopes. no minimums. The photo covers are fully custom right now so would need you to contact me for more information. feel free to email me!

  18. wow - you all are totally going to be a force to be reckoned with! i see an empire in the making....

    beautiful work (as usual!)

  19. Awww, these are great! You and hubby are definitely building an empire here.



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