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Makeup Tutorial

9:00 AM

By popular demand, an I am Style-ish makeup tutorial!
I get a lot of comments on how I do my eye makeup and my lashes so I thought I'd do an easy eye look. I do have to mention that my makeup tutorial is probably best for girls with small eyes and small lids like me.


The makeup used for this look, Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Combo palette on the left and 28 piece Eye Shadow Neutral palette on the right.

The process:
  • Apply MAC shadestick in "Fresh Cement" on bare eyelid. I apply it all over the lid and a little over the "crease" or fold of my eyelid. This acts as a base and a highlighter at the same time.
  • Using the #1 shadow and the #1 brush, (the darkest color and the smallest brush shape) apply the color to the outer corner only. I like to keep the deepest color at the outer corner of my eye because you can see it the most and it makes for a more dramatic effect.
  • Using the #2 shadow and #2 brush (lighter shimmery shade and medium shadow brush) I apply the lighter color to the inner corner of my eye to meet the outer color and then blend in the middle.
  • Using the #3 shadow and #3 brush (highlighting color and larger shadow brush) I dab a little of the color to do an all over blend on the lid and then use the same color to highlight the area underneath the brow.
  • Apply false lashes, I'm wearing Ardell #105.
  • To apply lashes: put a very thin line of glue on the strip. Wait for about 5 seconds so that the glue can become tacky.
  • Hold lash up to your eyelid to check placement. Place the lash on the inside corner near your lash line (but not on your actual eyelashes) first and then slowly pull the lash down to the outer corner. Hold in place for a few seconds to stay in place.
  • Using black liquid eye liner, apply to the top of the lash strip to hide the lash strip. I usually apply the liner so that it's enough to cover the lash strip as well as blend into my eyelid that way it just looks like one solid line my lid.

The other products used:
  • The blush I used is in the shadow blush combo above. It's the reddish one on the bottom left.
  • I use Benefit Dandelion all over my cheeks. It's a really subtle color but I really love how it brightens up my face.
  • On my lips is MAC Viva Glam II which is the best nude lipstick I've found. On top of that is Smashbox lipgloss in Glamour.
I think that's it! I hope this has helped some of you, let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help!

Oh and this is the outfit I wore that day.
Top & Leggings: Forever 21/ Shoes: L.A.M.B

p.s. thanks for your feedback on what you'd like to see more of. Looks like the majority wants more lookbooks so I will be trying to add at least one more every week!

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  1. i love how you look comfy yet so chic! great make up post! i always love how you do your make up. its just the riggght amount of color and not overdone for everyday! have a great memorial day! xoxo

  2. Adore this! You look gorgeous!


  3. Love this Miss Style-ish, especially the Viva Glam II tip, we have *really* been looking for a new and improved nude lip color!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Thanks for the tut!
    Looking FAB as usual!!!

  5. um, . . . .I know I've said it before but YOU ARE ADORABLE :) ...linking to you today. ....the little turtle ..you know . lol

  6. I loved the photos of that!The most Styl-ish make up tutorial ever. :)

  7. yay, this is amazing because i find it really hard for me to do eye makeup with my small asian eyes. :P

    I was on the MAC site and noticed that they don't sell the shadesick in "fresh cement" anymore... what alternative colour would you recommend, or did you just go by skin tones at the time you got yours?

  8. Your lashes look amazing and I'm loving that outfit!

  9. That was a great tutorial! I love the little numbers inscribed on your photos! Do you do makeup in addition to photography?

  10. When I saw your palettes I literally drooled, they are gorgeous!! I really need a palette like that.

  11. Fantastic tutorial! And super cute outfit. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm kicking myself for being so late to the game--love everything!!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial, now we can all look fabul-ish like you! ;)

  13. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! :)

    Lindsay - I actually just bought that color only about two weeks ago at Nordstrom. Maybe if you go to the MAC counter they might still have it in stock. but truthfully, you can't really go wrong with any of the dark silvery colors. I like the dark bronze colors too.

    The Beauty File - nope, I just love makeup! :)

    Rosemary - thanks for coming to visit!!

    hellohoneyno - I like the new word you invented for me. Might have to start using it :)

  14. your bathroom must look like a MAC makeup counter...your collection is ridiculous! thanks for this tutorial!

  15. I use Benefit Dandelion too! i have it on today...love the subtle pink :)

  16. you look adorable!!! great tutorial! I love dandelion too. I wish that I could do false lashes....I am horrible. I think that I told you before, but I am getting the extensions for the wedding this summer....I think that I will go for a trial run soon!

  17. yay!!! I just love your tutorials--I adore all those colorful palettes...it's like a kid in a candy store! :-)

  18. Ok, I thought my makeup kit was big...I want to hang out in your bathroom for hours! You are sooo adorable! Lashes are perfection and Dandelion is such a great color!

  19. Ahhh a makeup tut!! Keep bringing them in :D Gorgeous x

  20. Cute dress!

    You always look so pretty!

  21. I'm going to check out that Viva Glam II - lovely nude! Thx for the tut - u look lovely. Where do you find Coastal Scents?



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