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Guest Post: PB Teen - not just for teens

9:00 AM

Thanks everyone for all your feedback about Kelley's last interior design post. She's back for another great post!
Please make sure to read her first one as well if you haven't yet.

Once we enter the world of adulthood, magazines and catalogs geared towards teens and tweens don’t fit our lifestyles anymore. Well, maybe for some of you they do. I’m not judging, But let’s discuss the fact that you’re 30 years old and still subscribing to Teen Beat later. Right now I want to talk about Pottery Barn Teen, better known as PB Teen (because hey, in a generation of people who abbreviate everything, why not abbreviate Pottery Barn, too?).

The only reason I’m still up on it is because I used to design tons of teen-themed rooms for model homes, and it quickly became one of my favorite go-to sources for inspiration. The great thing about PB Teen is that it realizes that teens are living in small spaces. They don’t have houses, or even apartments – they have bedrooms under their parents’ roof, or dorm rooms shared with roommates. They don’t have their own kitchens or dining rooms, they have a bedroom which needs to be all encompassing. And while their marketing genius is geared towards the 18 and unders, I started to wonder – can a 30 year old use this stuff to?

PB Teen paper hatboxes, perfect for storing checkbooks, hair ties, undergarments, etc.!

Keep in mind, if I were still a single gal I would be using a lot more of this in our place, but Paul’s not really big on large scale pink polka dots or anything pastel, floral, or just downright girly, and PB Teen doesn’t offer a lot in the way of neutral or unisex items (I’m assuming that’s because they’re correctly assuming that the 18 and unders aren’t cohabitating with significant others yet!), so some of these may be hard to convince your hubby to embrace. But little pieces here and there won’t kill him. Here are some of my faves:

PB Teen Circolo nesting tables
Love the green ones!

PB Teen Nouveau floral rug
Black and white is always classic. This rug would be super cute with the Circolo tables, too!

PB Teen’s Awning stripe drapes create and airy, simple feel. Love the soft colors and thick stripes!

PB Teen Chelsea style tile – great to use in your kitchen for grocery lists, recipes, invitations….

PB Teen Painted dot bath towels. I can’t get over their cuteness!

Alright, I couldn’t decide if I loved this or hated it at first. Personally, I might have selected a different shade (like a drum shade), but I love the base. So cute on a dining room buffet table! PB Teen teacup lamp

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  1. I'll take one of everything thank you very much...hehehe. It is all so cool.

  2. Those drapes are really nice!


  3. The nesting tables are amazing! I love this store!!

  4. love the nesting tables and the lamp! adorable!

  5. Awesome picks!

    I've given an award to you :)

  6. oooo, I love all of these! If I were single, I would add more pink too hehe =)


  7. love all the stuff featured! I tend to girlify areas of the house anyway, regardless of the husband hahaha

  8. oh my goodness! that tea cup lamp is too cute for words!!!

  9. Great post. I love that teacup lamp...I could definitely use that in my house.

  10. oh how lovely. i adore pb kids for my niece. i think her entire room is pb in pink.

  11. how adorable! i would never have thought that a teen's interior design store would have so many great things!

  12. I can always find a few great items at pb teen!

  13. I really like PB teen...I get the catalog and I always dog ear things that I like...I agree about the shade on that tea cup lamp but it's still so sweet.

  14. love those nesting tables...i wonder if i could store wine in them...leave it to me to sound like a lush. lol.

    and i agree black and white...classic. great picks! i've never really checked out PBteen but i think i might have to !

  15. that black and white rug is good!

  16. I love looking at the PB teen catalog even though I technically have not been a "teen" for many years. : ) Anyway, I really like the idea of using hat boxes to store different items in your closet; accessories and handbags perhaps?

  17. very very pretty stuff. I like it alot.

  18. fun. i love pbteen.definitely for the single girl...

  19. Thanks for dropping a comment! I miss Paris as well and dying to go back! I did end up getting the gray ysl..sigh. I chked out your photogpraphy website and I love the pictures...you have a great eye for both fashion and photography.

  20. I love this store too! Those hatboxes are adorable, and I love your ideas on how to utilize them. Their chandeliers are really pretty too! :)

  21. I love the colors and the insight, great post!

  22. Loving those hat boxes and the lamp so! Really fun post, darling!


  23. Ooh, very cool. Love the pops of color on the curtains!

  24. i love pb teen!

    i tend to shop from there much more than PB. i'm pretty modern and love their colors and bedding!



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